Guide To The Great Barrier Reef, Where Fun and Thrills Go Hand-In-Hand

Great Barrier Reef

A trip to nature’s most extraordinary wonder, the Great Barrier Reef.

The suffocating social isolation of the Covid Pandemic has taken its toll on every family. Mine is no exception and we found ourselves in dire need of some fun and adventure. So we decided to visit this 7th wonder of the world, The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, which is declared as a world heritage centre by UNESCO.

Wikimedia Commons by: Jang Woo Lee

Our cruise from Cairns, our hometown, to the Great Barrier Reef was simply fascinating. The exotic locations, full of scenic beauty on our way were just fabulous. After an hour and a half boat cruise, we reached the reef. Though there are activities galore at the Great Barrier Reef, my family and I was primarily interested in snorkeling, scuba diving and live boards.

Let me first talk about the snorkeling that is a peculiarity of the reef. Our Snorkeling experience was unlike any of our previous sessions. It was iconic and mind-blowing. One can choose a marine biologist-guided snorkeling tour from a company that has a good reputation and expertise in such tours. These experts provide valuable information about spectacular marine life and rare species.

An Adventure Unlike Any Other

Great Barrier Reef Travel Tips

I tried jumping from the back of the boat which was though slightly scary but was I was lucky enough to see some sharks (Leopard sharks and Wobbegongs, as the marine biologist described). When it comes to scuba diving, one should always choose a company that has a myriad of diving permits. This is necessary because such companies can choose from some of the best diving spots for you.

Here are a few tips from my personal experience; rent an underwater camera to capture the wonders of colors inside the water, make some research if you are a newbie to diving and go with a live board to get the most bang for your buck.

Once under the turquoise water, one sees biodiversity (sharks, turtles and fishes etc.) and explores underwater topography comprising of pinnacles, ledges and caverns. It is estimated that the reef is 90 meter deep and has 2300 types of giant clams. For those who want to see the most impressive biodiversity, I will recommend Ribbon Reef which is one of the best diving regions in the Great Barrier Reef. Besides Macro critters one can encounter Tiger Fish, Manta Rays and Coral Trout.

Snorkeling Great Barrier Reef

The trip was so fascinating that since it was only a few months’ backs we were there; all my family members are trying to figure out how to get back soon. You should also visit this nature’s wonder before the Great Barrier Reef dies (the rising water temperature is causing coral bleaching and scientist to predict that the reef may die by 2050).

So do not miss to view this amazing coral reef system. It is worth your money and time.

A few glimpses of my itinerary to Great Barrier Reef:

Great Barrier Reef

What a thrill and fascination it was. My kids were jubilant on getting the opportunity to see one of Seven Wonders of the World. They were even more pleased when they were told that the reef is so vast in the area (it covers 344,000 square kilometers) that it can be seen from space as well. Now a few snaps from our family’s tour;

There is a whole world of beautiful creatures beneath the waves.

I had to dive deep to find the breeding ground of marine life.

Great Barrier Reef

This spectacular beauty of coral reefs must be saved at any cost. Let’s resolve that we will stop polluting the sea.

Somebody save us from the pollution caused by human beings. They are not letting us live safely even at this rock bottom place under the sea.

Coral Reefs offer amazing patterns for snorkelers and divers to appreciate nature’s extravaganza.

Great Barrier Reef Turtle

Only bold and brave can dive deep. I was one of them so I found the deepest Coral Reef treasure.

Great Barrier Reef Dive

The Blue seawater home is our home since time immemorial. Our greatest fear is that overfishing is desperate to make us extinct.

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