Essentials To Bring on Your Summer RV Road Trip

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RV Road Trip Tips

RV Ready: 4 Essentials For Your Summer Road Trip

RV Road Trip Tips

With all the uncertainty around travel this year, road tripping around our home countries is becoming more and more popular. A great alternative to traditional camping, motor homes offer more security, safety, and comfort than a tent and there’s lots more space for all of your belongings. Plus, you don’t have the dreaded tent assembly wrestle in each of your camping locations! With all of the practicalities of an RV, it’s difficult to know which items to bring and which to leave behind. Follow this list to ensure you don’t forget any necessities and check out Outdoors Era for even more helpful tips!

Battery Power

Power is non-negotiable for the modern traveler and the best way to bring power is via a portable battery or generator. If you’re hoping to keep away from costly and busy campsites, power can sometimes be an issue. If you have appliances such as microwaves and fridges, ensure you invest in a high-power battery suitable for powering larger items. A rechargeable battery is best to keep costs down, and one with the option for solar recharge is fantastic if you’re traveling in sunny climes. Once your battery is sorted there will be no fear of running out of phone charge and you’ll be free to Instagram your most picturesque stops!

First Aid Kit

One item that you absolutely must have is a decent first aid kit. If you’re planning on driving off the beaten path, it is likely you may end up somewhere a little way away from civilization. Of course, we never want to think that we may end up injured but something as small as an insect bite can turn nasty pretty quickly if it becomes infected. Make sure you have a kit that includes, antibacterial wipes, disinfectants, bite and sting cream, plasters, bandages, deet, antihistamines, dioralyte, painkillers, and sunscreen. If you’ve been prescribed any medication, be sure to have enough to last you an extra week just in case.

Tubs and Buckets

Although not glamorous, large 10L buckets or tubs are a necessity for van life. Washing up, doing laundry, storing cleaning items, an ice bucket for cold beers – their uses are endless! If you’re short of storage space then there are collapsible buckets on the market which compact into one small disc.

Camping Stove Or BBQ

If you’re lucky enough to have a fully fitted RV then this tip might not be for you but having a camping stove is actually very handy even if you’re equipped with a kitchenette. Unless you’re driving through cold and wet climates, outdoor eating is something you’ll want to be doing a lot of. Cooking inside can cause the vehicle and your items inside to become smelly, plus you’ll be hidden away from the sunshine! Camping stoves and BBQs allow you to enjoy the great outdoors whilst you’re cooking up a feast!

Are you setting off for an epic driving trip this summer? Let us know your destinations in the comment section!

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