Top Bucket List Destinations For Nature Enthusiasts

Top Nature Destinations

Bucket List Destinations For Nature Lovers

If you consider yourself an adventurous nature lover, there’s no doubt you spend quite a bit of time daydreaming about your next outdoor adventure. Because you can only explore your local nature reserves and parks so much, taking your outdoor explorations abroad is a great way to expand your experience and build unforgettable memories.

Top Nature Destinations

It’s no secrete that spending time in nature offers a list of unbelievably excellent health benefits as improved mood, reduced depression, relief from anxiety, and even enhanced circulation mention only a few science-backed benefits of spending time outside. However, the great outdoors differs drastically from region to region, as the African landscape is significantly different from the Amazon rainforests. So, if you are hoping to craft a bucket list of nature destinations to explore, we have rounded up some of the most enchanting natural spaces around the globe.

Gearing Up And Staying Safe In Nature

Before we get into the best nature destinations to include on your bucket list, it is vital to know which gear and safety essentials to bring along. If you have only been exploring local nature places, concerns of bears, mountain lions, and other potentially dangerous wildlife may not have been relevant. If you are traveling to experience nature in the Northern hemisphere, defense against wildlife threats should be a priority.

Therefore, while packing in all your camping gear, you should also focus on building an emergency safety and first-aid kit that contains necessary medical equipment as well as wildlife repellents such as bear spray and wasp spray. Wildlife repellents are often not suitable for defense against humans, so using bear spray on humans is not the best idea. However, it is an essential safety item if you explore an area where wild bears can be found. Once you determined all your safety and outdoor essentials, these great outdoor destinations are an excellent choice for your next adventure.

Puerto Rico, Bio Bay

Puerto Rico Beach

Suppose you adore beachfront vacations and staring out into the open sea; Bio Bay is a perfect choice. This Puerto Rico destination is one of the best to experience bioluminescence bliss as the waterfront is simply breath-taking. You can also partake in guided evening kayak trips to truly take in the waters’ luminescent glow at night. The region is also home to jaw-dropping landscapes unlike any other. A holiday here does not have to spent in a tent either as you can consider indoor accommodation and explore nature through hiking trips and water adventures.

Australia, The Great Barrier Reef

The great barrier reef in Australia has made quite an impressive name for itself as one of the most lucrative tourist attractions the region offers. Here, you can experience the world’s most extensive coral reef system and partake in thrilling water adventures with the help of expert tour guides. However, when visiting Australia, the enticing waters are not the only part of the region you want to explore. Australia is home to some unique wildlife and landscapes as some cannot be found anywhere else in the world. You will discover numerous camping sites and hiking trails to truly take in all the region has to offer.

Japan, Jigokudani Monkey Park

Japan Nagano Monkey Park

The unique hot spring found in Jigokundani Monkey Park will take you by surprise. While most other hot springs in the world lure in hoards of tourists, this hot spring located in Japan does not. Instead of seeing tons of humans relaxing here and taking in the natural elements, you will find hundreds of Japanese Macaques monkeys relaxing in the steaming warm waters. As the perfect place to warm up when their homes are frozen over with snow, this monkey park is a bucket list experience for any nature lover. You won’t have any problems with the monkeys as they pose no danger unless threatened. However, you will still be expected to respect their natural habitat while exploring the monkey park.

Borneo, Kinabatangan River

This Malaysian river offers travelers a one-f-a-kind experience as the dense nature and wildlife found here make for a most enchanting scene. You will find nearby campsites and accommodation to enjoy navigation through this unique wilderness while also venturing through the river alongside guides. Be sure to visit your local healthcare practitioner before heading off to this destination, as you may require travel vaccinations to stave off health concerns such as hepatitis, yellow fever, and others.

Canada, Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park

There’s indeed no denying the sheer beauty of Canadian landscapes and the region’s overall natural beauty. However, when visiting here, you will need to arm yourself against wildlife and be sure to respect your surroundings. Bears and mountain lions are commonly found in most parts of Canada, and there are also a few other types of dangerous wildlife that call the region home. However, with enough research and safety precautions, you can safely indulge in nature here by camping, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and enjoying various other types of outdoor activities. It is best to visit Canada during the warmer months as the cold winters are not entirely suitable for camping experiences.

Finland, Lapland

Lapland Travel Tips

Lapland is found in the northern region of Finland. Even though this part of the world boasts some of the most extreme weather conditions that render outdoor explorations less ideal, you will experience some of the most enchanting scenery here. One of the world’s most extravagant natural phenomenons takes place here, which makes it a bucket list must for any nature lover. If you want to experience the enchantment of the fantastical Northern Lights dancing in the skies, visiting Lapland is an absolute must. The Midnight Sun is another natural phenomenon that can be experienced in Lapland. When visiting this destination, you should find suitable indoor accommodation and pack for icy conditions. It would be best if you also did as much research to learn how to protect yourself from the harsh weather conditions best and be sure to pack in a high-quality camera to capture the natural phenomenons in crisp quality.


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