Travel Guide To Visiting The Gold Coast of Australia

Luxury Travel Guide to the Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast Australia

The Gold Coast of Australia, located mid-way between Sydney and Queensland, is well known for offering spectacular beach holidays. Because of its surf culture and expansive sandy beaches, it is known to attract devoted surfers and vacationing tourists from across the globe. For this reason, it is a beach destination that is too cool, amazing and definitely worth adding to your Australia itinerary.  One of the most renowned cities that makes most people feel thrilled to visit the Gold Coast is surfer’s paradise. Traveling to the Gold Coast has so much to offer for tourists wanting a relaxed beach holiday a short distance from the bustling city of Brisbane. This Luxury Travel Guide to the Gold Coast will give you information on different places you can visit and areas to explore.

Important Things to Note when Planning a Visit to the Gold Coast Australia

Surfers Paradise Australia

While making plans to visit the Gold Coast Australia, you will need to take keen note of the following factors. This will work to ensure that your planning process is made easy during your visit.


  • This is a crucial factor as it will help you in knowing which areas you can easily explore.
  • You can either drive yourself while touring in Australia; catch a train or bus.  All these service are readily available.
  • With the nearby Brisbane International Airport connected with most global hubs, you will be able to easily reach the Gold Coast.  From the airport, you can get to the Gold Coast by taking a shuttle bus which will take a maximum ride of one hour.
  • You can also fly to the local Coolangatta airport in the Gold Coast if you take flights that are from within Australia.
  • For train users, you can take advantage of the train services which transverse all the way from Broadbeach South, Helensvale all the way to the Gold Coast.


  • Planning where you are going to stay while on your vacation at the Gold Coast in Australia is something very vital.
  • You need a place that is full of comfort, with a convenient location and great amenities.
  • Luckily there are a variety of options for gold coast accommodation you can choose from.
  • These range from an array of hotels and even beautiful treehouse options.
  • The treehouses are most preferred because they are well built, very comfortable and allow you to have a view of the sandy beaches or to be immersed in the midst of the beautiful nearby rain forests.
  • There is a variety of luxury treehouse options to choose from based on your preferred choice of amenities and budget.

Amazing Places to Visit while at the Gold Coast

Once you have organized your transportation and accommodation and ensured that you are settled at the Gold Coast, there are some places you should make sure you visit during your vacation. Discussed below are some of the top places to see and things to do during your stay at the Gold Coast:

Gold Coast Australia

Beautiful Sandy Beaches

  • The Gold Coast is renowned for its beautiful exquisite white sand beaches.
  • They cover a stretch of about 57 kilometers along the coastline.
  • The surfer’s paradise beach offers great surfing opportunities for both private and group surfing for all abilities.
  • You can also enjoy the Currumbin and Coolangatta beaches that offer great scenic bays that are beautifully sheltered.
  • You can also pay a visit to the island of Wave Break, where you can go diving and snorkeling and see many species of fish while at it.


  • There is an option for skydiving at an altitude of about 12000 feet and you will have a view of the stunning scenery of the Gold Coast while having a free fall.
  • The skydiving experience will also allow you to see the hinterland beneath you until you get to the point of drop off.
  • You will also able to land by parachute on the Kirra beach which is so soft and sandy.

Theme Parks

Gold Coast Waterpark

  • The Gold Coast in Australia is also well known for its theme parks that are of a world-class standard.
  • There are different theme parks present, depending on what your area of interest lies.
  • The Wet ‘n’ Wild theme park, for instance, is suitable for people who water enthusiasts. This park is noted for the Tornado and Kamikaze waterslides.
  • The movie world of Warner Bros. is also another great theme park most suitable for families and entertaining the kids. This theme park comes with attractions that are very kid-friendly, as they get a chance to meet up with their most adored cartoon characters.

The Hinterland of the Gold Coast Region

Gold Coast Hinterlands

  • The Gold Coast region has very beautiful mountains and national parks that make part of its hinterland.
  • You can go on a three-day adventure walk-about on the Great Hinterland of the Gold Coast.
  • Among the sites you will come across on this adventure include the Rainforest of Gondwana, which is a site of world heritage standard; a volcano that is very ancient and Lamington National Park.  Here you will discover the many unique animal species of Australia and the unique flora and fauna.


The Gold Coast area in Australia is a very beautiful tourist destination. Apart from its white sandy beaches, the area also has many other beautiful sites that will are worth visiting. This tourist guide will work to ensure that you plan adequately for your transportation and accommodation beforehand. Also, upon arrival, you can use it to guide you in selecting some of the beautiful sites you can visit, and activities you can engage in.


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