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Bali Wellness Retreats

Things to Know Before Going on a Wellness Retreat in Bali

Bali Travel Tips

Bali is frequently referred to as The Paradise Island- it has the best recreation centers, ample wellness facilities, and it is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Bali s one of the best places in the world for wellness retreats; unfortunately, you have to travel over 8500 miles from the USA to reach it. Having traveled almost half of the globe for a wellness trip, I believe you must prepare by setting your to-do list for a smooth experience. In case you don’t have any clue on what a wellness retreat in Bali is really like, here are some of the things you should know before boarding a plane for Bali.

Locate a specific area where you will settle for the entire trip

Bali is an Indonesian island covering more than 2100 square miles, which means you can’t just settle anywhere on this massive, magnificent island and call it a fitness retreat hub. While at home, try to locate nice locations using online platforms and find out if they are compatible with your lifestyle. Be honest with yourself and find a comfortable spot to settle on; if you are a city lover, find yourself a spot in Bali’s eight major towns.

Though it is nice getting out of your comfort zone, don’t meander too far from home. If a city works perfectly for you, explore the surrounding area and find out if there are hiking and bike trails that you can visit as part of a fitness program.

Prepare for the unexpected

As much as Bali is a beautiful paradise, during the rainy and monsoon seasons, the weather might be unbearable. The weather is among many things you should plan in advance to avoid your wellness retreat session going off course. Otherwise, make sure you have copies of all your documents, leave someone at home to take care of pets and at least let one person back at home know exactly where you are going. Also, share some details such as the name of the hotel you are boarding, contact person’s address, and mobile number will help authorities track you down in case of something out of the extraordinary occurs.

Know who you are dealing with and if they are licensed

Whether you are visiting Bali as an individual or in a group, ensure you are dealing with a licensed wellness sanctuary. Your host’s website will provide necessary information about their credibility, and that includes license information. Of course, think of another option if the fitness sanctuary you are planning to visit is not licensed.

Supposing you are visiting a health retreat center where supplements are administered; gather enough information about the ingredients in the supplements to help you assess if they comply with your health status. To be on the safe side, just stay away from any wellness retreat facility that includes supplements in their programs.

Align Your Schedule and Needs

Bali Wellness Retreats
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Aligning your schedule with your activities is very important. Trying anything you come across on your wellness mission is not advisable; be specific with your schedule. Don’t pick meditation hours that start at 4 am if you love sleeping past midnight and wake up late morning. Don’t go for a vegan diet if you can’t live without beef or fish. Choose detoxification wellness retreats if you know you will abstain from wine and beer. If you set your plans in motion and adhere to your schedule, you will live to remember your fitness retreat!

Analyze all costs and travel expenses

Cost is one of the major determinants of a successful outing. Consider what your plans are, and how much do you have for your trip. Can you afford a trip to Bali? From the USA to Bali will cost you at least $ 1700 for a round trip journey on a plane. Accommodation, drinks, foods, and miscellaneous expenses are variable, which may cost you anywhere from $170 to $250 per day. Budgeting for a ten-day retreat trip will cost you almost $4000.

The above figures are an overview of the actual costs you are expected to incur. Talk to fitness retreat specialists in Bali to get a clear picture of the accurate costs involved in such missions.  Search for airfares well in advance and set a fare tracker to find sales.  Talk to others who have gone on this journey before you.

Bali is a stunning place for both wild excursions and indulgent wellness retreats. However, when traveling so far, it’s important to plan carefully well in advance.  Computing your costs and allocating your money to fit your budget, having a schedule, and knowing who you are dealing with are among many things you should do before traveling to Bali. Also, don’t forget to find a nice location where you will be staying for the entire trip.  With some careful advance planning you will have a wonderful trip to Bali.


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