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Rainy Day Activities Thailand

Top Rainy Day Activities in Phuket

The rainy season in Phuket can be a nightmare for many tourists. But since this is a tropical area, it can rain at any time of the year. However, the rainy weather shouldn’t ruin your holiday. Conversely, rainy weather can be a great way to try activities you might not have tried before.

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Expecting both sunny and rainy days from a tropical country will always be right. Therefore, do not despair, but rather use such time with a benefit. What to do when it’s rainy in Phuket? Even if rain makes you depressed and unwilling to do anything, there are activities that will be stronger than these feelings. Rains in Thailand have their charm and uniqueness and such weather will be significantly different from the rain in your homeland. Below you will find 8 interesting ideas for such cases.

8 Ideas What to Do On a Rainy Day in Phuket

If you are planning to go to Phuket but see that the weather forecast predicts rain, then choosing a hotel with a huge infrastructure will certainly be salvation. But if you are already in Thailand or it is impossible to change your reservation, you should not despair.

Even without this, you can find a lot of activities that will bring you new emotions, impressions, and even opportunities. The following 8 activities will help you forget that it is raining outside and also make your vacation unforgettable.

Visit SPA

Phuket Beach Spa

What could be better than a SPA during rainy weather? Visiting Thailand but missing SPA opportunities will be a real mistake. SPA treatments are suitable not only for women but also for men. Most likely, your hotel has a SPA service, which means that you do not need to go anywhere.

But if you are one of those who love something unusual, then you can go to the most popular spa center Phuket Banyan Tree. However, before heading to this center, book your time in advance. During the rain, there may be a lot of tourists willing to get the opportunity to relax and experience in practice all that is said about Thai massage.

Explore the Hotel Entertainment Program

Hotels often prepare entertainment programs for their guests, especially during rainy weather. It can be both concerts, films, yoga, gym or even excursions. Some hotels may offer discounts on beauty and spa services during bad weather.

Of course, everything depends on the infrastructure and the level of your hotel. But without a doubt, you will be offered some kind of activity that can brighten up the bad weather. Contact the administrator of your hotel and clarify what they can offer you.

Try Yourself as an Online Writer

If you’ve been attracted to blogging for a long time or you know how to write, then why not try to start doing it in such an exotic area? The ocean, tropical wind, and the sound of rain can be powerful sources of inspiration. Who knows, maybe soon you will be on the top writer’s list, and writing will be your work.

So, write about your holiday in Phuket on social media or master the Medium platform which can be a great start for your blog. Share interesting locations or tips for tourists who are planning a vacation in Thailand. No doubt you have a lot to say about your vacation in Phuket, so you will easily find awesome topics for interesting content writing.

Thai Food Lessons

Why not bring a piece of Thailand to your country? It is about gaining a culinary experience of local cuisine. Phuket has many culinary schools that provide workshops for tourists. Isn’t that what you need during rainy weather?

Food Lesson Phuket Thailand

Even if you do not know how to cook, you still should give this idea a try. Maybe, you have a culinary talent deep inside and just don’t know about it. Under the clear guidance of the chef, you just need to repeat the steps and it is much easier than cooking with video tutorials.

Another advantage of this class is that some schools may even take you to the local market, and knowing good food places is valuable information for any tourist. And if you’re planning to follow through with the previous tip, then a cooking class is a great content idea. Turn your attention to such culinary schools as:

Blue Elephant Cooking Class;

Phuket Thai Cooking Academy;

Kata Thai Cooking Class by Sally.

Create a Room Tour

If you do not know what to do during bad weather and do not have the energy to be active, then make a room or hotel tour. Take a video of your room, take a walk around the hotel with your camera and maybe this will be your first step into the world of YouTube vlogging. Share your videos with loved ones, on social media and TripAdvisor, and do not hesitate to post a video on YouTube.

Even if you do not have an audience and many subscribers, your room tour can be very useful for others who want to go to Phuket. This way you can kill two birds with one stone – spend quality time and share valuable information with others. Such hotel and room reviews are as important as the reviews from AllTopReviews content writing company.

Visit Yoga Classes

Most likely your hotel has a gym and even a yoga instructor. If you have everything at hand, try yoga and meditation in such an appropriate atmosphere for this.

Yoga has no health restrictions, which means that even if you haven’t practiced it before, it’s time to try it. If your hotel does not have a yoga instructor, then this is not a problem at all. Phuket has many yoga studios that are open to tourists. For example, there are such studios as Niti, Sumalee Yoga, and Kata Hot Yoga.

Visit the Local Water Park

How can rain spoil mood when there is already water around you? The water park is a great place to have fun outdoors and not be upset about the rain. On the contrary, you will be able to get a lot of new experiences. Are there people among your friends who were in the water park during the rain? Most likely there are none, so you can become the pioneer of such an activity.

Head to Splash Jungle Waterpark, which can be free during bad weather. Also, pay attention to brochures handed out in shopping malls. Often there may be a discount coupon for visiting the water park and kids under 5 years can visit the water park for free.

Go Shopping

Thailand Shopping

Rain is a good reason to go shopping and buy souvenirs for your loved ones. Shopping malls in Phuket are great for having a good time. There you can get to know the local cuisine, play bowling and even watch films in the original language.

For such activity, the rain will not be an obstacle and you will have the opportunity to look at the world of Phuket in a new way. And of course, you will have the opportunity to purchase interesting souvenirs for your family. Pay attention to such shopping centers as Central Phuket and Jungceylon.

Wrapping Up

Agree, with such ideas, rains no longer seem to be such a problem, right? By the way, the rainy season is a great time for a budget holiday and bad weather will not prevent you from enjoying the beaches and the flavor of Phuket.

About The Author:  Anna likes writing from her university years. When she graduated from the Interpreters Department, she realized that translation was not so interesting, as writing was. She trains her skills now working as a freelance writer on different topics. Always she does her best in the posts and articles.



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