Romantic Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

5 Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations for 2021 and Beyond

Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

Taking a long dreamt of honeymoon trip off the table as a result of an over-budget wedding is a dilemma for many couples. Long gone when a well-off relative could sponsor your honeymoon as a wedding gift.  Now everything boils down to the couples, from wedding arrangements to setting up a home and then planning a honeymoon trip.

If you initially planned an expensive honeymoon trip but your budget is shaken due to wedding expenses then you must have a plan B ready. A budget-friendly honeymoon destination where you can take your spouse without compromising the experience and without burning a hole in your pocket is the goal. Some of those super economical but equally splendid destinations are listed below to help out the groom in setting the tone of his upcoming marital life.  Here are our recommendations for wonderful budget-friendly honeymoon destinations.


Bali Honeymoon
Image: by Michael Block

Bali is the most popular island in Indonesia. With beautiful beaches, lush fields, striking scenery and a hint of spirituality, Bali offers a mesmerizing honeymoon destination for couples. Besides the scenic views, Bali also offers a plethora of activities to the visitors including surfing great waves, hiking picturesque volcanoes, diving to shipwrecks and exploring mystic temples and wellness retreats.

The valuable tip for honeymooners is that Bali is a highly diversified place. Part of Bali such as Ubud is a bit on a wilder side. Although these areas are heaven on Earth for partygoers, they are not highly recommended for a couple who is looking for serenity and intimacy. For honeymooners, the countryside spa in the middle of the jungle with a streamside natural Jacuzzi, a romantic soothing massage on top of hills with the sound of crashing waves and night stays in villas are ideal activities that can provide an intimate experience to couples and that also within the budget.

Budget tips: Bali has an excellent infrastructure for tourism on the internet with catchy deals on bookings of all kinds. Tourist can save their dough by booking accommodations and other activities on the internet before arrival. Also, a lot can be saved by eating local food instead of opting for western eateries. After all, what is the fun of eating western burgers when you are out to enjoy an Indonesian Island?


Thailand Honeymoon
Image: by Alexandr Podvalny

Thailand would conveniently fit in the list as the second-best budget-friendly honeymoon destination. The best time to take a trip to Thailand is from November to April. While the timings are perfect for couples who had winter weddings, the couples of other seasons would be recommended to either wait for the right time or to change their destination. Thailand is designed by nature to cater to beach lovers so couples can stay in Phuket and enjoy serene sunsets. Another option is to occupy the secluded island of Koh Mook aka Pearl island and explore the natural wonders of Morakot Cave. Some more stunningly beautiful islands are Koh Lanta, Koh Tao and Koh Samui.

Budget tips: Thailand already has a very low currency exchange rate which makes the tour very light on the pocket. Further can be saved by eating local food and shopping at weekend markets. In Thailand, most can be saved by using public transportation that costs approximately 20 cents per ride. 


Croatia Honeymoon

Croatia is considered a highly sought romantic destination for honeymooners who are low on budget but its old towns, clear blue waters, hospitable people, and beautiful national parks make it as exotic as any expensive tourism place on Earth.

There are numerous museums, ruins and vistas in Croatian cities such as Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Split. However, the main attraction of this destination is Krka and Plitvice National Parks and Mljet Island. These venues are kept close to nature without much human intervention which makes these untamed places redefine the notion of stunning areas. The most affordable places to stay in Croatia are Hotel Adria in Dubrovnik. Prima Luce in Split is also affordable yet luxurious. The most romantic and intimate getaway in Croatia is Istria. Istria sports luxurious hotels and Winelands where they offer world-class wines and scrumptious food that will never let you forget your honeymoon.

Budget tips: Honeymooners do not find it comfortable to couch surf or board a hostel that is the most effective way of saving money but Croatia Airbnb is an option that can offer a private room at an equally low price as a hostel like €25-30 per night. You can also save 5% on your bus trip by booking it beforehand through Arriva.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada and California

Lake Tahoe Honeymoon

Lake Tahoe is a honeymoon destination that is equally beautiful and welcoming at all times of the year. It is nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains the two stunning states of Nevada and California. The lake becomes very busy particularly in summers when Lake Tahoe is bustling with boaters, hikers galore, and zipliners. On other hand, Lake Tahoe becomes a wonderland of white snow to offer activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. Lake Tahoe is the best honeymoon destination for couples who love to do adventurous activities. However, couples can get relaxed whenever they want by retreating to the cozy rooms of their hotels to either cozy up or enjoy a couple’s massage. The most feasible hotels in the region of Lake Tahoe are Hotel Azure and Station House Inn.

Budget tips: When it comes to budget, weekdays in this region are the best days to save on eating good and that too on discount deals. Many good restaurants offer up to 50% discount which is a good deal and also gives gift cards to the customers. Another thing that makes Lake Tahoe a budget-friendly honeymoon destination is that there are discount deals everywhere whether it’s eating out or snow activities in winter. 

Quebec, Canada

Quebec Honeymoon
Wikimedia Commons by: David Broad

Quebec is a perfect blend of seclusion and adventure. The city provides a romantic escape to all types of couples. Quebec can be considered as a Paris for those who cannot afford the French glam city. Quebec has an aura to envelop the couples in romance, with stunning scenes of Fleuve Saint-Laurent, delightful neighborhoods, age old castles and forts and other sites that takes you to European elegance. Quebec is a honeymoon in paradise particularly for those who love theatres, parks, chic restaurants, museums, and exotic boutiques.

Budget tips: Traveling in Mega bus in Quebec and Ontario is the best way that saves money particularly if you book in advance. You will have to spend a meager amount of $1 in case of advance booking. Entertainment activities in Quebec usually cost per day average of CA$19/ person which is very reasonable for people on budget friendly honeymoon.

Last Thoughts

The honeymoon sites tell us that honeymoons do not necessarily have to be expensive to be memorable. There are places on Earth that don’t want people to sacrifice their amazing experiences on account of low budget. Once the budget is out of the way, honeymooners need to plan well to make the most of their budget. Honeymooners need to consider that how far they are ready to travel for their honeymoon, whether to invest in transportation or select an area within their country, whether they want a cozy honeymoon or want to mark it with an adventurous activity such as scuba diving, skiing, hiking, etc. Once all these considerations are in mind then one can select from a budget-friendly destination as the above-mentioned destination encompasses everything from beaches to volcanoes and from valleys to nightclubs. The budget is settled, now the choice has to be made by the couples out there.

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