Peru’s Hidden Gems Well Worth Discovering

Peru’s Hidden Gems That Locals Want To Keep A Secret But You Should Discover!

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Peru is not one of the most popular countries in South America among travelers. It is a shame to see that only some options are well-known, like the beautiful Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or the Colca Canyon. What should be known is that the rural communities in the country are quite incredible, an experience most people would love to have but that few talk about. Because of this, if you want to visit Peru, you might want to consider these hidden gems.


Peru Travel Tips

Picture a mirage in a remote desert. This is what Huacachina is like. It is located in Peru’s southwest and you will need to first get to Ica in order to then go to Huacachina. Ica is renowned in Peru as it produces the very best local wine. From Ica you take a tuk tuk or a cab to reach Huacachina and there you will want to see the lake that is surrounded by palm trees, all in the middle of sand dunes. Dune buggies are available.


While Lima is the capital of Peru, Cusco can be considered its soul and heart. There are many things that can be seen and done in the city. For instance, the San Pedro Market should be visited as you can see a true spectacle with numerous women selling cow parts, cheeses, and juices. Then, you can check out Plaza de Armas for some nice coca tea, only to then check out Marcelo Batata, a restaurant with a roof terrace that is to die for. Make sure you visit during the night in order to see the entire city.

Vinicunca Mountain, aka Rainbow Mountain

These amazing rainbow colored mountains are just a 3 hour drive from Cusco and are becoming an increasingly popular tourist site.  They are a fairly new attractions, as they were just uncovered in 2015 as the thick snow cover melted away.  What was revealed is moutains of brightly colored mineral deposits that make the area appear as if it was painted in a rainbow.  It’s recommended that you take a guided tour from your Cusco hotel and be prepared for high elevations.  If you wish to climb to the top where colors are the most virbrant, it’s a hike of 9 miles round trip over some challenging terrain.


Kuelap Ruins Peru

Peru’s Northern Highlands was actually conquered by Incas. The civilization that was conquered was developed and can be described as being really beautiful. You can easily explore a lot of history and archaeology in Kuelap, while those interested can also enjoy cable car and hiking. The area is actually so interesting for locals and people in the country that many believe Kuelap will become the second Machu Picchu. Basically, the area has a huge potential and you may want to visit it before tourists become aware of its beauty.

Lima’s Ceviche

If you are not aware of it, ceviche is the national dish of Peru. It is so easy to get it practically everywhere. However, if you are looking for the very best one, you do want to go to Lima and experience something like La Mar. Traditionally, ceviche is made out of raw fish, red onion, lime, pepper and salt. However, many variations can be found in Peru so you may want to experience more than one restaurant.

Final Thoughts

Peru is rather uncharted territory for many tourists from around the world but this might change in the future. Changes happen and people start to realize that Machu Picchu is just a really small part of the country. You can easily find something that you will like and beauty can only be seen as being stunning.

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