How to Travel Light and Pack Smart to Have the Most Fun!

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Packing Light Travel Tips

Travel light: Most essential makeup and beauty travel tips for packing smart and traveling light.

Packing Light Travel Tips

Everybody loves traveling and why not? It not only gives us an opportunity to see beautiful places and learn about other cultures but also helps us refresh our minds. However, the problem arises when you are required to pack for this trip. With all the restrictions on the things that one can carry as luggage on the flight, it is important that the packing is done appropriately. Moreover, it is important to travel light, so we are a bit free to enjoy ourselves!

Below are some travel tips that one can use for packing packing light to go traveling.

Talk to your Travel Companions

While traveling with your girlfriends who share the same interests with you in the field of makeup and hair products, it is helpful to discuss with them what products they use. If there is a product, which all, or at least some of you use, then it is better that only one of you carry those products, so that everyone can use from the same bottle or pack. This will reduce the need for each of you to carry the same product. Remember, this can only be done in the case of conditioners, shampoos, etc., as it is not hygienic to use each other’s makeup products.

Some Essential Products

You should never forget to carry a bunch of bobby pins and extra hair ties. These two don’t take much space in your bag and are also very useful for travel. Instead of a hairbrush, you should opt for a wide-tooth comb, which can be easily packed in your travel bag.

Go Extra-Mini

Yes, you are allowed 3oz of liquid on the plane, but, you really don’t need that much quantity. So, it is better to opt for products that can be put into mini containers. You can buy mini travel bottles online or can reuse your mini lotion bottles, or mini perfume bottles.  Insead of bringing a bottle of perfume, mix your favorite scent with some unscented mosturizing lotion and put it in a small mini container.  You won’t have to worry about a perfume spill!

Learn Easy Hairstyles

Beautiful hairstyles don’t necessarily need to be complicated. To avoid taking your blow dryers and other hair tools on the trip, you can learn some easy hairstyles. This will not only ensure that you travel light but will also make sure that you don’t spend too much time managing your hair rather than enjoying your vacation.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

No matter how light you intend to travel, there are some things for which there is no compromise, and yes, sunscreen is one of those. A good sunscreen will protect your skin from the harmful radiations of the sun and tanning. If you are traveling, there are huge chances that you will be out in the sun for a long time; therefore, you should not forget your sunscreen.

Carry a Scarf or Headband

If you are not going anywhere fancy, then the easiest thing that you can do with your hair is, tie it in a knot with a scarf or hair brand. This is not only the simplest hairstyle but it will also look trendy. You can do this not only when you are short of time, but also when your hair is oily or your hair is simply distracting you. The best part is that this scarf or hair brand will hardly take any space in your bag.

Be Creative

You don’t always have to carry all your makeup products while traveling. By just being a bit creative, you can use a single product for a couple of things. Like a good lipstick can work both as a lip tint, cheek rouge and eye shadow along with fulfilling its main purpose. A highlight stick can serve as eye shadow and cheek enhancer. There are also various foundations available in the market, which work as all four – primer, foundation, sunscreen, and moisturizer.

Leave the Hair Dryers Behind

Don’t ever take a hairdryer with you. Yes, not even travel-sized! Because they still take space, and if you are taking an international trip, you might need a special adaptor too, which is so not worth all the trouble. Try to do a hairstyle that does not require hair dryers, or if it is that important you can ask at the hotel, as many times they provide the guest with the dryers when asked, even when you don’t see them in the rooms. One simple thing to do to manage your hair is to put your hair in a bun or a simple braid while traveling or sleeping. When you get up, all you have to do is untie your hair and just like that you will get perfect waves!

Carry a Compact Mirror

All the preparations can be useless if you don’t have a compact mirror. Don’t just assume that you can find a mirror anywhere as there are many hostels that don’t have available mirrors, so better carry one with you.






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