Best Budget Destinations for Your 2021 Escape

Costa Rica Surf Beaches

6 Best Counties for Budget Travel in 2021

Be prepared all our trip lovers! 2021 is bound to be a better year, and we know you are ready to book your tickets and fly across the globe! Travelers often overlook some exotic and affordable locations when they prepare a list of places to visit. To help you remember every worthwhile place, we have prepared a shortlist of budget-friendly travel destinations for 2021.

Costa Rica

If you are a nature lover, then Costa Rica is your eco-friendly country on the list. You will love the coastal region and enjoy walking on the beach under the clear sky and clear waves hitting the shore! How relaxing! Their national parks and volcanoes are worth the visit. You can enjoy the marine life in their national parks and will not regret booking tickets for Costa Rica.

Along with the two gorgeous coastlines, it is a top surfing country in the world. Want to play with waves? Make your way to Costa Rica!

Let’s not forget that the country is known for producing the best chocolate and coffee. Who doesn’t love a place where you get to enjoy the natural beauty while biting into the finest chocolate in the world and sipping delicious cups of coffee!

To know more about Costa Rica and its offerings to tourists, visit and find the most informative essay about trip to guide you! Not only trips, but perfect essay also has the best articles for safety during trips, so make sure you go over every tourism article you find on the website!

Costa Rica can be considered budget-friendly as you can cut down on costs on accommodation and food. Don’t go for luxury restaurants and high-end hotels. You can spend on adventure tours instead to truly enjoy Costa Rica’s natural beauty. Take advantage of a night tour on your own transportation or go for a zip-line activity. Traveling can be done on your own or else you can rent a car if you are looking for an easy ride. But it is always wise to ask the fare beforehand so that if it is out of your pocket, you can decline the offer and take another taxi or maybe take a lift if you are good at it. In Costa Rica, when visiting restaurants, you have to pay a hefty amount of money, in the name of tip. You can only avoid this if you are carefully and wisely spending your money.

New Zealand

If your places to travel list doesn’t include New Zealand, you need to update it as soon as you can! Never skip a trip to Abel Tasman national park is waiting for you! The clear blue sky with the beauty of giant lush trees and the opportunity to hike! How amazing! Why would you ever want to miss out on this experience? Travelling is all about enjoying the beauty of nature and adventurous sports, and that is what New Zealand brings for us!

Huka Falls New Zealand

Hiking is not limited to this, imagine hiking on a glacier? Sounds cool, right? Wait no more and get a helicopter ride to one of the best glaciers in New Zealand and of course, the extreme sports are unforgettable!

If you are an adventure freak and love bungee jumping, sky diving, rafting, or even zorbing, then New Zealand is it! It is the best destination for you. While you do all this, don’t forget to take pictures!

To fully enjoy outdoor activities in New Zealand, you must learn how to use your money wisely. Don’t spend on meals as you can also cook them at home. Go for outdoor activities and plan accordingly so you enjoy everything within your budget. Besides accommodation like the shared ones are a bit cheaper in New Zealand.


We don’t know if you love spicy food or not, but we know for sure that Mexico will make you fall deeply in love with spices. If there is a budget travel technique that you’re following, then Mexico should be on your list due to its affordability. You can find great travel offers to this place which will be easy on your pockets. The amazing weather in Mexico is to die for. It stays moderate throughout the year, and you will love the vegetation in the region. Language won’t be a problem for you either as most of the locals do understand English to a varying degree!

Mexico Travel Tips

If you are a student and believe in Budget travel in college then you should keep Mexico as your top priority, there is a lot to enjoy in a considerable amount! Flights are always available for Mexico so you won’t find any trouble travelling to and from the place!

One of the cheapest countries to travel to, Mexico has everything a traveler wants. You can go for budget accommodation and save some money on transportation and meals. If you are smart, you really don’t have to break the bank and enjoy the many bounties Mexico has to offer. White sandy beaches and cheap local cuisine is something you can experience on a budget in Mexico.


A list of places to travel must have Slovenia in the top spots. There is no denying that it has beautiful buildings in the pearly white city. The enchanting place is so far the most underrated city if you consider travelling. It is still a rare gem that is yet to be explored, then why not be the first ones to do it? Outdoor activities like mountain climbing and hiking will further make you want to stay in the city forever. The second you lay eyes on any of its beautiful waterfalls, you will forget everything else. The place is absolutely to die for! There are almost more than three hundred waterfalls, and each one of them is unique for its own reason!

Slovenia Travel Tips

Although Slovenia is a beautiful country, it is affordable as well, which makes it a top tourist destination in the world. With budget-friendly restaurants and hotels, you don’t have to spend a fortune on meals alone. Spend wisely and make the most of your trip to Slovenia. There are many modes of transportation available in Slovenia which are affordable and reasonably priced.


Egypt is not just famous for its beautiful people; it is also famous for travelling. In the world of tourists, Egypt rules thanks to it being a destination holding one of the wonders of the world. Yes, you guessed it. We are talking about the great pyramid of Giza. It will take you miles away from the hustle and bustle of worldly matters, and you can just enjoy the view in the middle of a desert. Can you believe it? The only place where you would wanna be in a desert in Egypt.

Egypt Travel Tips

All of us are in awe of how rich the county is in culture. Do yourself a favour, don’t miss out on this chance to experience the culture and admire the architecture of the place! They have great resorts and hotels for tourists and will treat you like royalty!

One of the best historical places to visit, Egypt is known for its beautiful pyramids and budget-friendly transportation. You can easily plan your trip around the country with a small budget. Don’t overspend on luxury accommodation. There are plenty of hotels which are affordable and easy on the pocket. Look at the magnificence of pyramids and enjoy the mystery surrounding the country.


Have you ever heard of mountain gorillas? Great! You will find them while trekking in Rwanda! It will be like a real-life wildlife mix experience that you will never forget! Animal lovers who enjoy seeing animals in their natural habitat must go to Rwanda.

Rwanda Gorilla Sanctuary


Their luxury hotels and restaurants will offer you the best award-winning Rwandan dishes! You will feel like licking it off of your plates after you finish! Food is their specialty. Each cuisine tastes like a bite from heaven! Whether it is fried fish or banana beer, everything is delicious and worth the taste!

Another factor is that it is a safe place to visit. If you take a look at any essay on travel, you will find information on Rwanda as a safe spot to visit worldwide, not just in Africa. The crime rate is very low; you can even travel back to your hotel rooms late at night without getting mugged.

Rwanda can be as expensive and as cheap as you want it to be. You can either rent a car or self-drive to save your precious money which can otherwise be used in outdoor activities. Don’t spend a fortune on luxury meals. Go for items that cost less and can be cooked at home. You can try a few items from the local cuisine just for tasting, otherwise it can be saved to be spent on exciting outdoor activities. Rwanda is known for its wildlife beauty and wilderness. However, if you go for the best tour package, then you will run for your money. Enjoy everything but on a budget. Go for a day trip and choose the one that is less expensive and gives you most entertainment. Remember, if you go alone you will have to spend on the permit, which you can avoid if you choose the right travel package.

Book your tickets right now!

With a list of the best places to travel to in 2021, don’t waste any more time! Book your tickets the first thing in the morning and plan your vacation. It is a golden opportunity to travel across the globe to all these exotic places. Life is unpredictable, so don’t delay your trip further!

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