San Diego’s 10 Most Romantic Restaurants

Coasterra Restaurant Harbor Island

Most Romantic Restaurants in San Diego

San Diego Romantic Restaurants

Imagining a lovely place with candlelit ambiance, a light speckled patio, and a lovely garden all can be so romantic and real you will find in San Diego.While on a visit and resting in a hotel in San Diego you may have got the chance to see spectacular views of the beach sites, fantastic cuisines, and romantic restaurants around to celebrate the romantic occasion. Here are a few shortlisted restaurants that amaze your evening with romantic and lovely moments.

Some of these restaurants my be temporarily closed because of Covid restrictions.  Be sure to check in advance.

The Marine Room—La Jolla

The Marine Room La Jolla CA
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A lush place in La Jolla, San Diego the Marine room has been an intensified place for public figures and celebrities near the beach since 1941. The amazing ambiance of the restaurant will make you feel out of the world. While sitting in a dining room when the waves crash to the windows feel like you are floating on the ocean along with the first-class serving of lobster bisque and Osetra caviar.


Superb restaurant surprisingly goes through an iconic hexagonal entryway into the black leather banquettes at Starlite, Middletown San Diego. You will find a cool spot to sit with your loved onesin the bar whose walls lit with the flattering light over everything but dim to cover your kiss. You can also enjoy the cheesy mac burgers with crispy fries and lush roasted bone marrow.

Prado—Balboa park

Prado Restaurant at Bilboa Park
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There is no better place for a couple like Prado you can enjoy many arts venues, lush gardens, museums, and parks. You can enjoy the whole day and in the evening the menu will be served that will be a combination of traditional and modern cuisines. You will find the patio most romantic for dining or happy hour with a delicious American sushi roll, pan-roasted seabass, sandwiches, and salads.

A.R. Valentien—La Jolla

The most romantic restaurant in San Diego locating at the Lodge at Torrey Pines is adorned with interior design, beamed ceiling, and live music from Wednesday to Friday. Couples can enjoy their evening along with the fireplace and three kinds of pate. The menu changes with the season and served delightfully as the namesake.

Addison—Del Mar

All in one restaurant with contemporary haute cuisine Addison is a place for lovebirds and considered a most romantic place with delicious food. The interior design is stunning dark wood coffered ceilings, tufted banquettes, plush textiles, and arching panicles of orchids. You need a reservation before going there around 48 hours before.

Dinner with a View—Liberty Station’s Central Promenade

Liberty Station Central Promenade San Diego
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If you want to have a beautiful date at a lovely restaurant then this one is the best to experience the dining of intimate and cozy seats. The restaurant is decorated with frameless geodesic domes highlighting unique terrains. You can have fish, meat, and vegan options and enjoy a three-course blind menu. There are 33 domes and each dome can accommodate up to 6 guests. You can have an online reservation for two.

Coasterra—Harbor Island

Coasterra Restaurant Harbor Island
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Coasterra perfectly opts for the couples with floor-to-ceiling glass, an expensive patio, and tremendous city views. A perfect Mexican menu for two that includes a full quiver of shrimp, clams, mussels, bomba rice, and aromatic lobster. You can have margaritas as a drink or any kind of wine with many other options.

Morning Glory—Little Italy, CA

If you have a plan for touring San Diego with your friend or partner then you must check the Morning Glory for the hottest deals. You would have to be in long lines to get along a rose-hued eatery complete with a 30-foot pink neon flower sculpture. For ordering breakfast for your loved one, you may have Japanese Souffle pancakes, Frenchie French toast, and a drink.

Cucina Urbana—Laurel St. Balboa Park

While among the most romantic restaurants Cucina Urbana is good for a night date with the food in dinner is luxurious. The ambiance of the restaurant, stuffed squash blossoms all are at your service. It is an Italian food restaurant and highly recommended as it’s just within walking distance to Balboa Park.

Cusp—La Jolla

A lovely restaurant with amazing deals to enjoy a romantic dinner or lunch with our friend to enjoy luscious food like creamy lobster gnocchi, sultry oysters, and chocolate icecream. Everything around will be fascinating when you sit before the expensive ocean-view windows near La Jolla shores.


Many restaurants offer a romantic ambiance with a lovely look. Some of them are near the beaches of San Diego where you feel like floating in the ocean while sitting in the restaurant and dining with friends.You can book a hotel in San Diego and enjoy your day in some romantic restaurant with your partner from the above list.

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