Discover Canada’s Most Scenic National Parks

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Canada’s Most Scenic National Parks

Canada is one of the most diverse and beautiful places in the world. People who live in Canada are fans of going to their national parks because of the dramatic beauty and healthy outdoor environment it provides. This article will shine a light upon some of the most mesmerizing Canadian national parks for you to visit.

Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands National Park Canada

Located in Ontario, Thousand Islands is one of the most scenic national parks in all of Canada. This park is host to 20 plus granite islands that are the main attraction for local vacationers as well as visiting tourists. The beautiful hiking trails add to the attraction of this park, followed by dramatic waterfalls. Mallory Town Landing is the focal point for park activities. This area has several picnic spots, theatres and many other fun activities for your family. You can come to this park to release the daily stress and restart your mind. The park also contains tons of activities for kids of all ages.

Waterton Lakes

Waterton Lakes National Park Canada

Canada is covered with exquisite sceneries and breathtaking vistas. The beautiful water bodies in the region compete with the national parks in Canada when it comes to tourism. Waterton Lake in southern Canada is one of the exotic creations attracting countless tourists around the year. The lake is composed of two water bodies connected by Bosporus, which is a shallow channel. The division of Upper Waterton lake enhances the uniqueness of this lake by the Canada- US borders. When you visit the site, you will also come across the Waterton Lake National Park. It is an ideal location to visit with your friends and family with beautiful picnic spots and lake sightseeing. You can also visit the Waterton village to connect with people and learn about their culture and values.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park Canada

I am sure that while searching up for best parks in Canada, you have come across Banff National Park. It has been one of the most highly rated parks. It is topping the charts of travel magazines, and you might get enticed you to visit this place almost now. This park has been bestowed with many natural gifts that are optimum for an adventurer. Located in the Alberta Rockies, it offers people like you a chance to hike, ski, spot ingenious wildlife, and golf too sometimes.

Yoho National Park

Yoho National Park Canada

If you are a sucker for natural beauty and crystal-clear water. You will find Yoho National Park as the perfect spot for it. As being one of the best Canadian national parks, it offers its users have an up-close relationship with nature. You would be amazed to find out this place mind-blowing geological and natural history. And their formations, too. One of the features that would catch your sight is the formations peaks, and rock faces purely made out of ice. This has also been one of the important reasons for this park to feature as best national parks in Canada.

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park Canada

If you want to spend some time in recluse, and you also happen to be in western Alberta, do drop by at Jasper National Park. As one of the most prized national parks in Canada, it has been a distinguished natural resource because of its some defining features. These include the covered alpine forest, the humungous glacier peaks, and ice-capped mountains.

As Canada state park, it offers its visitors to detach from their normal lives. But at the same time, if you have some urgent business to attend, this park is fitted with all basic urban necessities, which will not allow you to cut short your trip to this best Canadian national park. One thing that you cannot miss when you are here is the Columbian ice fields. On top of that, do when you are here, do not go to sleep at night. Because being in the Dark Sky Preserved area, the night sky is just breathtaking.

Mont-Tremblant National Park

Mont Tremblant Canada

Eastern Canada is also a bliss for people who have a want for exciting and adventurous lay-offs at the national parks in Canada. This park is located in the scenic area of Quebec, just a few kilometers away from Montreal.

You would be amazed to see the expanse of this park which amounts to 1500 square kilometres. On top of that, you would never miss the sight of the flowing river in this best Canadian national parks as there are six flowing rivers within the park’s premise. Are you a canoeing fanatic, because this place is ranked as one of the best national parks in Canada for this purpose. But if canoeing is not for you, don’t worry, here you have been covered. Go to one of the sandy beaches, rocking hiking climbs, or get amazed with nature by camping under the stars.

Gaspésie National Park

Gaspésie National Park Canada

If you are near Montreal and want to take a step back, head over to Gaspésie National Park. Situated next to the rich Sainte-Anne River, and Quebec’s mountain ranges of Chic Choc and McGarrigle, this best national park in Canada covers a sprawling 802 square kilometres. Gaspésie is a hotspot for people who want to experience the finest of nature. Enclosed within 25 mountains, it has much arctic-alpine flora and remarkable wildlife. You too can enjoy nature in more depth by going on a canoeing adventure, or hike on the Mont Jacques-Cartier trail.

Canada is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Canada state parks are an asset to the tourist industry as they promote the country’s culture. If you ever find yourself in a stressful situation, these parks might help your mind get back on track and work with a better performance.

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