Travel Gift Ideas For Travel Enthusiasts

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Travel Gifts

Top Travel Gift Ideas For Anyone With Wanderlust

Travel Gift Ideas

Travel broadens the mind and intrigues people to the point where it consumes their imagination. As they seek their next adventure and expedition, they want to explore every corner of the earth. Finding hidden secluded spots, experiencing bustling cities and immersing themselves in culture is all part of the experience and is something that has them completely hooked.

People travel the world, pick up souvenirs and reminders of their trips, helping to create fond memories that they can look back on. With this in mind, if you are trying to think of the best travel gift ideas for a friend or a loved one who is a keen traveller then it’s time to consider a personalised travel map but what options are out there?

What Is The Perfect Gift for Travel Enthusiasts?

It can always prove a challenge in finding the ideal gift for people. In many cases a lot of money is wasted on gifts that simply do not form any kind of connection with people. So when you are thinking about that perfect gift, think about their interests and hobbies. Many people love to travel and if you know a travel lover then it is time to consider the ideal gift for them. At Luna Creates, we have travel gift ideas for you to give that special someone who has a passion for seeing the world!

Personalised Pinboard World Maps

There is no better gift for a travel-lover than a gift that allows them to see where they have been and where they want to go next. A world travel map with a pinboard style design allows travellers to mark the places they have been in one colour and the places they want to visit in another. They come in black, white and classic style and they are perfect for any dining room, living room or kitchen. What’s more, it’s even possible to get the little ones hooked on travel with their own personalised world map pinboard. Even if you run out of pins, you can purchase more!

Tinggly Gift Box

This is a unique approach to gift-giving, especially for those who are keen to explore the world. These boxes of travel experiences give the recipient complete control over what they experience and when. So, you might gift a holiday or a weekend getaway in a fancy hotel.  With over 500 activities available in more than 100 countries, they can go for some white water rafting or kick back with some spa treatments. What’s more, they can be kept for up to five years which means that they can keep it for their dream trip.

Travel Membership for Staycationers

A  holiday doesn’t have to involve jetting off because many people love exploring their own country. You can choose to purchase a membership for the English Heritage or the National Trust, giving them access to sites and a wide range of great things to see and do across the country.

Travel and Food – Spicery

When travelling, part of the experience is about trying different cuisines. However, once home, getting that authentic tasting food is somewhat of a challenge but it doesn’t have to be. With a Spicery subscription, your friends or family will receive recipes and ingredients that will allow them to get creative in the kitchen whereby they can make dishes from around the world. It’s the ideal way to give them a taste of places they have been without needing to leave home!

Lonely Planet Travel Book

Lonely Planet is akin to the bible for most travellers but instead of having an individual book for each country this book covers every country in the world. It is not a travel companion but more of a book that provides inspiration and great images of different countries and places around the world.

36 Hours Weekend Guides

Weekend breaks are all about cramming as much into a few days as possible but these guides give you a ready-made itinerary within Europe, USA, Canada and the world. They come with maps and things to see and do across a range of city breaks and other different trips.

Packing Cubes

There is an art to packing the perfect suitcase simply because there is always so much to get in there but packing cubes really could change their life forever. They enable travellers the chance to organise their cases better and it makes repacking easier, which is great for those who are travelling to different places.

Luxury Travel Wallet

With travel comes the need to carry a lot of things such as insurance documents, passports, cash and keys but a travel wallet will allow you to store everything you need in one place. They are smart looking and elegant too, which means that they won’t look too much like a novice traveller!

Portable Battery Charger

Whether it’s capturing once-in-a-lifetime shots or making calls home, a dead battery really can cause a variety of problems for any traveller. Sometimes, it’s not possible to grab a quick charge but a portable battery charger is small enough to carry around but powerful enough to charge your phone up enough to allow you to begin using it again. It’s an effective gift but one that could make a huge difference!

So, with many different gifts available, it is possible to find something to suit everyone. From cuisine to packing and keeping them connected, you are sure to find that perfect gift that will really resonate with those who love travelling!


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