Great Ways To Avoid Long Road Trip Boredom

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Road Trip Travel Tips

8 Ways to Avoid Boredom on Long and Epic Road Trips

Road Trip Travel Tips

Travel in 2021 is exciting and a welcomed notion. COVID limited the world’s travel itinerary to the confines of his, her, or their personal dwelling place. Thankfully, the ongoing vaccine distribution, among other mitigation practices, has begun reducing the threat of illness. When travel was limited, there were very few true, tangible, activities that involve fresh air, arched and staggeringly beautiful vistas, and those “windows down – music up” engagement moments, people crave.

Taking a safe, and epic road trip, to view life through a windshield, not just a windowpane, is possible.

On the Way to Everywhere 

Road trips afford the opportunity to view startling images, and truly feel engaged and impacted in unique ways.  The respite from work, stress and worry, creates the necessary life-balance that the mind and body seek. Road trips are the human equivalent of “wings.” This experience itself can be what is most needed now, and always.

Boredom, however, can be very real, as the infrasound of wheels on the road, accentuates traveler fatigue, and stress. With fatigue comes increased risk on the road, and thus, the savviest travelers have a backup, like Freeway Insurance, handy, to rely on while navigating the roadways. If mishaps occur, they get you back on the road safely.

To avoid such fatigue and boredom, thanks to human ingenuity, there are a plethora of activities specifically designed to obliterate boredom, and promote bonding, on the endless highways of adventure.

These road-ready activities will keep both the driver and riders mental flow, in the zone of readiness, mile after mile. To dodge boredom throughout 2021, and beyond, road trip entertaining activities, and games must haves include:

  1. Listen to podcasts. Popular and interesting choices for everyone, on a variety of subjects, that are current and listener oriented.
  2. Play the Current Events Game. One player tries to fool the others, by making up an event which did not happen, in order to make them guess if its true or false. Guessing correctly earns a point.  Saying “tell me more” doubles the points, and the fun.
  3. Collaborate on a music playlist before hitting the road. Play it and have chats about why the contents are favorites. Is it the lyrics, or the musical score? Download the list on a smartphone to avoid glitches in signals on the road.
  4. Communicate for fun with Lifestyle Road Trip Questions Like:
  • Who is the funniest person you know?
  • What famous person from a movie would make the perfect best friend?
  • If you could rewrite family rules, what would you change and why?
  • Who is the kindest person in the world? Why?
  • If you had fins and lived in the ocean, what creature would you be?
  • If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?
  1. Recreate the Retro Game – The (Timed) License Plate Game for Points – each player identifies an out-of-state plate within a given time frame. Most points wins. Trying to get at least double digits of out-of-state plate identities, quickly, enhances the challenge.
  2. Use your mobile to play “Heads UP,” by simply holding the phone up on your head, and guessing what the on-screen word is, based on clues given by family, through their silent behavior, as they act it out. Tilt the phone up or down depending on whether your answer is correct, or to skip to the next word. This game is a guaranteed laughter maker for everyone.
  3. Download and watch Netflix if you have a stable connection for your internet devise, as you travel. A DVD, or a Kindle is an option, too, for on the road watching, as well. A mutual decision on a good movie, like “The Inception” (science fiction), or “Inside Out” for children, makes this an entertaining, time-shared event for any road warriors’ excursion.
  4. Bring on The Battle of the Bands Game – One player picks a theme. 2 players play their choice of songs in that theme (broken heart songs, or songs about places) like Barcelona by Ed Sheeran, or Amsterdam by Coldplay. The whole car votes on the best song played. The winner gets 2 points. Then choose ongoing song categories to reach 10 points.

A well-planned road trip provides a healthy break from stress. It renews the bonding experiences that can be created by couples, and families, traveling to new surroundings, together. Staying hydrated, eating healthy snacks, and taking breaks, at interesting locations, makes the miles driven a priceless gift of forever-memories-made. Taking numerous selfies, and us-ee’s, documents the personal history, visually, for more intense, happiness-on- the-road remembering. With the above tips you can avoid boredom and stay safe on the open road.

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