5 Top Things To Do on a Trip to Kenya

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Kenya Travel Tips

5 Things to do on a trip to Kenya

Kenya Travel Tips

Kenya (officially the Republic of Kenya) is an East African country located on the Indian Ocean’s coastline. The total area of Kenya is approximately 580,367 sq kilometers. There are two primary sources of foreign exchange for Kenya, agriculture and tourism. The Kenya Tourism Board looks after all tourism activities in the country. The volume of the tourism industry in Kenya is the US $135 million. According to the Government’s official reports, almost 2.7 million tourists travel to Kenya every year. One of the most prominent features of the tourism industry in Kenya is Ecotourism.

The Kenyan Government and people have maintained their natural areas like safari parks magnificently. The Kenyan Government offers all necessary facilities to foreign tourists like hotels, transport, security and travel guides, etc.  Some world-famous tourist attractions of Kenya include:

Ruma National ParkAberdare National Park

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary 

Kora National Park

Mombasa Marine Reserve

Mwea National Reserve

Lake Island 

Nairobi National Park

Kenya e-Visa

It is impossible to travel to Kenya without an e-Visa. If you are planning to travel to Kenya to visit fabulous tourist attractions, you must have your e-Visa to Kenya; otherwise, you can’t get an entry in Kenya.  e-Visa is an electronic type of visa, which you can get at your home by applying online. It means you don’t have to visit the embassy to get your entry permit.

Check if you meet the elementary requirements by visiting https://www.evisa-kenya.com/blog/kenya-visa-requirements/ and complete a simple application process to get your Kenya visa quickly!

You can get your e-Visa to Kenya in just 2-3 business days. The online application process is very easy and straightforward. You can apply for your e-Visa to Kenya in just 3 easy steps:

Fill an online application form

Fill the application form with your basic details like passport, name, email address, mobile number, etc.

Pay the visa fees

After completing the application form, you will pay your e-Visa to Kenya fee via an online payment method using your debit or credit card.

Receive your e-Visa to Kenya in at your email inbox

You will receive your e-Visa to Kenya in your email inbox after 2-3 business days of online application submission.

Note: The e-Visa to Kenya is a compulsory requirement if you want to enter Kenya without any difficulty.

5 things to do on a trip to Kenya

For developing your interest in traveling to Kenya, we have summarized a list of 5 things to do on a trip to Kenya. You can enjoy these 5 things once you have your e-Visa to Kenya.

Plan a trip in Mombasa’s Old Town

Mombasa’s Old Town was founded back in the 14th century. Swahili Sultans were the founders of this culturally rich old town. If you are in Kenya, planning a trip to Mombasa’s Old Town is not a bad idea at all. This Old Town was considered Kenya’s biggest port. Old bygone ways, cultural monuments, and architecture are some delightful features of Mombasa’s Old Town.

You will find a warren of narrow streets here. This warren is flanked by mosques, wooden doors, and massive coffee houses. You will see For Jesus looming overall.

Visiting Bio-Ken Snake Farm to Get over your fear of snakes

Do you have a fear of dangerous snakes, and you are in Kenya? If Yes! You should visit Bio-Ken Snake Farm for sure. Here you’ll get over your fear of snakes by seeing the most dangerous snakes near.

You will see here, black mamba, spitting cobra, and puff adder. Bush Python is recently added to this list. This farm is located near Watamu. You can enjoy three-night snake safaris here also, in which you will track, catch and unleash dangerous serpents in the bush.

Visit AFEW Giraffe Center to get licked by a giraffe

Have you ever licked by a beautiful and hungry giraffe? In case you do not, visit AFEW Giraffe Center in Kenya. In the center, you can meet face-to-face with endangered Rothschild’s giraffes.  They will lick your face with their long, black tongues as well, which a splendid feeling. It will be an excellent adventure for you.

Scuba Diving in the Indian Ocean

It is a fantastic idea if you are fond of Scuba diving or snorkeling. Kenya is located at the coastline of the Indian ocean, which is a perfect site to do both these activities.

Dancing at night clubs in Nairobi

Nairobi (Capital City of Kenya) has many colonial night clubs where you can dance all night. These night clubs, bars, and cocktail lounges offer a perfect representation of modern nightlife in Kenya.

Final words

Kenya has a very high potential for tourism with its spending safari parks, cultural attractions, and enjoyable activities. Visit all of the must see places and try some of the best Kenyan attractions available!


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