How To Plan A Fun Family Reunion in the Smoky Mountains

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Smoky Mountains Family Reunion

How to Plan a Family Reunion at the Beautiful Great Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountains Family Reunion

Balancing personal and professional lives in this century is quite a challenge.  People are working day and night selflessly to meet their family needs while staying safe and healthy.  In these unusual times with a global pandemic, it is quite challenging to gather with the entire family and spend much-needed time together.  A family reunion in the great outdoors of the Smoky Mountains is a wonderful place to plan a family gathering.  Here are our tips for planning a fun family reunion in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

Gathering family members in one place can be challenging as you need to chose a place where persons of every age can enjoy themselves and have fun. An outdoor family reunion not only brings the family closer but gives a positive and fresh impact on everyone’s mind. Hence, to refresh the brain and take a break from the routine life, spent a day in nature.  There is no better place to do this than in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Usually, people love to connect with greenery, mountains, waterfalls and rivers.  Numerous exciting adventures are waiting for you in this scenic area. Here, you can enjoy fine-dining, trips to museums, a stay in a beautiful lodge, hikes on nature trails and even roller coasters as well. Consider staying in a relaxed luxurious lodge like the Lodging in Sevierville TN, that offers all the facilities your family will need.

Tips to Plan a Vacation with Family in the Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountains Travel Tips

No doubt, planning a memorable family vacation is not a simple thing. It requires proper planning related to a holiday destination, hotel bookings, trip’s budget, etc. If you have planned to spend some quality time with your family in the mountains, then jot down all the things to experience there. Do not forget to arrange centrally located accommodation in those mountains. In this way, you can relax in a comfortable environment after some adventures. Countless adventures for you include horse riding, exploring wildlife, geocaching, finding swimming holes, paving trails at the laurel falls, sugar land, etc. Conclusively, these high Smoky Mountains have all the reasons to attract kids, adults, and senior citizens.

Here are important elements to help you plan your family vacation:

Choose the Travel Date

As we said previously, it is not easy to gather everyone on the same date. People living in different cities, working in multiple companies often means it will take plenty of advance planning to fit into everyone’s busy schedule. It’s best to begin by suggesting several dates for people to indicate which one works best for everyone. Look for the season in which you want to go there. Many times, the hotels are overwhelmed with guests during peak season. Hence choose your dates wisely for the best weather and the optimal prices. Mostly summer seasons are heavily booked, so make your bookings early if you want to visit in the summer months.

Search the Activities You Want to Do

Smoky Mountains Activites

Be sure to allow enough time in the Smoky Mountains to explore the area. Like we discussed earlier, it is a place that is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Before leaving for the adventurous trip, research all the activities that you can enjoy there. Write down a list of all the places to visit so everyone can have a choice of activities. Popular sites include national parks for hiking, titanic museum attractions, and thrilling themepark rides for kids. However, climbing the Ana Vista Tower is one of the most unforgettable experiences that you should consider. In other words, these beautiful mountains have everything to offer, from shopping areas to dining facilities to outdoor ativities.

Plan Your Meals

None of the trips will complete without some good mouth-watering food. It is always better to search the local restaurants, serving the best quality food. Talking about the restaurants there, are too many to count. Numerous local eateries are here to give you an intense pleasure of their spices and savors. Many people do not understand this but exploring the food options unavailable at your home is also a part of the vacation. Meanwhile, enjoying yummy food with your loved ones near a beautiful picturesque has its charm. So, add in your list to try the unique and most famous dishes of that area to have an unusual taste in your tongues.

Get Ready to Have Some Fun Time

Smoky Mountains Attractions

One of the essential things before planning a trip to the Smoky Mountains with your family is that they all are ready to enjoy the never-ending fun. Because when we say that this place is fun for all the people, then we mean it. Make sure everyone makes the most of this trip and enjoy as maximum as possible. Discovering the history of Appalachia is well worth it. So, those who do not want to hike the mountains can enjoy exploring the historical sites.


Having a family reunion after a long time is a real struggle. People often do not make time to meet and greet their families for years. For this reason, it is good to have a family vacation at a place where everyone can enjoy every single moment with their loved ones. The exotic sites, like the Smoky Mountains, are some of the best options so far. So, book your trip for exciting and adventurous experiences with luxurious hotels for an extraordinary family trip.

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