Top Treks and Beautiful Hikes in India

Top Treks in India

6 Top Spots For Trekking in India

Top Treks in India

Known for its diverse culture, India is also a destination for adventurers, heritage lovers, lazy bones, and culinary enthusiasts. India has attracted serious hikers for generations to experience trekking their incomparable mountain peaks and lush valleys.  Trekking in India has a long history, most probably since the time, humans started to walk on two feet and learning to climb.  Let’s take a look at trekking in India and 6 of the top treks and beautiful hikes.

Trekking in India can be done at the snow-peaked mountains of Himachal or the lavish green hills at the Western Ghats. Both intensely risky and joyful treks are also known by the name of the specific region or peaks they are located in.  The beauty of the treks in India also lies in the journey, either from the pickup point of a railway station or from the vary basecamp the journey is just the best part.

Innumerable trekking areas are at the top of things to do and places to visit in many tourist vacation list while in India.  And why not, the areas for trekking in India will never stop surprising and pulling the daredevils towards themselves. Just pack the same things required for any trek and take an unforgettable trip to the trekking friendly places in India.

Top 6 trekking in India

Kedarkantha Trek

The most famous trek of Northern India is the Kedarkantha trek. The difficulty factor likes in the trail, the trekking distance of about 20km through dense forest and thick sheets of snow.  A good challenging trek lies at an altitude of about 3800 meters.  Winters being the best time to visit, trekkers will enjoy and feel it little difficult to reach the top.

Still classifies under the moderate treks, Kedarkantha is an extremely famous and long trek. Plan for at least a week to extreme this amazing trek and camping.

Roopkund trek

A hidden gem of Uttrakhand and a very famous trek is the Roopkund trek which comes with a trekking distance of about 53km.

Suitable for 8 days, the difficulty factor of this trek comes in parts. The first is the dense forest that is partly very beautiful to go from and next is the Roopkund lake visit which is at an altitude of 16,499ft. Mount Trishul is the home base of this lake and trek. The Himalayan beauty is the gem of this trek along with the rivers and water bodies.

The uphill trek through Lohajung Pass is steady yet a challenging trail. The admirers for Roopkund are founded in huge numbers during winter to catch the frozen lake and scenic beauty.

Chadar Trek

The thick sheet of snow, is the literal meaning of this trek. Trekking Places in India are so unique in its feature and Chadar trek is a live example of that.  Among many Ladakh tour packages, the Chadar trek is very famous and known. Surrounded by the white gorgeous mountain ranges, the frozen lake is situated in the deep.

And the frozen water is basically the Zanskar river which has lots of visitors in winter.  Along with the frozen water of river Zanskar, tourists will also find a frozen waterfall that will be hard to believe.  The area around this trek is challenging and beautiful. The walk on the frozen water body may leave a crack on it but nothing to fear.

The difficulty factor of the chadar trek includes the walking on the frozen lake and the journey there.

Stok Kangri Trek

The highest altitude trek of Ladakh is among the difficult and yet most famous treks in India. The trekking hours required for each trekker is from 9-12 hours.  The altitude of 20,100 feet requires the maximum time and skills of a trekker. All these factors are challenging and difficult ones but the view from Stok Kangri is like heaven on earth.  The view of the Zanskar river and Indus river are yet another view worth visit.

The start of this trek is from Leh and it takes about 8 to 9 days of trekking. With the temperature in minus. This trek is the longest and toughest also the most fun thing to do in Leh and in winters.

The high mountain ranges and valleys are the view breathtaking.

Kanamo Peak trek

Among many treks in Norther India, Kanamo Peak trek lies in the Spiti valley at Manali. The mesmerizing trek surrounded by the Himalayan ranges is a hidden gem of Spiti and of adventure.  The trekking distance of 27km might sound less to many trekkers but it is among the hardest ones to cover.  The difficulty factor of this trek is the moraines and thick sheets of snow. The temperature is another factor that makes this trek only for the trained or experienced trekkers.

Starting from the base camp of Manali only, this trek requires at least 7 days to complete the trek.

Markha Valley Trek

The famous Hemis National park is the host location of this wonderful Markha Valley trek of Ladakh. Situated at an altitude of 16,830ft every trekker has to cover the trekking distance of about 75km.  The difficulty factor of this very trek lies in several things such as hiking through a barren mountain and river crossing. The base village of Markha is beautiful, surrounded by green fields is a perfect spot to set a camp and enjoy stargazing in winter.

The cold desert and low temperature can also play a vital role in making this a difficult trek. But the view of Mountain ranges of Ladakh and Zanskar ranges are worth the trouble.  Plus point of this trek is also that the tourist can explore a lot in the neighborhood. The National park and village are to start with a few works like a treat for the wanderers.  The important passes that will be caught by the tourist are Kongmaru La and Gandala La with the highest elevated altitude.

Influenced by Buddhism, Markha valley has several villages as well as monasteries.

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