Are You Paying Too Much For Travel?

Money Saving Travel TIps

Going abroad is expensive, considering all the different elements required to have a nice holiday.

  • Flights
  • Transportation
  • Places to stay
  • Things to do
  • Food to Eat

Just with these basic elements of your trip, costs start stacking up. You need to put in a lot of planning if you are going to prevent breaking the bank whilst getting the most out of our trip.

Money Saving Travel TIps

We thought we would consider a few items where we could save some money via forward thinking and some items that it would be unwise to scrimp on.

Money saving tip – Be Flexible

The price of flights can vary considerably depending on the month, day and even time you travel, so do your research and be prepared to be flexible. It’s surprising to see how much cheaper flights can be if you fly midweek as opposed to only at the weekend.

Money saving tip – Single Trip Travel Insurance

Many people see travel insurance for holidays as something they need but seek the cheapest possible option. However, getting the cheapest insurance is not wise for saving money in the long run. Getting no cover or the wrong cover could cost you thousands in healthcare costs and is not worth the risk.

Money saving tip – Currency fees

Do not be foolish enough to wait until getting to the airport to exchange your pounds to the local currency, the exchange rate at airports is way over the odds compared to standard currency exchanges like the post office, but you can get even better exchange rates if you use comparison sites like, however doing this well before your trip is important, as for the best rates you usually have to wait for delivery in the post.

Money saving tip – Relying too much on car rentals

If you are an adventurous tourist, you likely may consider getting a rental car while abroad. However, whilst it provides a large amount of freedom, it is very expensive, especially whilst it is sat in the hotel car park and you are by the pool. The National post explained that the average car rental cost was 90GBP per day. Why not save money and use local transportation to get around?

Money saving tip – Luggage allowances

How much luggage do you need? Of course, depending upon length of stay, you may find that you can fit all that is required into you cabin luggage that does not cost you a penny extra.

Money saving tip – Eating out

We all need to eat, and when on holiday we like to dine in luxury. Depending upon where you are travelling eating out can come at a large expense, especially in places like Italy and France. Quite quickly without paying too much attention food costs can run out of control, but you may not notice until you get home and see your credit card bill.  While traveling it is always advisable to use the best credit card for travel benefits and rewards to avoid fees and earn rewards for your next journey.

Some money saving tips are as simple as choosing all-inclusive holidays, or self-catering where you go to the local shops to buy food to make the occasional meal, sometimes you can make better food than the restaurants anyway.

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