A Reveler’s Guide To Having Fun in Florida

Having Fun In Florida: A Reveller’s Guide

Florida is a magnet for every type of traveler. Pleasure crafts dot the harbors of all the major cities in the state, and everyone has a happy-go-lucky kind of attitude. It’s infectious. When you’re in Florida, you can’t for a minute imagine crowded cities with massive office buildings and people rushing to work.  The relaxed environment doesn’t allow it. There’s too much fun to be had. Serious work can wait for another time.

Naples Florida Beach

The Sunshine State is full of all sorts of interesting and wonderful activities that bring a sense of playfulness into your life. While there is not much historical sightseeing to be done here as vacations aren’t about fulfilling some grand aesthetic vision, but rather, about enjoying the abundant nature attractions and colorful communities. Florida is  about getting lost in the moment and having a darn good party. Isn’t that when life is at its best?

So if you’re planning a visit to Florida, where should you go? What should you do?  Let’s take a look at some great options:

Explore The Wilderness Of The Everglades

The geography of Florida is very interesting and the Everglades are one of its most unique landscapes. Florida is a state of marshes, lakes, and coastal vistas overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. The waters are tropically warm and inviting.  At the southern heart of the state sits  Everglades National Park, a place where you can have as much or as little outdoor fun as you like.

Everglades Airboat Florida


Sometimes the best times in your life are when you’re out in nature, just experiencing what it means to be a person in the wilderness. At long last, you get to unplug yourself from the rest of civilization and just experience the joy of being. No there minimal cell service in the Everglades, so no one will be blowing up your cell phone with call and messages, or sending you texts telling you what you need to get done by Monday evening. Instead, you’re getting that primal experience people once enjoyed when the pressures of the modern world weren’t gnawing into their psyches.

The Everglades National Park is a great spot for a bit of recreation for thrill-seekers too. The park runs high-speed airboat rides across the water where you assemble with fellow thrill seekers to skim across the rivers of reeds at break-neck speeds.  Keep your eyes peeled for alligators – you’re bound to see plenty!  To explore the Everglades, travelers should be in the company of a licensed guide to keep you out of danger and to learn about this unique ecology.

Visit Naples

Naples doesn’t quite have the glitz and glamor of Miami, but the city is  home to stunning architecture and homes, wonderful beaches, and is considered one of Florida’s most popular destinations. This is where you go if you want to chill-out, relax, play golf and enjoy white sand between your toes while you search for abundant sea shells.

Because Naples is on Florida’s west coast, it also boasts some of the most spectacular sunsets in the state. Every evening, the sun dips below the waves, giving off a final green flash before the sky turns brilliant shades of pink, orange, and purple.  It’s a beautiful sight and the perfect end to a fun-filled day.

Party On A Pleasure Craft

See all those boats sitting out in the harbor? They’re not just sitting there for the sake of it. They’re there for the sole and exclusive purpose of having fun.

Boating in Florida

As you learn more about these crafts, the more you want to enjoy them. Booking yourself on one is surprisingly simple. You just approach a company that runs pleasure cruises, book a slot, and then party with your friends in whatever manner seems most attractive to you. The captain takes care of the sailing and navigation so that everyone else can get into the spirit of things and just enjoy revelling for the sake of it. It’s like you’re living the millionaire lifestyle, without all the baggage that brings.  Sport fishing is also very popular in Florida.  You’ll find lots of captains just waiting to take you out for a day of fishing for grouper, snapper, tarpon and other abundant fish.

Check Out Disney and Universal Studio Themeparks In Orlando

Why do these elaborate themeparks exist? The simple answer is that these companies make life fun for kids. But arguably, it is much more essential for adults to enjoy the fun as well. Children instinctively know how to have fun. They’ll play with anything. Adults, though, aren’t so easy to entertain.

Disneyworld Florida

Disney, and other themeparks are an important reminder for all of us that having fun is crucial for people of all ages. The fact that the kids want to go there is just permission for us to join them. After all, thrill rides, candy floss, and interactive movies never get old.  You could easily spend an entire week visiting the many themeparks that call Orlando home.

Stay In The Swankiest Miami Condo You Can Afford

Miami, and South Beach in particular, is the quintessential American beach resort town. It has some of the most impressive vacation condo complexes you’ve ever seen in your life. By staying in one, you can make your breakfast croissants while looking out over the Atlantic from your vantage point, hundreds of feet above the boardwalk.

South Beach Miami

Pricing for Miami condos is quite steep but totally worth it if you want to revel in style and feel like one of the see-and-be-seen crowd.  Many are close to the beach amenities and bars in that line South Beach, ensuring that you don’t waste a moment of your time getting your toes in the sand.

Swim With Dolphins

Dolphins are often considered to be the humans of the sea. When you spend time with them, you get the impression that they could have built their own civilization underwater, if only nature had given them opposable thumbs.

There are many opportunities to swim with dolphins in Florida. Be sure to check out Discovery Cove in Orlando where you can book swimming sessions with these incredible and friendly creatures. While you’re there, you’ll also be able to feed tropical birds and play with sea otters.

Indulge In The Fine Food

Florida has a long tradition of introducing its guests to stunningly fresh food prepared by gifted chefs.  The state is famous for its blue crab, gulf shrimp and spiny lobster, plus all the wonderful seafood and steak restaurants you can find in its towns and cities.

Most of the seafood is local and fresh, delivered right to the dock, not from the superstore. So when you eat it, you get that holiday feeling that you’re actually trying something unique. You’re not just eating a reheated version of a meal you could experience in any other town and city. It’s only possible when you travel to the Sunshine State and experience it for yourself.

Watch The Castillo de San Marcos Reenactment

Florida is a land of forts. And for good reason: it attracted explorers from Europe and it wasn’t always the safest place. One of those forts is the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine Florida, and is now a heritage site where you can watch reenactments of what life was like for the soldiers stationed there.

It’s a lot of fun because you get to do things you can’t get away with in real life, like firing cannons and polishing muskets. It’s well worth a visit if you’re the kind of person with a keen interest in military history.  St. Augustine is the oldest city in Florida and has many interesting historic sites to explore.

Snorkel In The Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park Florida

If you’ve never explored this underwater landscape, you’re missing out. People often find spending time below the waves an enchanting experience, and diving or snorkeling in the Dry Tortugas is one of the best places to do it.

The Dry Tortugas National Park is one of Florida’s top snorkeling destinations, and somewhere practically anyone interested in the sport goes. Here you can find unusual species of coral and fish.  The Dry Tortugas is an historic fort located offshore from the Florida Keys.  You can sign up for a fun day-long boating excursion from Mallory Square Key West to take you snorkeling and exploring in the Dry Tortugas National Park.

These are just a handful of top activities you will find in Florida.  This is truly a state where having fun in the sun is a full time goal.  With one of the longest shorelines in the United States you will find beautiful beaches in abundance wherever you go.


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