Top Sporting Events in Europe for Live Sports Excitment

Sports Tourism Europe

Sports Tourism in Europe: Best Places to Go to Watch Iconic Sports Events

Sports Tourism Europe

The development of tourism around the world does not stand still. Today, people want to travel abroad not only to swim in the sea, but also sunbathe, and tour iconic sites. Travelers are also interested in major sporting events which now attract thousands of spectators because of their beauty and passion. In this article, tells about the best places for sports tourism in Europe, which can be seen for a relatively low price or for free.  So pack your best sports jersey and plan a holiday to see one of Europe’s premier sporting events.

France: Tour de France

Tour de France has long been the third most important sporting event in the world, second only to the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. In 21 days, athletes cover about 3500 km.  Every year, 600 media and 2,000 journalists cover this major cycling race, which takes place in July. The race is broadcast online by 100 TV channels in 130 countries and watched by 3.5 billion viewers. The total broadcasting time is 6,300 hours. The numbers are very impressive!

Every year the cycling race, which has become a national treasure, starts in a new place. Usually, it is one of the cities of France or its bordering countries. However, since 1975, participants have finished only on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

It is completely free to watch the competition on the cyclist route, but you need to make a reservation in advance.

Monte Carlo: Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

Monte Carlo Grand Prix
Wikimedia Commons by Uncidunci

A race weekend in the small principality has an incredible attraction for all motorsport fans. And it’s understandable because the Monaco Grand Prix is the main Formula One race. Every year there is a great deal of drama and excitement going on here.

In 2009 the track itself, which has hardly changed since 1929, topped the list of the Seven Wonders of the Sporting World compiled by British sports fans.  Of course, to get to the podium, you have to pay a fairly large amount. Therefore, tourists go through various tricks. They rent a place near the track to watch the race from their balconies, camp out on nearby hills, or watch the roaring cars from their yachts. However, there is another way to get involved in what is happening at the Monaco Grand Prix. Before each race, training sessions take place, which you can watch for free.

Leverkusen: Bayer 04 Football Club match

Soccer is the most popular sport in Germany. Players and teams show an amazing level of play and delight fans with beautiful goals, excellent technique, and incredible matches. And fans are happy to bet on the victory of their favorite teams (the best betting offices for soccer can be found on and buy tickets to the stadium.

However, going to a Borussia Dortmund or Bayern Munich match can cost a lot of money. For those who want to watch quality German soccer, but don’t want to overpay, we recommend attending a Bayer 04 Leverkusen game. Tickets for matches hosted by the BayArena (the club’s home stadium) start at $12.

Austria: Kitzbühel ski resort

Kitzbuehel Ski Races

Kitzbühel is one of the oldest resorts in the Alps, which is included in the list of the best ski resorts in Austria and ranks 6th in the ranking of the cheapest ones. For a stay here for a week, you will need to pay $365. This Austrian resort is visited every year by tourists from 45 countries of the world, who conquer the downhill slopes in Kitzbühel and enjoy fabulously beautiful landscapes.

There are 70 slopes for athletes of different ages and levels of training, and more than 65 lifts. The height of the highest peak of the mountain to which they climb is 1990 meters, the lowest is 787 meters.

Aintree: Grand National Steeplechase

London Steeplechase

Grand National races are known around the world. They have been held since 1839 at Aintree Racecourse, near Liverpool. Horses have to jump over 30 fences covered with spruce branches. They run two laps covering a distance of 7,242 metres. Forty jockeys battle it out for the main trophy over three days. Not every horse makes it to the finish because the racing is so exhausting. In one event, only two of the horses were able to complete the distance. Horses aged 3 or 4 years normally may participate in the Grand National, but only physically strong horses aged 8 years and over are admissible.

Among the British, including the Queen of England, the competition in Aintree is very popular. And it is not surprising, because they are a truly unique sight. The stands are usually packed to capacity, but the prices are very affordable. Ticket prices start at $28.

London: University Boat Race

University Rowing
Wikimedia Commons

The boat race between Oxford and Cambridge is considered the crown jewel of British academic rowing. The Thames Race is the oldest in the world. Students from these two universities first competed against each other in 1829, and the historical confrontation between England’s two main educational institutions adds to the excitement.

The athletes who take part in these races are not only successful athletes, but also excellent students. In the men’s races, young men from the departments of urban studies, geography and MBA most often represent their home universities. Girls rowing is mostly represented by future doctors, veterinarians and biologists. On one occasion, even a doctor of neurobiology, who managed to get her degree by the time she was 27, took part in the race.

It’s likely to help these students combine their academic success with their sporting activities through good time-management (you can read more about time-management and education on It is also worth mentioning that eight Olympic champions once competed in this famous race.

The competition is free to watch, which is why crowds of spectators line the banks of the Thames every year to cheer on their favorites.

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