3 Great Summer Family Vacation Ideas

3 Summer Vacation Ideas for the Family

Family Summer Vacation

Vacation preferences and ideas vary from family to family, as there are so many different options and activities available. Over the past decade, the only year that recorded a sharp decline in family vacations was 2020 – due to the COVID-19 pandemic; all other years have recorded high rates. According to Travel Agent Central, about 100 million American families went on vacation in 2019 alone. These vacations ranged from houseboats to camping and several others. What is your perfect family vacation idea? Here are a few worthy summer family vacation ideas worth considering.

Go Camping

Family Camping Vacation

For many adventurous families, a camping vacation remains on the top of the list. The idea of a campfire, sleeping in tents or under the open skies, and watching the sunrise or sunset is a refreshing change from the usual hustle and bustle of life. If you’re worried about practicing social distancing, it helps to know that campgrounds are originally set up with spacing in mind. Therefore, you’ll not be too close to other camping families.

Because this is a family vacation, campgrounds offer a long list of activities for all age groups. For example, kids get to engage in scavenger hunts and bounce on pillows, while adults have outdoor movie nights, among others to enjoy. Additionally, because camping is an outdoor activity during the summer, you’ll get to enjoy safe hiking with the rest of your family.

Keep in mind that not every campground vacationer likes to sleep in a tent on open ground. Therefore, some camping locations offer family-sized cabins with real indoor beds to attend to vacationers’ preferences. These cabins are usually rustic in design and are purely to add to the camping effect.

Water Vacation

This kind of vacation is centered around a waterbody with water-related activities such as canoeing, kayaking, seeing marine life, etc. Many water parks such as the Seaworld San Antonio offer guests who prefer a water vacation one or more days of memorable fun. The most appealing elements of these water parks are the liberties and considerations offered to all guests, such as cameras permitted on-site, easy accessibility for persons with disabilities, and appropriate activities for all age groups.

Family Summer Vacation

Travel Agent Central in a 2020 study revealed that summer vacations at water parks would reduce in 2021 due to the pandemic. It also stated that these park operators should expect a 30% reduction in visitors in 2021 and 2022. Therefore, if this vacation idea is your choice, you don’t have to worry much about crowds and the risks they pose, especially during the pandemic. 

Family Road Trip

Summer Road Trip

Contrary to what many think, a road trip can be a fulfilling vacation idea only when planned right and in ample time. This choice is excellent for those who love sightseeing while learning more about different locations. To get the road trip vacation right, these are the three main requirements to have on your checklist:

A reliable automobile (preferably a 4-wheel drive or RV).
A pre-selection of hotels or lodges to spend the night.
A selection of places to see.

Even though the purpose of a road trip is to enjoy the spontaneity of events and activities, you’ll find it useful to plan and schedule your time. Did you know that the US National Park Service oversees a total of 419 theme parks in all 50 states? These are historic sites, national parks, and battlefields that can make your road trip worthwhile.

Certainly, you can’t make it to all 50 states, but you can find out which ones are within range with a little research. Besides, a road trip offers an opportunity to bond with the rest of the family as you create lasting memories.  Moreover, apart from being entertaining, your road trip can become an educational one that benefits your kids as well. What better way than to enjoy the summer ahead with any of these vacation ideas? As a plus, you get to create memories with family.


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