Pros and Cons of Becoming a Disney Vacation Club Member

Disney Vacation Club Tips

Disney Vacation Club: 5 Pros and Cons of Being a DVC Member

Disney Vacation Club Tips

Are you a Disney lover who wants to spend more time at your favorite Disney parks? Indeed, going on a trip to a Disney park isn’t cheap, but when you know that you’re going to have a blast every time, you’re willing to spend the money.

Have you considered the Disney Vacation Club to experience more Disney trips?  Being a DVC member comes with several benefits that some Disney lovers love to take advantage of. Have you considered if it will be worth it to join the Disney club?  We’re here to talk about the pros and cons of joining the DVC so you can decide if it’s the right choice for you and your family. Keep reading to learn more.

Pro: You Save Money

Everyone knows that a Disney vacation isn’t an inexpensive trip. Not only are you paying for the parks, but you’re also paying for the hotels, food, and all of the trinkets and stuffed toys that you know are going to be joining you on the trip home.

When you join the Disney Vacation Club, you have the potential to save some cash if you know that you’re going to be taking those trips.  You can buy a long-term DVC membership and make all of your travel plans ahead of time. When you do this, it means that you’re freeing yourself from the future (inevitable) price hikes that come along with inflation.  You also save the money that you would otherwise spend on taxes during your hotel stay.

Your hotel stays are cheaper in general, and you get the benefit of staying in one of the beautiful resort rooms and being able to travel via the monorail instead of worrying about having to drive to and from the park.  While anyone can stay in one of those resorts, they’re expensive enough that many people choose cheaper options. When you’re part of the club, you have more room in your Disney vacation budget.

Con: But Only if You Go Often

So, the downside to the cost factor is that it only applies if you’re someone who goes to Disney parks often. There are plenty of different Disney parks, so this doesn’t have to mean that you visit Disneyland every year, but you should keep it in mind.  You might decide that you choose to visit the parks more often once you have the benefits of the vacation club. The club also works for cruises if those seem better for regular visits.

The Disney Vacation Club is pricey. If you don’t go to parks at least every other year, it won’t be a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re not part of a large group or family.  There are hundreds of dollars in fees as well as the variable upfront costs that often make the vacation club inaccessible to those without a lot of money. Learn “what are the DVC annual dues?” before you make your choice.

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On the bright side, you can rent out your points if you know that you want to keep using the club membership but that you may skip the parks this year. That can offset the cost if you do it wisely.

Pro: You Can Gift Your Points

Speaking of renting out your points, you can also give them as gifts if you know that this year just won’t include a Disney trip for you.  Points do expire after a set amount of time, so giving them away is a great way to make sure that they’ll still be put to good use. If there are younger members of your family who want to go with friends or family members with small children, this is a great way to let them go on a trip that they’ll love.

Disney is a great choice for an engagement trip, a bachelorette trip, a honeymoon, and even a trip with friends. When you know that someone has a big event coming up, feel free to use those points to give them a perfect Disney experience.

Con: A Lot of Planning

There’s a lot of planning involved with any vacations at Disney, but when you’re a part of the Disney Vacation Club, this is a larger factor.  As we mentioned, you can plan your vacations ahead of time. That means that you need to know when you’re going to be able to go to the park so far in advance that you can’t estimate your future situation.

Even if you’re not planning years in advance, you need to plan months in advance for normal trips. You might need to join a waitlist half a year ahead of time if you want to get your ideal resorts. For popular events, you may have to book almost a year ahead of time.  Fast-passes are often booked two months in advance for popular rides, and even restaurants need you to book several months ahead of time.

If you know what you’re doing and when you’re doing it, this isn’t an issue. If you like more flexibility, you may want to reconsider.

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Pro: Perks and Extras 

There are still perks associated with being a DVC member.  As a member, you can access a lot of VIP events like parties, festivals, special movie screenings, tours, and more. These are exclusive events.  There’s a lounge for DVC members that provides a quiet and cool place to rest when you’re out and about. You can get a cold beverage, charge your phone, and let your kids cool off before you get back into the sun.

You’ll also receive discounts on spa treatments, tickets, and some restaurants.

Is Being a DVC Member Right for You?

Being a DVC member comes with plenty of benefits. If they outweigh the cons and you’re a Disney fanatic, it might be time for you to sign up! You’ll save money on frequent trips and get access to all kinds of fun extras!

Joining the DVC is easy, and there’s plenty of guidance if you want to ask more questions before you commit to it. Why not get started today?

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