World’s Best Street Art Pieces That Should Not Be Missed

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Street Art

5 Street Art Pieces You Must See in Your Lifetime

Street Art

Street art used to have a bad reputation, it was lumped in with the likes of gang activity and anti-social behaviour. As with most things in life, just because it is different doesn’t mean it is bad. There are more and more of these stunning artworks appearing around the world practically weekly and we are completely spoilt for viewer choice. In an ideal world, especially when the pandemic is no longer an issue, this would be the best list of global street art ever – these are the pieces you absolutely must see in your lifetime if you can.

Sonora (Miss Hazard, aka Harriet Wood) – USA/Mexico

Miss Hazard Sonora Street ArtSource:

Sonora was painted on the walls of an abandoned warehouse near the Mexican border. This was part of a crowdfunded project and beautifully depicts a woman with a headdress made of wildlife. The vivid use of graffiti spray paint colours and the detail of the painting are synonymous with the artist. The female characters that have been skilfully painted on the walls is said to represent a Mexican woman at peace.

16th Avenue Tiled Steps (Aileen Barr and Collette Crutcher) – San Francisco, USA

This breath-taking community art project was completed in 2005 by Aileen Barr and Collette Crutcher after being inspired by The Escadaria Selarónin in Brazil by famous artist Jorge Selarón. These artists were chosen by the neighbourhood residents, which marks just one way this was an entirely community-inspired artwork. The steps have a theme that runs from the sea to the sky and every single tile was handmade by the residents in large community mosaic workshops.

Behind Closed Doors (Dean Stockton) – Las Vegas, USA

This cleverly designed mural has an added depth quality thanks to the shape of the building that the massive artwork is on. Dean Stockton is a London-based artist who is inspired by all the things he adored as a child, like cartoons and skate graphics. He clearly draws inspiration from pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Wherever you go to view these artworks, or any others, make sure you travel safely and comply with all COVID prevention measures of that place.

Shoreditch Street Art – London, UK

London Street Art Shoreditch
Wikimedia Commons by: Kyla Borg

This is more of a collection of must-see artworks rather than just one specific piece. This area of London is famous for its collections of street art pieces by talented artists such as Banksy, Sweet Toof, Stik and many more. There are tours that run through this area, showcasing the best pieces Shoreditch has to offer. Remember that these tour times are subject to change, depending on the lockdown tier implemented currently.

We Are The Youth (Keith Harring) – Philadelphia, USA
We Are The Youth Street Art

Wikimedia Commons by: Rgs25

Keith Haring was an American street artist who passed away in New York in 1990. He made his mark on the pop art world and was one of the first to start painting murals around cities. His work is very easily recognizable thanks to his faceless, yet happy characters. This piece is one of the only artworks by Haring that remains intact at the original site it was created way back in 1987.

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