Family-Friendly Activities in India To Entertain The Whole Family

Familhy-Friendly India

Top Family-Friendly Activities In India!  

Familhy-Friendly India

The mayhem of life gets pretty challenging and exhausting from time to time. Without a doubt, this affects our productivity and mental health. It is essential to take a break to rejuvenate ourselves, and what can be a better way than planning an exciting vacation with our loved ones, right? 

From the picturesque mountains to the refreshing ocean, India is home to breathtaking destinations that will mesmerize you at a glance. These places are a must-visit for every family! Apart from treating yourself with delightful views, you and your loved ones will also get an exciting opportunity to bond together while doing enticing activities. 

If you’re someone who is looking for a peaceful getaway in the lap of mother nature, don’t worry because you have come to just the right place. In this article, we have mentioned India’s top family-friendly sites that provide exhilarating experiences to cherish for a lifetime! 

Have A Blissful Sleep at a Houseboat (Kerala)

Kerala Houseboat

Visiting Kerala is one of the most appropriate vacation ideas to find an escape from the constant monotony of life. Kerala is part of Southern India that has been blessed by nature with some mesmerizing views. The place is popular for its clean environment along with the breathtaking views. One of the most prominent highlights of Kerala is the steep lagoons forming a long chain. Suppose you want to experience the heart-palpitating rural lifestyle of the backwaters. In that case, you can easily do so by riding on a traditional Keralan houseboat. This journey will be filled with soothing water all around you and some brilliant sights of the villages, churches, temples, and so forth. Undeniably, children are going to love this journey on this floating hotel.  

Catch A Glimpse of a Tiger at Ranthambore National Park

Tiger Reserve India

If you are a fan of wildlife, India is one of the best places to visit. This is so because India is home to 47 Tiger Reserves. Ranthambore National Park is a famous reserve where you can effortlessly catch sight of fascinating leopards, sambar, Cheetahs, bears, wild boar, and not to forget, the tigers. This reserve has been carefully designed with a variety of interesting hunting pavilions along with beautiful ancient temples. You will also find a large reservoir in this reserve, along with some jungle cats lazing around. You and your loved ones can opt for a morning as well as afternoon Jeep Safari that lasts for about 3 to 4 hours. Moreover, if you want to catch a bird’s eye view of this breathtaking National Park, you can climb up the Ranthambore Ford built in 900AD. If you’re lucky enough, you might catch a sight of some weaponry remaining in those ancient quarters. You can peacefully stay at the Khem Villas and cherish the time with your family for recreational time. 

Hover Over the Picturesque Sights in Jodhpur

The state of Rajasthan is known for its blissful cities. One of the most popular tourist destinations, Jodhpur, is loved by tourists for its unique culture and mind-boggling sights. If you are a fan of the Adrenaline Rush, we recommend flying through the air at the Flying Fox zip wire in Jodhpur. Families love this excruciating adventure that amounts to a joyous memory to cherish for their lifetime. Six secured cables are placed and hung across walls as well as ramparts of the famous Mahangar Fort. You, as well as your loved ones, can jump between this picturesque location and satisfy your quench for some heart-palpitating adventure. If you want to participate in this breath-taking adventure, you must not be heavier than 115 kg. 

Moreover, your children should be aged more than ten or at least 1.4m tall. The zipping adventure can take almost an hour or two as it entirely depends upon the group size. We recommend you bring your shoes unless you want to borrow a used pair of trainers. Make sure to avoid dresses or skirts.  

Adore the Beauty of Taj Mahal (Agra) 

Is your vacation even complete if you do not visit the Taj Mahal? Without a doubt, it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. This momentum of love was built by the prominent Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, in his beloved third wife’s memory. More than 22000 workers, along with 1000 elephants, were able to complete this wonder of the world in about 22 years. We recommend you to take a traditional Tanga ride and sightsee the beauty of the Taj Mahal change colours at sunrise or sunset. The shifting light beautifully brings out the breath-taking marble changes. But, don’t forget that the Taj Mahal is closed every Friday. Appreciate this token of love with your family and cherish their beautiful laughter amidst the beautiful nature surrounding the Taj Mahal. 

Enjoy A Camel Ride in Jaisalmer

India Camel Ride

Camels are one of the most intriguing animals out there. If you are on vacation to explore India, you will most probably come across this beautiful creature. But, the best way to make this moment memorable is to hop on for a camel safari into the limitless desert. Jaisalmer is blessed by nature with the breathtaking Thar Desert. It is a part of northern Rajasthan and is extremely popular among tourists. Camel ride across the desert amounts to an extraordinary encounter under the stars. It is the perfect way to escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle and explore calmness and serenity. 

Dwell In An Immersive Escape Room Adventure At Breakout (Bangalore) 

If you’re looking for an extraordinary adventure to enjoy with your loved ones, what can be a better option than escape rooms? These mini-dungeons are stacked up with mind baffling conundrums that will make you forget all about reality! Your challenge is to unravel the way and fathom victory before the clock stops ticking.  

Breakout escape room center offers enthralling movie theme adventure thrillers that put you in an electrifying ambiance, encouraging you to think outside the box! But wait, that’s not all.  These aren’t just your regular puzzle-solving challenges. Escape games at Breakout are uniquely amalgamated to help the participants inculcate useful life skills. Undeniably, your kids will have a memorable encounter with enigma while simultaneously boosting their brainpower! 


India is popularly known for its extravagant and diverse culture. Without a doubt, India is home to a variety of mind-blowing tourist destinations. Every year, a large number of globetrotters across the world visit India in hopes of admiring its ancient beauty. India is also one of the most suitable destinations for family-friendly outings.  

Apart from the adventurous encounters, vacations in India are also quite educational. Thus, making it perfect for a family holiday. After carefully examining the various options available in India, we have scrutinized the above-mentioned article. Here, we have mentioned the five best family-friendly activities in India. We trust that this article will provide you with some extraordinary information and help you figure out the next outing with your loved ones. 

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