Top Hong Kong Sightseeing Attractions Traveler Should See

Hong Kong Top Attractions

Explore These Top-Rated Hong Kong Tourist Attractions for a Memorable Vacation

Hong Kong Top Attractions

Hong Kong is one of the most populated cities in the world. With more than seven million residents, the densely occupied city has given rise to countless skyscrapers. Hong Kong has been a crossroad of trade and travel for centuries and is a multicultural blend of numerous cultures. With pockets of nature and fascinating cultural spots, this location offers visitors outstanding opportunities for exploration.  Let’s take a look at some top  Hong Kong tourist attractions that every traveler should see.

Hong Kong Harbor

The harbor is a mandatory visit to the city. Known as the world’s busiest harbors, the view it offers is breathtaking. The thousands of lights from the skyscrapers get lit and provides a view worth seeing in the dark. Lifting your head and looking at skyscrapers in the sky while walking around in the city is a fantastic sight. Due to the lack of space, the technologically advanced location turned into a vertical city, adopting the skyscrapers.

St. John’s Cathedral

The St. John’s Cathedral is a cultural destination that is close to the Peak Tram terminus. It is one of the oldest surviving Western buildings in the city. The location is the only freehold land in Hong Kong, whereas all others are leasehold. With its original aesthetics, such a place offers the visitors a peaceful silence to get lost and rejuvenate themselves in the cathedral.

Star Ferry

Star Ferry Hong Kong Harbor

One of the notable Hong Kong attractions, the Star Ferry, operates between Hong Kong and Kowloon. Several providers offer harbor tours of half an hour. You can plan according to the time you have in the city and explore the outlying islands, such as  Lantau, Cheung Chau, Lamma, and Cheung Chau, opting for island hopping. The fantastic sceneries and the beaches are mesmerizing, along with an excellent option of hiking trails. The small villages also foster monasteries and temples, and restaurants that offer mouth-watering seafood.  Moreover, the ferries between Kowloon and the Hong Kong island run every six to twelve minutes, with a crossing time of around eight minutes, making it relatively easy for visitors to plan their trips.


The theme park officially opened in September 2005, located inside the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort on Lantau Island. The seven themed areas, namely, Adventureland, Main Street, Tomorrowland, Toy Story Land, Fantasyland, Mystic Point, and Grizzly Gulch, offer diversity like no other theme park. Visit Disneyland, and all your five senses will treat themselves to a theatre-like environment that is unique in every theme. The rides are a must if you love the adrenaline rush.

Moreover, one can interact with the Disney characters, including the princesses, in the meet and greet sessions. You can even sing along while you enjoy the Lion King performance or watch several parades of Disney characters dancing to the lively music. The location is, therefore, a perfect go-to place for a family vacation.

Ngong Ping

Hong Kong Budhist Temple

Ngong Ping includes Po Lin monastery and Tian Tan Buddha. The location, therefore, appeals to Buddhist pilgrims, making Hong Kong a popular destination. You have to climb more than 200 steps to see the fantabulous Big Buddha statue.


Parks in Hong Kong are worth a visit and are peaceful settings in a busy city. You can go to Hong Kong Park, situated in Hong Kong Island, or explore Kowloon Park.  Of course, many people choose to explore the Victoria Peak Garden with dramatic views over Hong Kong harbor and a short walk from the Victoria Peak cable car terminus.

The tourist attractions offer the rich history and culture of Hong Kong. Such destinations talk about life today and back in the day, so if you opt for a vacay, make sure you choose Hong Kong to surprise yourself with its mesmerizing locations.


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