Secret To The Best Time To Book Business Class Flights

Business Class Flights

When Is the Best Time to Book Business Class Flights?

Business Class Flights

Flying is an amazing experience. However, for some passengers, the flight can be very stressful and tough. Business class flights will help you to cope with this and feel comfortable. Business travelers are not always successful businessmen and owners of large companies. These are people who value their time and comfort.

A business class flight is an opportunity to relax or calmly go about your business without disturbing the rest of the passengers. It’s just a must on long flights.  Here are our secrets for finding the best time to book business class flights.

What Services Does Business Class Offer?

Most travelers choose business and first class since such flights provide certain privileges for the passenger. This makes the flight more comfortable and relaxed, especially during long haul flights.

  • Spacious seating. The business class seats are very comfortable and spacious. They are usually upholstered in leather or expensive fabrics. There is ample legroom around the seat, and the seat angle is adjustable so the passenger can lie down if desired. Also, the business class seat is equipped with a headrest, support for the back and legs, a comfortable tray, and a TV screen for work or entertainment.
  • Personal space. Business-class seats are arranged so that each passenger can work, eat, or sleep during the flight without disturbing neighbors. Large television screens are installed at each location. You can either use them for work or select any movie from the library for viewing.

Also, each place is equipped with its own socket so you can work without distraction.

  • Priority boarding. Usually, for business class passengers, a special check-in counter is provided at the airport, where they can check in for a flight without queuing. Also, business class passengers are the first to board and leave the aircraft. They are delivered to the plane by a special transfer. In addition, passengers are the first to give and receive their luggage.
  • Food and drink. The business class cabin offers a wide selection of drinks and snacks. The rich onboard menu consists of delicious, hearty dishes of the highest quality, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks. Some airlines allow passengers to eat and drink at any time rather than on a food schedule.

Also, business class tickets provide a few more special benefits:

  • Increased attention from flight attendants
  • Special airport lounge
  • More baggage
  • Additional headphones
  • The tablet
  • Sleeping pillows and blankets
  • Pajamas, slippers

When to Book Business Tickets

To get business class tickets as profitable as possible, you need to book them for some weeks and days in advance. It is best to start searching for tickets a few months before the trip and no later than 21 days before departure in extreme cases. This will help you get the best early flight deals.

But you shouldn’t be in a hurry either. Find the flight you are interested in beforehand and keep an eye on it for a while. Often, the price can change before the trip. Wait a couple of days and book your ticket if the price gets lower.

How to Catch the Best Tickets

  • Follow airline discounts. The most convenient way is to subscribe to airline notifications on social networks or install related apps on your phone. Thus, you will always be aware of current promotions and will be the first to book business class flight at a favorable price.
  • Best time. If you do not need a specific day of the week or time for departure, it is better to be flexible in this matter. The cheapest flights are on sale from Tuesday to Thursday. Flight times early in the morning or late in the evening can also significantly reduce ticket prices.
  • Auctions. Many airlines offer online ticket auctions. Participate to reduce the ticket price by 20% on average.
  • Take advantage of cumulative programs. Almost all airlines offer special bonuses (flight miles) for the flight. The more you travel with one airline, the more miles are accumulated in your account. You can then use your miles to redeem your economy class ticket for first class tickets or business ones.
  • Fly with low-cost airlines. The prices of such companies are usually much lower than those of world-famous carriers. These companies do not always have business class, but they can provide privileges, such as free meals, baggage check-in, and priority boarding.
  • Upgrade your ticket at the airport. The shorter the time before the departure of the plane, the more profitable you can exchange economy class tickets for business. If there are empty seats on the plane, before departure, you can exchange them more profitably than just buying the same ticket in advance. You have the opportunity to save up to 30-40%.


Business-class travel isn’t just a fad or bragging rights. This is a real way to make your flight more comfortable and enjoyable. Use the tips above to get the best tickets possible.

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