Complete Guide to the Best Shopping Experiences in Dubai

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Shopping Dubai

Where To Have The Best Shopping Experience in Dubai

Dubai is every shopper’s paradise.  Each year, millions of tourists flock to this beautiful city of high-rises and shopping malls to experience grandeur and luxury.  Whether you’re after a deluxe gastronomical experience or a breathtaking Skydiving adventure, Dubai has it all.  But what many people come here for is to experience the best of Dubai shopping.  Tourists from all over the world come here to shop for gold, diamonds, jewelry, perfumes, shoes, luxury items, collector’s items, electronics, carpets, home decor, vintage pieces, spices, and so much more. You name it!

Dubai’s bustling districts are lined with traditional open-air markets, malls, boutiques, and vast modern shopping centers. The city is undoubtedly a shopping haven.  If you’re headed to Dubai for a shopping trip, check out this guide.  From traditional souks to modern shopping centers and malls, these are the places where you can have the best shopping experience in Dubai:


Souk is an Arabic word for “bazaar”.  Souks are very popular in Dubai. They’re the best places to go if you’re after some of the most unique items and luxury finds. Everything from lavish gold jewelry to handwoven fabrics, perfumes, and souvenirs – you’ll find it all in Dubai’s souks.

Gold Souk

Dubai Gold Souk
Unsplash by Ken S

What if you can walk in a shop that’s literally dazzling and dripping in gold?  In Dubai, it’s possible.

Dubai Gold Souk is the largest gold market in the UAE, with over 300 retailers. Visitors often spend a whole day here!  Buying gold in Dubai is relatively cheaper than buying from other countries. That’s why thousands of people come to the city to shop for gold.  Apart from gold jewelry, you can also find silver and precious stone jewelry in Dubai Gold Souk.

Spice Souk

Dubai Spice Market

After your trip to the “gold mines” of Dubai’s Gold Souk, you can head to the Spice Souk nearby. Top chefs from all over the world swear by the colorful, aromatic, and sensory experience this souk offers. If you love cooking or someone you know does, it’s the best place to be.  Go over the colorful sacks of Arab spices, from high-quality saffron and cardamom to aromatic herbs, dried fruits, dates, and organic rice. You’ll also find a great selection of nuts and oils.

Perfume Souk

After an overwhelming tour around the city, revitalize yourself at Dubai’s Perfume Souk. From traditional scents to the most unique ones, you’ll likely find the fragrance that suits your personality. The souk also offers plenty of selections for essential oils, incense sticks, and more.

Textile Souk

Fabric Souk Dubai

A favorite hub of both famous and emerging fashion designers, the souk has a vast array of shops where you can find quality textiles, from premium silk to airy cotton, sari fabrics, exotic weaves, and more.

Souk Madinat

This is where you’ll find excellent souvenir items, fine art pieces, and sculptures. Madinat is a less traditional souk featuring an endless maze of tiny alleys and wood-framed walkways.

Malls in Dubai

There are 65 malls in Dubai, some of which are the largest in the world. More than the shopping experience, Dubai malls offer exciting activities and leisure.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall
Photo by penzesliza on Unsplash

The massive Dubai Mall houses over 1,200 outlets. After a day of shopping, head over to the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world and get a mesmerizing view of the city at the top observation deck.

The mall also has an underwater zoo which is famous for having the largest suspended aquarium tank in the world

Mall of Emirates

Shopping is thrilling. But what could be more thrilling than ziplining in sub-zero temperature? It’s one of the coolest things to do in the Emirates Malls. It also offers one of the most luxurious cinema experiences in Dubai. Forget about popcorn buckets. Here, you’ll be dining on gourmet food served by the in-cinema waitstaff.

Ibn Battuta Mall

As the world’s largest themed mall, the Battuta is divided into six courts: India, China, Persia, Tunisia, Andalusia, and Egypt. Each court boasts fascinating architecture, relics, and installations that will make you feel like you’re touring a museum!

Wafi Mall

This decorated themed fall offers a full shopping experience, with hundreds of regional and international brands to choose from. It also features a traditional Arab market called the Khan Murjan Souk where you will feel like you’re shopping during the 14th century!

Mercato Mall

This mall is a great stop for families. It offers plenty of activities for the young and old, including a play center, a high-end cinema, and restaurants/cafeterias. The mall also hosts the Weekend Fun Fiesta that offers guests and shoppers different entertainment each time.

Shopping Districts

The best of Dubai’s shopping does not end in souks and malls.  The city also boasts bustling shopping districts.

City Walk

City Walk is a popular spot for shopping, dining, and other fun-filled activities. If you’re searching for branded stuff, this shopping district houses luxury designer stores. You will also be amazed by the stunning street art and a grand recreational facility where concerts are often held.


Dubai Box Park
Flickr by:  Nishikant Kumar

This trendy shopping and dining district is lined with over 30 cafes and restaurants and 14 outlets. If you love shopping and fine dining, this is the place to go. The mall also has a dedicated space for fun activities like table tennis, shuffleboard, pool and table football, and more.

JBR Walk

Another popular promenade where you can shop, dine and stroll by the sea. This buzzing beachside boulevard will satisfy your craving for fashion, home, and designer stores. One of its top attractions is a boutique featuring local and regional designers.

While you take a scenic walk by the beach, you can check out the stalls offering food treats, and homewares. And while you indulge in sumptuous food, you can watch performances by street entertainers.

As you can see, Dubai is a paradise for shoppers. There is just so much to see, do, and experience in the shopping capital of UAE.  Make sure to check out these shopping destinations on your trip to Dubai.

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