Must See Unusual Hotels in New Zealand

New Zealand Unique Hotels

Fun and Unusual Hotels in New Zealand

New Zealand Unique Hotels

For a small country, New Zealand contains some truly unique hotels, jaw-dropping scenery, and some of the friendliest folks on the planet.  It should come as no surprise that a trip to New Zealand ranks high on traveler’s must-do lists.  Whether your choose to explore the north island, south island (or hopefully both) you’ll find dramatic coastal scenery, soaring alps and fjords, sparkling mountain lakes, verdant farmlands, fascinating wildlife, and intriguing cultures.  New Zealand is simply a destination that has it all.  If you’re heading to Kiwi country, here are six amazingly-original accommodations that should not be missed.

The Boot


If you’re looking for somewhere completely unique to stay, you’ll definitely want to consider staying in The Boot. The name should be taken literally, as this cozy cottage is indeed shaped like a giant boot. The big shoe is situated in the Tasman region of New Zealand. It comes with an open fire, a Juliet balcony, and a spiral staircase, creating a truly fairytale aesthetic. You even get your own private courtyard and breakfast is delivered to your door.

The Jailhouse

Jail House Hotel New Zealand

For vacationers on a budget, we don’t suggest you do something stupid to get a free night’s accommodation in jail. But we do suggest spending a night at Christchurch’s Jailhouse, which was once a women’s prison and military camp. There are a variety of rooms and dorms, as well as an espresso bar and even a cinema room. The Jailhouse rocks!

The Giant’s House

The Giants Hotel New Zealand

In the small town of Akaroa on the South Island, you will come across the wackiest accommodation in New Zealand. Stepping into The Giant’s House, your jaw is sure to drop to the ground at the sheer amount of abstract and colorful paintings, sculptures, and other artworks. Every part of the hotel is an explosion of color and playfulness, including the rooms. In one room, the bed is even shaped like a boat. Outside in the garden, you will find just as many outrageous artistic delights. Designed and run by the talented artist Josie Martin, The Giant’s House’s garden is a Garden of International Significance.

SkyCity Hotel

SkyCity Hotel Auckland NZ

Located in the heart of Auckland, the SkyCity Hotel provides rejuvenating spa facilities, spacious and stylish rooms, and nearby attractions like theatres, cafés, and bars. The hotel also has an awesome casino, where you can enjoy world-class facilities and services while playing any of the 150 table games and 2,100 gaming machines. Whether you enjoy playing baccarat, roulette, or blackjack, you will find a game to suit your taste at the SkyCity casino. Alternatively, if you want to enjoy the coziness of your hotel room, you can always play games like online blackjack at a live casino on your phone.

SkyCity has everything you could want in a four-star hotel, but what makes it unique is it sits at the base of Auckland’s Sky Tower, which stands 1,076-feet tall. From the top, you get an incredible 360˚-view of the city and distant landmarks like volcanoes. Furthermore, you can enjoy dining at the Sky Tower’s revolving restaurant while taking in the beautiful panoramic views. If you are feeling adventurous, you even have the option to do a SkyWalk around the tower’s ledge or a SkyJump from the top of the tower.

Pagoda Lodge

Pagoda Lodge NZ

If you want to stay in a quiet and beautiful natural area in unique accommodation close to a bustling and vibrant town, Pagoda Lodge is for you. Situated in Northland’s largest town Kerikeri, the charming 1930s Chinese-style lodge was originally built to house the priceless jade and ivory treasures of an eccentric Scotsman called Daniel Ferguson.

In addition to the main Pagoda Lodge, you have the option to stay in the site’s remarkable Jade Cottage or beautiful Riverside Boat Shed. Alternatively, you can glamp it up in nostalgic gypsy caravans or romantically-furnished Safari Tents. The Safari Tents are a long way off what you used to camp in at festivals. These tents are deck-mounted with a fully-furnished bedroom and living room, including a double bed, tea, and coffee-making facilities, a fridge, and electric lighting. Surrounding the buildings and canopies are beautiful gardens, mature trees, and a gentle river, with plenty of beautiful birds to spot.

Woodlyn Park

Woodlyn Park Hotel New Zealand

What do a warplane, a Navy boat, a steam train, and a Hobbit house have in common? You can stay in any of them at Woodlyn Park! You can fly to the land of nod when you snuggle up in bed inside the Bristol Freighter’s cockpit or tail. The plane was one of the last allied jets to be used in Vietnam. Alternatively, you can stay on the 1918 Waitomo Express railway carriage or the World War II Waitanic ship, which was recovered from Australia. The ship contains five multi-deck cabins, including the Captain’s Unit on the bow. But if you are a Lord of the Rings fan, you will undoubtedly want to stay at Woodlyn Park’s Hobbit House, which was inspired by JRR Tolkien’s creation. With its round windows and doors and its feeling of snugness, you get to feel like Bilbo Baggins for a night.

Woodlyn Park consists of ten acres of beautiful nature, and it’s only a short distance from the village of Waitomo, which is world-renowned for its extensive cave system, where you’ll find limestone formations, waterfalls, and glow worms.




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