Consider A Spain Camping Trip This Year For Outdoor Fun

Camping Holidays Spain

Rediscovering Spain Through Camping Holidays

Camping Holidays Spain

Spain is one of the most popular destinations for Europeans in need of some sun and fun. As we have all just spent so much time indoors during this past last year, it’s time for all of us to go back outside. There is no better way to do so than through a camping trip. Here are some of the advantages of a Spain camping vacation and why you should rethink your next holiday by selecting a great camping site in Spain to stay at.

The Great Outdoor Life

For those of us who have spent months and months working from home, the one thing we dream about is to not see walls around us anymore. When you choose camping with Vacanselect in Spain, this is exactly what you will get: living outdoors in the sunshine for a week or two. You can stay in a mobile home, but it is even better to go all out and stay in a tent instead. Since you can also choose a site right by the beach, you’ll just wake up, roll-up the door and run into the sea and play in the waves. The more natural the setting, the better right now.

A Holiday Full of Activities

Being stuck inside limited our activity possibilities. Yes, we could catch an aerobics class on YouTube, cook, and watch tv series we had missed. But by now, our abs are exploding and so is our stomach from all the snacking. And if we have to watch one more Netflix series… well, we simply can’t because we’ve already watched them all!

So, it’s time for variety, and that is what you will get at camping sites. Think there aren’t so many? Well, think again! There are more than 30 activities to choose from in resort-style camping sites. Want to keep that body in shape? You can do so through aqua aerobic classes, heading out onto fitness trails, or simply by visiting the gym (yes, we know you have been dreaming about this while in lockdown).

Want to learn new sports? Head to the archery and learn how to master your eye and arm coordination. Never had a chance to go fishing before? There is no better way to find peace than to spend a few hours trying to bring a few fish back home, for dinner around the campfire. And for those who like to practice their sport, wearing as little as possible, head to the beach volleyball court!

Food Options

If you thought you were going to miss out on food, by stay on a camping site, you are completely mistaken. Today, most of these sites offer a bakery, a barbecue (plancha), a creperie, an ice-cream shop, a pizzeria, snack bars, restaurants and a mini-market or supermarket. Everything to keep your stomach full so you can spend lazy days under the sun.

All told, an active camping holiday may be just the thing you’re family is craving this year and Spain has some wonderful camping sites to explore.


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