Why A Trullo in Puglia Italy is a Wonderful Place For A Holiday

Trullo in Puglia Italy

The benefits in choosing a Trullo as your holiday home in Puglia, Italy

Trulli holiday home in Puglia Italy

If you are thinking of spending your next holidays in Puglia (southern Italy), you surely want to gather information on the type of accommodation to choose for your stay. If you are heading towards booking a private villa just for you and your family, you have probably discovered that in Puglia exist some unique houses, called the Trulli. What exactly are they, and how to find out if they are right for you? Read the article to find out more!

Puglia is becoming more and more a popular destination for tourists from all over the world who choose this region for its beauty and lifestyle. Even during the disastrous 2020, as soon as the lockdown and restrictions have decreased, many people have gone to Puglia to finally enjoy life after months of deprivation and renunciation.

Trullo Home Puglia Italy

Puglia has become so popular over the years for its beautiful villages, its stunning landscapes, its breathtaking beaches but also for the hospitality of the locals and for the food and wine culture that can be enjoyed especially off the more touristy routes. But there is another reason that pushes many people to choose a holiday in Puglia: the amazing offer of high quality accommodation.

Trullo Home in Puglia Italy

Among these are the Trulli, traditional Apulian dry-stone dwellings (the oldest documented date back to the beginning of 16th century) with a cone-shape roof. There are many different types of Trulli and they vary depending on the date of construction and the area in which they arise, in any case we are talking about houses that do not exist in all of Puglia but are located in the hinterland of the central area, and find their widest diffusion in the Itria Valley, also known as the Trulli Valley. And it is in this area, characterized by olive groves and dry stone walls, ancient farmhouses and villages among the most beautiful in Italy, that the Trulli as holiday home find the most appreciated expressions.

Cooking in Puglila Italy

So why choosing a Trullo as holiday home in Puglia instead of a villa or another type of home?

  • Uniqueness. The first reason for choosing a Trullo to spend your holidays in Puglia is very simple: because they only exist here, nowhere else in the world you will have the opportunity to stay in a Trullo. So why not take advantage of it?
  • Cool in summer. Trulli have the reputation of being cool in summer and warm in winter. But it is not just a rumour: the very thick stone walls, the small windows and the conical shape of the roof really have a thermoregulatory action.
  • Contact with nature. Apart from those of Alberobello (that speak separately), the Trulli in most cases are immersed in the Apulian scrub with its Mediterranean smells, ancient olive trees and other fruit trees such as almond, cherry and fig trees. From spring onwards, the Trulli are the perfect place for your search for peace in contact with nature.
  • Refinement of the interior decorations. The well-restored Trulli maintain the original structures and also various traditional interior elements (stone fireplaces, niches, etc.) redesigned in such a way as to harmoniously adapt the spaces to the most modern and even more luxurious needs.

Tulli Holiday Home in Puglia Italy

Even if these unique buildings have beauty, ancient charm, comfort and luxury in total respect of good taste and class, they may be not for you. Depending on your tastes and culture of origin, a Trullo may not be the right choice for you: while some tourists love them, others for example find them a little too dark or cramped. In fact, the choice of a Trullo is very personal, so we advise you to contact specialized rental companies who can advise and guide you in your choice.


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