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Most Amazing Places for Taking Photos in Madrid 

Enter Europe’s sunniest capital where it’s sunny 300 days a year. With the sun shining overhead and the hustle and bustle of Spain around you, there really is no telling what gems you capture through the day here. There are countless spots in Madrid that are an Instagrammers dream photo location, but of course, a few of them stand out.

Madrid Instagramable Sites

Everyone tries to take the best photo possible, and they use quick fixes and the best photo editing apps they can get their hands on to fill in whatever the photo lacked before. Which isn’t much to be honest, what can go wrong when you’re taking a photo with the sun shining on you, right?  If you’re about to make your way to Madrid, hang on tight, because we’re about to tell you about some of the most amazing places in Madrid to take photos in.

After you have taken photos in front of the iconic Metropolis building on the Grand Via, Madrid’s most popular shopping street, and at some of the dramatic cathedrals, seek out these other amazing sites in Madrid for your Instagramable photos.

Platea Market 

The sun isn’t the only best thing about Madrid. If you’re looking for a dark and classy dine-in situation, try the Patea Market. It’s just as famous for its edgy lighting, dark interior, and excellent photo ops as it is for its food, and we’re sure you can’t wait to see it.

If you ever drop by, don’t forget to try the vino and tapas. The interior of the market is all dar colors, mostly black, and the market actually used to be a theater. It still has all the balconies, terraces, and stages, all full of tables, selling the most delicious things and serving them right to you. Food, and a flawless photo session, what’s not to love?

Plaza de Cibeles 

Standing in the middle of the Plaza de Cibeles is a statue of the Goddess Cybele, sitting on her chariot, which is pulled by two lions. If the statue itself isn’t enough to knock your socks off, wait till you see what’s around it.

Madrid Top Sites

The plaza is the location of countless buildings, all beautiful, all marvels of art and architecture alike. Some of the buildings are the Bank of Spain, the Buenavista Palace, the Linares Palace and the Cibeles Palace. The palace itself houses the mayor’s office, terraces and rooftop restaurants serving some of the best food Spain has to offer.

Take a photo of yourself standing in front of the central fountain, or maybe go to one of the terraces to get a shot of yourself looking down on the magnificence!

The Crystal Palace 

The Crystal Palace in Retiro Park seems like something straight out of a fairy tale and looks so delicate at first you reckon it was crafted by the hands of elves and fairies. It looks like a giant birdcage and one of the most beautiful greenhouses all at once, and the shining everyday sun only adds to its beauty. Sometimes in autumn, it takes on a colorful shine because of all the beautiful, colorful autumn leaves shining against the glass.

Chrystal Palace Madrid

What’s on the inside, you ask? Well, the Reina Sofia Museum of Art usually puts interactive art exhibits inside, which sometimes means a giant slide for adults, and sometimes something a little weirder and a little less fun, like a collection of rocking chairs.

Templo de Debod 

This temple has been on earth since the 2nd century BC! If that bit of info wasn’t enough to get your attention, get this – it was shipped brick by brick to Madrid from Egypt as a gift in return for Spain’s help in preserving monuments there.

Madrid Templo de Debod

Well, the Spanish knew exactly where to put it, and they chose a spot right on the edge of the Parque del Oeste. The spot is now known as one of the best places in Madrid to watch the sunset, and you won’t be able to deny it after a single google search.

Fair warning though. Once the sun starts to set, you may just be tempted to put the camera down and enjoy the beautiful sunset instead.

We hope you like all these suggestions but remember, the photos may get misplaced, but the memories stay forever!


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