10 Absolutely Gorgeous Locations To Go Paddle Boarding in Utah

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Lake Powell Paddle Boarding

10 Unique Paddle Boarding Locations in Utah

Paddleboarding Utah

Utah is positioned between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean and is blessed with dramatic natural landscapes and magnificent scenic views.  All of this makes Utah a perfect choice for your adventure vacation. Whether you seek history, the wild outdoors, national parks, or unique experiences, you’ll find it all in Utah.

It may surprise you to learn that it has plenty of bodies of water including streams, lakes, and reservoirs, which are an intrinsic part of its magical beauty. The presence of lakes and streams considerably enhances summer activities as the joy of water sports begins.  One major sport which is gaining worldwide popularity is stand-up paddleboarding (aka SUP), and ample options in Utah to let you paddle your way around the twists and turns of the natural streams located in this beautiful state.

The Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake Utah

In the quest for solitude, an individual can land up at the Great Salt Lake of Utah, which is more than three times saltier than oceans. The scenic views are unique, including surrounding vegetation and aqua life, and the depth of the lake spans 13 feet.

Paddle boarding around this unique beauty can give the adventurer an insight into the rock formations, with the chance to explore more than a hundred species of waterfowl in the spring season. You can plan an entire day to paddle around the Salt Lake, which spans 11,000 square miles.

Spring, is the preferred season over the scorching heat of Summer, at this location. After a paddle boarding session, one can hike to the highest peaks or valleys surrounding the Salt Lake.

Adopt best practices if you have been planning to SUP around Antelope Island due to the uncertain nature of weather around this location. Carry topographic maps or weather radio to get a clear view of the approaching weather. When you are following all these precautions, you can have the best time paddling around the area.

Bear Lake

Bear Lake Utah
Wikimedia Commons by: kla4067

Encircled by the rolling hills on all sides, the crystalline turquoise blue lake should be your top pick for an exciting experience. The Bear Lake has a quality of changing color due to the limestone particles in the water. It reflects the lights in the sky, and it can go evenly from azure to sea green and aquamarine within seconds.  The lake is often called The Caribbean of the Rockies because of its aqua water.

One can explore 48 miles of shoreline in the soothing landscape with pleasant summers while paddle boarding. The experts in the industry suggest a paddle plan in the morning and before the afternoon so that one can avoid intense winds and boat traffic on their way.

After a paddling session, one can enjoy multiple activities offered by the area like evening entertainment, mouth-watering local restaurants, playhouses, and much more. If you are a newcomer, you can digest the lessons with the tours offering paddleboarding lessons and rent your board from the shops around the lake.

Tibble Fork Reservoir

Trebble Fork Utah
Photo by Joseph Young on Unsplash

This is a compact body of water surrounded by gorgeous scenery; Tibble Fork Reservoir is situated at the heart of American Fork Canyon. One can avail unrestricted access with a pass that is accessible for two days straight.

The waters of the reservoir offer plenty of fishing opportunities for its visitors, so while you plan a paddle boarding experience, you can take your fishing equipment along to catch a golden beauty on your way. The temperature of the water remains below fifty degrees throughout the year.

In the spring season, the edges of the reservoirs host the running streams, which are a perfect point for upstream paddle workouts. After all, paddle boarding is way more than a water sport. Try this water activity at the end of May, since water freezes in winters, making it shallow at the beginning of spring.

Pack your own paddle boards because you might not find any SUP shop nearby, though Utah boasts multiple paddle boarding facilities due to the growing fever of sports in the city.

Fire Lake Park

Until recently, this beautiful spot was not explored much by the SUP community, but now it has started to gain a name in the paddleboarding community, and restrictions of motorized boats make it worthy for a paddler to lay their hand on a sporty activity.

Gorgeous scenic beauty spreads over 4 acres of area composed of powdery beaches, lush green land, picnic spots, and the top scene is the fresh waters flowing from the reservoir named Gunlock, into the swimming area for draining spillway into the lake, which also makes it a top pick for the swimming activity. The majestic views of the surrounding area are unforgettable.

Silver Lake Flat Reservoir

Silver Lake Reservoir Utah
Photo by Jeff Sedgwick on Unsplash

How about taking your pooch with you and spending a playful time in the pinkish waters of Silver Lake Flat reservoir? Sounds magical, right? Silver Lake Flat Reservoir hosts various aqua life, including fishes such as arctic grayling, rainbow trout, or brook trout.

If you prefer solitude, plan your journey after the summer season because summers might be a bit crowded, as not preferred by soloists. The beautiful lush green trees and snow-covered valleys are the beauties that can soothe your soul and make you navigate more to the location.

Sand Hollow State Park

Sand Hollow State Park Utah
Image:  Utah.com

This exotic artificial reservoir, surrounded by powdery orange sand and deserted landscapes, must be on your list of Utah. It is a perfect place for a paddle boarding experience, with its crystal-clear waters, abundant fauna, dazzling sunshine, and plenty of SUP rental options.

Make sure to adorn your hat and wear lots of sunscreens to save yourself from the harsh rays of the sun, and carry water bottles to stay hydrated. Post paddling, you can also surf various camping options or savor your taste buds while trying cuisines from nearby restaurants.

Utah Lake State Park

The largest freshwater lake at Utah Lake State Park is a major attraction among water lovers for practicing a diverse set of water sport activities, from kayaking to paddleboarding, swimming, and boating. Covered with lush green valleys, it is the picturesque hotspot among the paddlers.

Not only the paddling session, but one can spend a beautiful fishing time hooking up a plethora of aqua life in the nets. Give your body a sunbath while paddling on this dazzling crystalline beauty. The water temperature remains near 75°F, making it a preferred destination for a family weekend or a vacay.

Pineview Reservoir

Take your toddlers along and give them a rich fishing experience while paddling the currents of Pineview Reservoir. Let them explore a plethora of aqua life, from tiger trout to rainbow and brown trout, tiger muskie, small and largemouth bass, perch and crappies, bluegill, and Cutthroat trout, to name a few.

The water is surrounded by tall trees, making it ideal for laying your hands on paddleboarding in summer.

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake Utah

It is undoubtedly the most beautiful location or simply a paradise on the earth. You will find yourself surrounded by snow-capped valleys, pine trees, lush green gardens, crystal clear water while being present in a lake that is shining like a mirror.

To experience the richness of the natural surroundings of this majestic beauty, prefer a day hiking and never forget to bring fishing gears along whenever sailing around the waters of Utah. You might find yourself lucky by taking home tiger trouts, rainbow, or brooks. Make your experience worth remembering while hiking and paddleboarding at this picturesque location.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell Paddle Boarding
Photo by Glide SUP on Instagram

A solo journey will be much cherished by a solo traveler to Utah while being around the dazzling beauty of Lake Powell. Unravel the secrets of this magical water body and explore the 2000 miles of shoreline while you rent a paddleboard or houseboat.

The search for an isolated experience will take you to the most stunning location in Utah, where you can launch a short drive to Arizona from Antelope Point Marina to explore a plethora of landscapes. If you are an expert, you are good to go, and if you are a newcomer, you can take assistance from plenty of guided tours or rentals for your exciting journey.


It’s a zeal to take your soul away into the soothing arenas which make you leave your regular place and goof around the majestic destinations present in the world. While there are several beautiful places on mother earth, Utah stands out due to its pleasant and jaw-dropping natural attractions.

So, next time you plan for a life-changing paddleboarding experience, mark Utah on the top of your list and gather the best out of this paradise.

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