Basements Turned Into Cool Airbnbs With Amazing Design Techniques

Basement Airbnb Designs

Design Techniques to Learn From These Cool Airbnb Basements

Airbnb has been a huge boon to many people who are looking to rent out rooms of their home or looking to get a hotel for a few days. In an attempt to make people more attracted to the rental, the owners tend to utilize a variety of design techniques. Whether you’re similarly interested in renting your basement with Airbnb or you’re just trying to create a great-looking basement, here are some design techniques and some cool basements to go along with them.

Sophisticated Apartment in Edinburgh – Wall Designs Take the Cake

Basement Airbnb Designs
Though it’s definitely beautiful, this Scottish apartment is generally pretty monotone and free of eye-catching patterns. That’s because the basement instead has a single wall with a unique, sophisticated design. A single accent wall can often be even more beautiful than multiple designs, especially if you enjoy simplicity in your design.

Basement Lounge in Manhattan – Lived-In Looks Good

NYC Airbnb
The Manhattan basement lounge is a great option because it looks lived-in and loved. There are throw blankets, a beanbag, and posters on the walls that look like the kinds of posters a real person would want to put up. Make your area look lived-in to give off a vibe that you really love your basement area.

Wine Cellar in Philadelphia – History Sells

Wine Cellar Airbnb
This Philadelphia wine cellar was once owned by a French winemaker more than 200 years ago. Today, the owner is renting it out to people who want to sleep in a basement that’s older than their grandparents. Remember, the history of an area is just as important as the actual construction. Highlight any historical importance in your areas, even if they’re not that long-lasting.

Artist Suite in Denver – Unfinished Accents Can Be Beautiful

Denver Airbnb
This basement suite is unique because it has multiple unfinished accents in it. However, that doesn’t necessarily make it look lazy or truly “unfinished.” The raw floor and exposed ceiling instead make the area look unique, like an artist’s loft. As long as you make it look like an intentional choice, these unfinished elements can lend a sense of authenticity to an area, especially a basement.

Bountiful Retreat in Salt Lake City – Pick a Highlightable Element

Game Room Airbnb
There’s a lot to love with this Salt Lake City retreat, which is why the Airbnb listing doesn’t focus on every single element. Instead, it highlights a few of the most incredible things, including the basement, which is stocked with every type of video game you can think of. Whether you’re planning to apply to Airbnb or you’re just trying to make your basement look good to your friends, picking one element to highlight is a great design choice.


As you can see, these Airbnb basements give you a lot to love. There’s nothing quite like enjoying yourself in your basement. From spicing up your own basement to making the basement look great for a rental listing, you can take some of these techniques for yourself so you can redesign your home’s basement.

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