Great Tips For International Students Moving to the UK

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international moving tips

Top 10 Tips for International Students Moving to the UK

international moving tips

Whether it’s the burning desire to lead an independent life or the vicious hunger to use all the world’s knowledge resources, everyone has dreamed of studying abroad. Home to the top 3 universities in the World, the UK is among the most preferred study locations for international students. From securing admission to confirming an accommodation near University to marking your place in the world, there’s a long way to go apart from the fancy tags of independence and exposure. And here are the top 10 tips for international students to travel stress-free and settle hassle-free.

Book your Flight in Advance

Once you receive the student visa, you do not want to wait till the flight prices skyrocket. Around the starting of a new academic year, there is a rush in international travellers, and hence tickets may sell out sooner than you expect. Confirm your flight tickets straight away and know the baggage limits of your flight provider. Be up-to-date about the flight status and get to the airport on time. Check online for the travel restrictions and carry a negative certificate for covid-19.

Secure your Student  Accommodation Early

Student Housing UK

Look for student housing near University and choose from university dorms, private apartments, shared student hostels, or homestay. Many student-friendly cities like London and Kent have student accommodation with basic amenities at an affordable price. You can view the house online and book it well in advance to avoid last-minute panic. Digital housing scams are on the rise around covid. Steer clear of any frauds by securing the student accommodation through trusted providers.

Pack Smart

Packing TIps

Packing yourself away to a new land seems exciting as well as frightening, especially when you have to furnish a whole new accommodation. It’s impossible to carry all of the bedding and kitchen supplies needed for your new student halls. So, it’s best to check the services near your University that deliver essential packages for students. Our Luxury Student Essential packs are secured and trackable, with everything you need to start life in a foreign land. You can book the desired packages in advance to be delivered to your doorstep on the day of your arrival, making the moving easy and fun.

Have all your Paperwork in Order

Fretting about documents all over the place is the last thing you need. So have all the documents, including travel and health insurance, in one folder. Carry both physical and digital copies of all your academic transcripts. Have signed copies of your housing and University contracts. Be aware of the administrative tasks to be carried out in the initial days, most of which may require passport-sized photos. Stay on top of your paper works and appointments, and live stress-free.

Get into Adulting 101 like a boss

UK Student Housing TIps

You are your boss now; you are the sole employee too. You have errands to run, spaces to clean, bills to pay, trash to discard, and a body to feed. This bombardment of duties may take a toll on you if you do not have a master plan in place. Prepare your meals over the weekend and save them for the week. Prioritise the tasks and make a list of chores, then follow it to keep your life together.

Research the City in Detail

To make the best of your international life, skim through the general lifestyle and culture and be prepared for the new city life. Make sure essential services like health care, groceries, and transport are available nearby. Search for cost-effective options for leisure and fun in and around the city. Watch vlogs for a first-hand review of what to expect in the city.

Keep in Touch with your Loved Ones

The excitement of starting your life fresh in a place where no one knows you die away after a few days. We all need a sense of familiarity to feel at ease at times of need. Speak regularly to your family and friends and share any good or bad things happening around you. In times of urgency, people in the same time zone are of more help and hence have a few you can count on in an emergency. Know that the journey will be worth it in the end and be kind to yourself.

Manage your Finances Wisely

UK Travel Tips

Analyse the different financial aid options available and apply for an educational loan or a student scholarship. Before you travel, learn about the cost of living and devise a budget plan for yourself. Keep track of your expenses to refrain from aimless spending. Look for part-time jobs for that extra pocket money and save upon a few bucks by sharing the student housing. Keep an eye on the latest currency conversion rates and exploit your student status wherever you can—museums, trains, restaurants, and bookstores.

Engage with Expat Groups

When you are trying to make ‘a home away from home’, a group of like-minded people always helps. The expat groups on Facebook are not only meant to sell and buy things. It is a well-knit group of people looking for a home in the far land. They empathise with you and make you feel heard and less homesick. Participate actively in community activities for fruitful social interactions. It is equally important to interact with the locals to get familiar with the local culture and lifestyle.

Prepare Yourself to Learn and Grow

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to unlearn and learn if you are ready to expand your comfort zone. Being aware of the odds on the road might prepare you for the battle ahead. Talk to former students via different social media pages and learn what to expect. Do not lose track of your studies while having too much fun. You must allow yourself to learn and grow by exposing yourself to new and adventurous experiences. Slowly, you would turn the alien land into an alley.

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