Amazing Cities in India To Include in Your Grand Tour

Jaipur India

Top Cities in India For Your Grand Tour Visit

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India, officially the Republic of India, is a truly diverse country in South Asia.  It is currently the seventh-most populated country and also the fifth-most populous democracy in the entire world.  The country of India has a lot to offer tourists of all tastes and ages, from adventure enthusiasts to honeymooners. Its diverse landscape, amazing culture, abundant flora & fauna, and lively nightlife are truly unique and offer an enjoyable travel experience unlike any other!  Dotted with dozens of nature reserves, India is a popular destination for animal and bird lovers, as well as for people who simply want to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the land.  With so many good choices, let’s take a look at the top cities in India that should be on any traveler’s itinerary.

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Check the most iconic Indian cities before planning your journey:


Amazing Cities in India

Manali is one of the best places to visit in India. Some interesting things can be found in this place. Manali is very famous for its stunning cascading waterfalls, interesting wildlife, and also beautiful plants around this place.

You can also watch beautiful snow-capped mountains, including the Himalayas from this town. Don’t forget to visit the Rohtang Pass when you are in this place. It offers the best experience for you who want to enjoy skiing, ice-skating, and also light hiking.


When we are talking about India, we should take a look at this city. It is one of the largest and top cities in India. Mumbai is located on the shore of the Arabian Sea. You will enjoy some beautiful beaches that are available in this place.

Juhu can be a perfect place for you who want to enjoy a beautiful dinner experience by looking at the bay area. When you are in Mumbai, you can also take a look at some beautiful tombs and religious sites that hold the remains of the Muslim saints in this city.


Jaipur India

Jaipur is also commonly called the Pink City. It is a treasure city of Indian history. It can be considered one of the most beautiful cities in India to explore. When you visit Jaipur, you should also take the Jeep Safari through the Nahargarh Sanctuary.

This place offers beautiful attractions for all tourists. You can also ride a hot air balloon when you are in this place. You can also visit Mandir Temple and Monkey Temple that are popular among many tourists in India.


Bengaluru offers a lot of interesting places to visit in India. Once you are in this place, you can stroll through some beautifully landscaped gardens and also an impressive glasshouse that is available in the Lal Bagh Gardens. If you love wildlife animals, you can come and visit Bannerghatta National Park. Some people also want to learn more about the royal culture in India when they visit Vidhana Souta Palace.


Amazing Cities in India

This city is very famous among many tourists who come to India. There is a balanced combination between modern innovation and ancient culture in Hyderabad. Once you are in this place, you can visit Golconda Fort for exploring Chowmahalla Palace.

You can also visit the Charminar, a stunning piece of architecture that becomes a symbol of the city. When you are in Hyderabad, you can also come to the Dum Pukht Begum. This place offers some of the best local cuisines from India.


Delhi is a thriving city that you may want to take a look at and see when you are in India. Red Fort is one of the best attractions that you can find in this city. This place offers beautiful architecture and also an interesting cultural experience for all tourists.

This place is a war memorial and also a symbol of triumph in India. Another interesting sight to see in Delhi is the Humayun’s Tomb.


Pondicherry is a pretty large town that you can visit in India. If you want to explore the French legacy in this country, you can take a look at this country. When you are here, you can visit the French Quarter for enjoying the best experience here.

You will learn a lot of historical things when you are in this place. This city also has another interesting place to visit which is the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.g


Taj Mahal Agra India

Almost all tourists want to come to Agra when they are in India. This is an interesting place to visit when you are in India. It is home of the famous Taj Mahal building. This is a mausoleum built for honoring Mumtaz Mahal. There are some other popular sites in this city, including Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.

Final Thoughts

India has a lot of interesting places to visit. You can plan your visit before you come to this country.  It is a good idea for you to spend about a few weeks in India, especially if you want to get the best experience possible! Make sure to see as much as possible as it’s a trip of a lifetime.

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