10 Convenient Ways To Use Your Mileage Points

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Mileage Points Tips

10 Great Ways To Use Your Mileage Rewards Points

Mileage Points Tips

Most people say that opening a credit card account will only put you in debt. While that may be possible with financial irresponsibility, you can actually benefit a lot more when you have a credit card with you. What’s great with having a credit card is that you don’t only bring convenience with you, but you can also earn mileage points that you could use for added luxury and comfort.

Using miles has been widely popular for booking flights anywhere you may want to go. While that may be true, there are plenty of means that you can use your miles without hopping on a plane right away. Listed below are the ten ways on how you can use your mileage points. 

Sell Points For Extra Cash

If you have no plans of using your miles since you don’t want to go anywhere as you wish to stay home and get all snuggled up in your bed, you can actually sell Amex points, for instance, and have them converted to cash.

Whether you just want to stay at home or you need extra money, selling your mileage points can come in handy. This way, you can get your cashback to use for other essential things, such as medicines, tuition, books, hospital bills, and more.  

Future Flights

You can use your mileage points to book future flights if you’re planning to get out of the town or country in the next few months or so. This way, you can guarantee and secure your seat without spending your money. Ask the airline if you could book a flight with your miles at the latest time.  

Future Cruise

One of the most luxurious ways to be on the ocean is by booking a cruise trip. If you’d like to maximize the luxury of your mileage points, you can book a cruise and enjoy the grandeur of what a ship can offer you. Enjoy every amenity, view, and sound of the ocean as you go to sleep at night. It’ll be magical!

Hotel Stays

Whether you’re planning to stay in a hotel after your flight, or you just want to have a vacation away from your regular day, booking a hotel would always sound like a fantastic idea. Besides paying using your credit card, you can use your mileage points instead.

When searching for a hotel, try to look for an all-inclusive property to maximize its value. Ideally, it should have complete amenities and, of course, great food.

Car Rental

If you’re planning to have a fun road trip with your friends, but your car can’t handle long distances or can’t accommodate the number of people you’re going to bring with you, you can use your mileage to rent a car.

Moreover, if you’re planning to have a solo trip, you can splurge on a luxury rental and allow yourself to finally enjoy and experience luxury right on your hands, without the need to spend a ton.  

Flight Upgrades

Frequent Flyer Rewards Tips

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to fly first class?  That moment when you ride a plane and you’re able to stretch your legs to the most comfortable position, and could even have your private cubicle where you can watch, sleep, and eat in peace. With your mileage points, you can upgrade your economy to a business or a first class ticket to boost your traveling experience. 


If you’re not planning to travel or stay out of town, you may want to utilize your mileage points for shopping. But, before you go ahead and splurge, you need to verify with your credit card how much you can spend using your mileage points to avoid overspending and ending up using your credit card to pay for other things.  

Pay Off Your Credit Card Balance

If you still have a due balance with your credit card account, you can pay some of it using your mileage points. This way, you can get some services or products for free, depending on your mileage points.  However, you need to verify first with the company if they allow you to use points as payment for your remaining balance. 

Purchase Gift Cards

You can use your mileage points to purchase gift cards. These gift cards can also serve as gifts to your family or friends, allowing them to enjoy exclusive deals and discounts. 

Donate To Charity

You can also donate your mileage points to charity. There are good causes that you can support, such as those allowing sick children to go to the places they want. You can also choose an organization that gives wounded veterans and their families free airline tickets so they can finally see each other.


There are plenty of ways to use your mileage points aside from booking a flight at the very last minute. With the options above, you can fully maximize your points whether you plan to stay at home or have a luxurious vacation.


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