Island Hopping Vacation Guide to Koh Phayam Island, Thailand

Koh Phayam Beach Thailand

Guide to Island Hopping in Koh Phayam Island, Thailand

Koh Phayam Beach Thailand

Finding the best destination if you love the beach life can be tricky. It’s even more challenging if you’re working on a budget and have no clue where to start. Good news, one of the places you can visit for the best experience on a budget is Thailand. In Thailand, you’ll not only enjoy the sight of one island but get to see several breathtaking islands in one trip.  If you’re into island hopping, this should be your number one destination. Koh Phayam Island in Thailand is a great destination choice for this journey. Do you know why? Read on to understand why Koh Phayam Island is the ideal spot for an island-hopping vacation.

About the Island

Koh Phayam is in the Andaman Sea, and it’s unique if you compare it with the other tropical islands in Thailand. It’s not overcrowded, making your stay here even more worthy. It’s one of the upcoming islands in Thailand, with most tourists still being locals, and the food here is great.

Getting to The Island

Since getting to Thailand by plane is easy, you shouldn’t worry about reaching this island from anywhere in the world. However, you will need to get to Ranong.   You can use Bangkok flights or connect with a bus though you’ll spend more time on the road this way. After reaching Ranong, you should proceed to Ranong pier with either a motorbike or taxi. You can also reach the island by speedboat. You can also get to Koh Phayam via Phuket using a flight, bus, or ferry. So you have lots of options to choose from.

Where to Stay

If you’re an island hopper, your main worry apart from the kind of fun you’ll have there, is where to stay. But relax,  this island has the best accommodation facilities which will make your stay enjoyable. The accommodation facilities here have good networks with Wi-Fi available. Electricity is also reliable.

What’s Unique About This Island

Among the tropical islands in Thailand, Koh Phayam has got a national park with unique animals. While on this island, you’ll not only enjoy the white sandy beach but get to see wild animals and various native birds as well. You’ll also get to interact with the locals during their February cashew festival and enjoy their rich culture. The island also has a mangrove forest on the western side of Buffalo bay that extends to the island’s interior. Visiting it, you’ll have a memorable wild experience.

Koh Phayam Sunset


If you enjoy island hopper, this is the perfect destination for you. Koy Phayam has other small islands around which you can visit during the day. There’s Koh Yeh Pun, Koh Kam, and Koh Khang Kao. After seeing them, you can come back and relax in your room in one of the bamboo bungalows. Do you want a place with a good nightlife experience? Koh Phayam has the best wooden bar around, which is in the shape of a ship. Through the bar, you’ll have a great viewpoint allowing you to see AO Khai Kwai bay.

Activities You Can Do Here

You can go surfing if you’re a fan of this sport. If you’re a beginner, you can surf on a long beach which doesn’t have strong waves. You can also go snorkeling, or if you’re a diver, you’ll also get a chance here as many facilities offer such services. Fishing is another way of keeping busy while on the island.  So fish during the day and later enjoy your catch as a delicacy for dinner.  If you want to enjoy fishing trips, look for outfits that have the best fishing equipment. Do you love tasting different menus? While in Koh Phayam, you’ll get a chance to interact with various cooks who will show you how to make your favorite Thai dish. On a lazy evening along the beach with nothing much to do, you can swim as you view the sunset. Going out of your room in bungalows to explore during the day will never be boring in Koh Phayam.

When Should You Visit Koh Phayam?

Even though visiting the island is your personal choice, to get the best experience, work with this calendar. Suppose you want to experience the wildlife on this island rather than enjoying the beach visit between June and July. During this time there’s rain with fewer people walking around. Suppose you want to enjoy both wildlife and the beach come around December and February. However, March and May also have favorable weather, good for relaxing along the coast. During August and September visiting, Koh Phayam can curse the place due to the bad weather conditions since it’s always raining. Consider October or November when there are no rains to having the best vacation.

Foods in The Island

Thai Food

While on the island you can enjoy both sea and vegetarian food. Thai Food on this island is not expensive, so you won’t spend much on that. All you need to do is choose the best restaurant that’s not far from the island and taste different foods.


If you’re looking for a quiet island for beach relaxation, consider Koh Phayam. Through it, you’ll get to bond with nature and interact with new people.


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