How To Make Great Vacation Videos

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Travel Video Guide

How to Make a Vacation Video with Your Family

There are so many fun and exciting things you can do together on vacation and then recall the happy moments that permeated your trip. To make these moments not only memorable but immortal, you want to capture them with your camera.  It’s easy to shoot engaging videos for your family collection and share them on social media platforms. Here’s our how to guide for making fun family vacation videos.

Travel Video Guide


No special skills are required to craft a fascinating, professional-looking project. The availability of online video editors allows putting together the best video in the blink of an eye and spice it up with attractive captions, stickers, animated texts, and much more. Fastreel, Wincreator, and Kizoa are those efficient pieces of online video editing software that are worth your attention. They can be used directly in your browser, boast intuitive interfaces, and provide a wide array of editing tools for successful travel videos.

Below are some great travel video ideas you can put into practice when traveling with your family.

#1 Shoot Attractions and Excursions

Even if your kids are willing to spend all days swimming in the pool and riding water coasters, sightseeing is an integral part of any journey. You want to check out the main landmarks and take in the local attraction once you settle into a new place. To make your sightseeing tour more fun and exciting, you want to film your journey and get your children to actively participate in this undertaking. Let your offspring assume the role of a guide and tell your viewers about the breathtaking history of, say, Taj Mahal or any other place or attraction you decide to visit. You can record your museum excursion (provided that you obtain filming permits), add your comments, and share your emotions, experiences, and impressions with viewers. See how successful Brad & Hailey Divine are at that!

#2 Create Videos from Amusement and Water Parks

Travel Video Guide

The smiling faces of kids are arguably the most inspiring and reinvigorating thing in the world. Should you decide to visit one of those famous theme parks in Singapore or visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, make sure to film all those fun things you do together. Capture your kids screaming with excitement when sliding down the water slide, dripping with salty water and happiness, licking ice-cream, or patting a dog. And don’t forget about family photos! You want to make an eye-catching storyboard for your videos, add overlays, special effects and music to your project. And remember, you’re not alone in your striving to prove to the world that travelling with kids is not only possible, but also extremely fun, enjoyable, and useful!

#3 Apartment Reviews

Every time you arrive at the new destination, you need to find some nice place to stay. Finding a good deal on travel accommodations can be time-consuming and quite bothersome. Therefore, most travelers, especially those traveling with children, prefer to reserve accommodation in advance to make sure they’ll get guaranteed lodging upon arrival. If you are avid family travelers you can spare your viewer much bother and headache is you shoot some detailed travel accommodation reviews. Walk through the rented apartment, hostel, guesthouse, or hotel. Describe the location, facilities, transportation, and infrastructure available nearby. Undoubtedly, such videos will enjoy huge popularity among travelers. You can upload them on YouTube, Instagram, or other platforms and see them garner multiple likes from followers.

#4 Food and Restaurant Reviews

It’s a rare traveler who doesn’t like pampering their taste buds with exquisite food during their trips. Undoubtedly, visiting restaurants, cafes, and local eateries are in your travel checklist. Make sure to film your gastronomic tours and provide extensive comments on each new exotic dish you try. Tweak some color rendering settings to let your audience see and feel the rich palette of colors inherent in local cuisines. You also want to make photos of you in the restaurants tasting new foods and drinking exotic cocktails. Recording your facial expressions and genuine reaction to what you and your kids have just tasted will lend particular charm and authenticity to your photos. You can also make a slideshow from your photos and make it part of your travel project.

For more inspiration you may want to check out the Backpacking Family vlog!

#5 Split Up and Shoot More

It’s also a fun idea to spit up into pairs and create more useful and engaging content. Thus, if you have two kids, a wife and a daughter may shoot one scene or reviewing a certain attraction, while another tandem, say, a dad and a son, are filming in another location. Such type of filming requires more preparation, though. It’s important that you decide in advance what you want to film and develop the idea of the story you’re going to tell your audience. Moreover, there should be a perceivable parallel between the videos made by both groups of videographers. You want to come up with a simple script and work out roles and tasks for each family member involved in the filming process. Should you be dissatisfied with some fragments, don’t get frustrated. You can always crop and cut videos to get rid of them. A wide variety of modern editing tools enable you to do this in the blink of an eye.

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Final Word

Travelling is about exploring new places, taking in new sights, trying new food, and having fun, of course. Some people mistakenly assume that it’s impossible to get the most out of a trip if you travel with a large family, especially with kids. But if you dive headfirst into the unknown with your family, chances are you’ll realize that there’s nothing like exploring this beautiful planet with your closest people! Shoot the best family travel videos, make them even more creative, captivating, and inspiring with online video editors, and enjoy every second of your life!



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