5 Dreamy Destinations For Your Bucket List

5 Dreamy Places Every Travel Enthusiast Should Visit

Dreamy Destinations

Traveling is one of the most soul freeing experiences of your life. Though many people don’t get to experience the thrill of traveling, others swear by its benefits. Experiencing a different culture, geographic location, and cuisine can be one of the most satisfying and educating experiences of your life. Not only do they show you more about the world which we live in, but they help guide you to parts of your personality which you might never have thought existed before.  Here are dreamy destinations that are enchanting and worthy of a place on your bucket list.

Moreover, depending on where you travel, new experiences and scenic views can seriously liberate you from social pressures that exist in everyday life. Our daily lives can be exceptionally stressful sometimes. The work-life balance doesn’t always mean a comfortable life. For many people, their home lives are just as stressful as their work lives. Hence the reason a vacation and travel experience is so vital for people looking to get away from the city’s stress.

If you are looking to revive your spirit on your next vacation, here are five serene places to add to your road map this year.


Tennessee Travel Tips

Motown’s home may not be the first place that comes to your mind when you think about family vacations. Considering some equally beautiful areas in the north of America, Tennessee doesn’t seem like the go-to option. That’s until you see Gatlinburg.

Suppose you look to find that laid-back, serene retreat vibe; there’s no better place than Gatlinburg. Book one of their famous cabins and feast your eyes on the great American outback. The best part about the experience is that you are relatively close to modern city life as well. So if you wish to enjoy the city life, you can take a trip into town and see some of the exciting things those places have to offer. Since you can book and explore online the best cabins in Gatlinburg, why waste time then?


Maldives Travel Tips

There’s something about blue water and sandy beaches which we can’t get enough of no matter how long we stay. Perhaps the charm of the different shades of blue, the tropical climate, or the warmth of the sand in your feet, a tropical beach retreat is fantastic. One of the best places to visit is the Maldive Islands. A trip to the Maldives is extremely affordable and doesn’t require much planning. The visa on arrival facility makes spontaneous plans possible for anyone looking to enjoy some relaxation in the sun.

White sandy beaches, pristine blue waters, and you have a recipe for one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini Travel Tips

Santorini is one of the most luxurious and relaxing destinations in your European travel guide. If you have seen the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Mama Mia’, you would know a thing or two about the Mediterranean masterpiece.
With some of the most tranquil water with the backdrop of small but cozy white huts, Santorini can be everything you want and more in a serene getaway. Moreover, for non-Europeans, indulging and embracing the Greek culture can be an extremely fulfilling and enriching experience. When you are relaxing in one of the most beautiful parts of Greece, consider checking out the ruins nearby, the sight of the Lost City of Atlantis!

Assam, India

Assam India Travel Tips

Though you may not equate India with a serene travel destination, it’s time people gave the South-Asian cultural hub a chance. Most people visit India to see its prominent cities like Dehli and Mumbai. Others take the opportunity to visit the Taj Mahal, but few ventures south and see South India’s beauty.

Take in the green beauty of Assam. Once your visit, you would understand how tranquil and pristine the area can be for nature lovers. The sheer bombardment of the color green will give you a newfound appreciation for nature in general, and hopefully for India as well.  Unfortunately, southern-India doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Other than being easy on the eyes, it holds an immense amount of history as well.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen Colorado Travel Tips

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of the Great Plains, the Colorado rocky’s Aspen is a charm you won’t soon forget. The location only got discovered around the beginning of the 20th century; therefore, it remains somewhat of a secret.
Aspen is known for its gorgeous snowy resorts in the Colorado Mountains. You might never have thought to see something like this so far down south. Aspen is slowly gaining attention. The real estate market is booming for people looking to buy second homes in the snowy retreat.

If you are looking for a quiet, cozy, and serene getaway, there may not be a better place than Aspen. Make sure you pack warm though, it gets frigid!


Everyday life stress is one which we pretty much can’t avoid. We can’t get away from our careers and family responsibilities. However, traveling and taking a vacation can give you the necessary shot in the arm you need to tackle everyday life stresses.
A serene travel destination can revitalize you and give you the drive to deal with everyday stress. These locations are some of the most peaceful and restoring travel destinations on the planet. Take a break and visit them; you’ve earned it.


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