Stunning Great Lakes Cruise Destinations

Great Lakes

Great Lakes Cruise Destinations

If you love to travel and want to experience the best of holiday cruises, the Great Lakes are a wonderful option. The Great Lakes Cruises provide you the option to explore the North American freshwater lakes with some of the most attractive cruising locations on the planet. You can choose from a variety of different cruise lines, destinations, travel options, and itineraries to plan your dream vacation and experience the best that the North American lakes have to offer. There are some of the best Great Lakes cruise options for you to choose from when visiting the area.

Stunning Skylines

The Great Lakes are host to some of the most stunning metropolitan hubs with rich cultural history and splendid tourist attractions.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Skyline

Located along the southeastern coast of Lake Michigan, Chicago is one of the best cities in the United States, with a rich cultural and architectural history. Take in the beauty of the architectural diversity with a pleasant riverboat tour or revel in the magnificence of the Magnificent Mile. With so many shopping and dining options, museums, public art pieces, parks, and more, there has never been a better place to spend your time.

Cleveland, Ohio

Along the Cuyahoga River and the southern shore of Lake Erie, you can find one of the biggest cultural hubs in the United States: Cleveland. With exquisite sights like the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Botanical Garden, Great Lakes Science Center, and more, there is something for every enthusiast in this beautiful city.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Situated along the western shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee offers one of the most stunning skylines and downtown areas anywhere in the United States, with a wealth of interesting locations to visit. Whether they are iconic museums, conservatories, zoos, or the amazing lakefront, any time in this beautiful city is well spent.

Montreal, Quebec

Set on a beautiful island in the St. Lawrence river, this large French-speaking cosmopolitan hub offers multiple tourist attractions packed in relatively concentrated areas of interest. Beautiful sights like the Mont-Royal, Notre-Dame Basilica, St. Joseph’s Oratory, Fine Arts Museum, Parc Jean Drapeau, and more are sure to leave you spellbound and in love with the city and its culture.

Natural Wonders

You can indulge in the beauty of the natural wonders of the Great Lakes and cruise through some of the most stunning lakeshores in all of America.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

The twenty-one islands with an accompanying shoreline at Lake Superior offer some of the most alluring natural sights in North America. You can visit the iconic lighthouses, sea caves, forests, and beaches and delve into the rich history of the region.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Cruise

Arguably one of the largest and most famous waterfalls on the planet, the Niagara Falls offer a unique cruise experience overlooking the culmination of the four Great Lakes into Lake Ontario.


The “big cold spring” or Kitch-iti-kipi is the largest natural freshwater spring situated in Michigan. The “Mirror of Heaven” offers a wonderful site for marveling at and getting lost in the beauty of nature.

Bruce Peninsula Georgian Bay Lakeshore

This exquisite tourist site is popular for the “Grotto” with beautiful blue water and labyrinthine cave structures. Whether it is hiking at the Bruce Trail to reach the Grotto or indulging in the yurt experience, there is never a dull moment at this wonderful location.

Historic Lighthouses

Lake Superior Light House

The Great Lakes are also home to some of the most iconic lighthouse locations in North America. While some of these lighthouses are no longer operational, they offer visitors a chance to peek into the culture and history of the regions. The Split Rock Lighthouse (Minnesota), Apostle Island and Raspberry Island Lighthouses (Wisconsin), and more are wonderful tourist attractions for their interesting history.

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