Top Reasons The Seychelles Islands Should Be Your Next Must-Do Vacation

Seychelle Islands Travel Tips

Why Seychelle Islands Are A Must Do Vacation!

Seychelles Travel Tips

Seychelles is a group of islands off the East coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles’ main island is called Maje. There is a load to do here and it also serves as the main hub for transport to some of Seychelles’ most picturesque locations.

Seychelles counts as one of the best places for a honeymoon, most of the honeymooners seek this location for a peaceful and magical honeymoon experience. Away from all the crowded cities and jungle of buildings, the islands and beaches are a number 1 recommendation for a romantic getaway. Make your honeymoon evergreen with the beautiful and peaceful experience on one of the 115 islands of Seychelles.

When it comes to the weather of the Seychelles, it’s often sunny and one of the best tropical climates around the globe but it has a completely different weather climate. According to this amazing report about Seychelles weather, we’ve managed to provide you the best time to visit Seychelles is between April and May, or October and November, as these are the calmer periods between the two trade winds which hit the island each year.

Overall the Seychelles islands are an ideal spot for every beach lover.  We suggest everyone add a trip to the Seychelles to your must-visit places. Spending a quiet and peaceful sunset in the Seychelles with your family, friends and love ones give you a life long memories and and an amazing feeling of seclusion.

Here are places in the Seychelle Islands you won’t want to miss!

Island Curieuse:

Giant Tortoise Seychelle Islands

This island is a beautiful quiet spot where you can even make friends with the giant tortoise. It is one of the only places in Seychelles where they roam freely and there are plenty of leaves to feed them with as well. If you really want to impress them, they love a good scratch on the bottom of their neck. There is a really nice hiking routine around the island as well and the nature along the way is stunning. Some of the private tours that bring you here will even cook you a delicious barbecue to enjoy.

Island La Digue:

This is by far Seychelles most picturesque island and it is a great place to kick back and relax. Everyone gets around La Digue on bicycles and there is plenty of beautiful beaches to explore.

Anse Source D’Argent:

Seychelle Islands Travel Tips

It is said to be the most photographed beach in the world and features incredible white sands with intriguing rock formations. You could probably get enough shots here in one day to fill your instagram for a whole month. The water gets deep really slowly which means you can walk far out into the ocean, step into nature, and away from the stresses of everyday life.

Prowlin Island – Valle De Mai

If you are fed up of relaxing and need a little more adventure on your trip then there is plenty of things to do on Seychelles Prowlin island. It is home to the incredible nature park VALLE DE MAI. It is UNESCO world heritage site that houses the KOKO De MAN. This plant grows the world’s largest seed. The plants here are huge, and exploring the site feels like you have stepped onto the sets of Jurassic Park. There is a few different walking trails so you can go on a hike that takes either one two or three hours depending on your choice.

Ansel Asya:

Prowlin is also home to Ansel Asya. Ansal Asya actually took the crown as my favorite beach. The sand is thick and overhanging palm trees give you plenty of natural shade spots to cool off. The water level here is also really nice. It is deep but not too deep that you cannot stand up. Having this beach and Valle De Mai Nature Park means that Prowlin is the best of both worlds. It is definitely a must-see.

Scuba Diving:

Scuba diving in Seychelles is out of this world. Not only will you see incredible corals and a huge variety of tropical fish but you are likely to see turtles if you go diving in the right places. Also check out the diverse marine life there.


If you want to see all the incredible beauty under the water, but diving is not your thing, you can definitely see a lot from just snorkeling. For this, it is a good idea to head out of Maje on a catamaran to Moy an island. This may be an excellent day trip where you will be taken out to explore the marine national park. You can relax on the Qatar Moran and take in the stunning views, dive into the ocean and even go for a walk around. To remain in your budget, you can look up for the discount coupons and deals. It is very small but rich in nature and even has a resident dog that lives on. It is also worth noting that there are some giant tortoises here as well. There is even a sand bar here that stretches right into the ocean standing in the middle of the water with nothing else around. You feel completely surreal.

Mache-Beau Vallon Beach:Seychelle Islands

Maje being Seychelles Main Island has a range of fun water sports. Nothing feels quite as good as jet skiing in paradise. You can also go parasailing here where you will get an awesome view of the island.

Constance Ephelia Resort:

If you are a mad love of nature then zip-lining through forest canopies could not be a better suggestion. You can do this at the Ephelion resort and it is well worth it.

Zil Air:

A helicopter ride is one of the coolest things you can do. You will fly back over Moyenne Island and see some of the most beautiful spots from the best points available.

Beau Vallon Night Markets:

Speaking of budgeting, things can get quite expensive in Seychelles but the night markets on Beaver land beach are one of the best places to go for culture and cheap food. You can try everything here for a relatively good price and also enjoy local music around a campfire.

Seychelles is a wonderful place to visit and worth going. So there are a lot of more things other than seashells that you can see in Seychelles.


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