Packing Hacks For Your Next Backpacking Adventure

Backpacker in Nature

Packing Hacks for Your Next Camping and Backpacking Trip

Backpacker in Nature

With good weather around the corner, there are plenty of opportunities for people living in cities to head out and have a great, relaxing adventure of their own. The monotony of city life can be challenging for most people to manage, which is why a getaway to natural environments is needed to get a break and bring some normalcy into your life.

Obviously, before you think of making your vacations special with an outdoor getaway, it is necessary that you evaluate your options and find answers to some of the common questions you would come across during this phase. Which adventure do you want to go on? Where should you be headed to? And, what should you carry along with you?

When you’re setting out on a long backpacking trip, everyday necessities can feel heavy. Obviously, backpacking and trekking require you to walk through long distances and set camps in secluded places. As exotic as the idea of a camping trip sounds, you have to consider the logistics of the process and pack accordingly. Your backpack should contain only the right equipment and apparel as you look to save space. Follow the tips below and find the right balance between packing too much and packing too little.

Buy a Decent Backpack 

The very first step you need to take is to buy the perfect backpack for your excursion. When buying a backpack think of the compartments outside it, rather than the space inside it. Obviously, a decent backpack would carry sufficient space inside to store your apparel and your footwear, but the compartments outside actually come in handy to not only pack different items but also to compartmentalize the packing process.

If you have different compartments and pockets available on the exterior of the backpack, you can easily stuff in multiple items and remember where you put them. You can also add stick-me notes for more convenience and identification.

Pack the Right Footwear 

If there is one thing you need on a backpacking or trekking trip, it is good footwear. Try to minimize the number of footwear items you pack, but make sure there are enough to cover your needs in the wilderness. Walking on a trek is a lot more difficult than it is in normal city life. You will be up against forces of nature and will have to jump across puddles, traverse slippery rocks, and even look for steady footing on steep slopes.

Your shoes, being your only point of contact with the ground, play an important role here as they determine just how steady your footing is and how you’re able to maintain your balance while pulling different pursuits. Try to keep one pair of good trekking shoes and a pair of flip-flops or casual shoes with you for convenience and any changing dynamics.

Select Versatile Clothing 

All of us have a few clothes that we can wear both at home and go out to meet our friends in. Such clothes are known to be versatile in nature as they meet both our comfort and aesthetic needs. Before you head out on a backpacking or trekking trip, it is necessary that you gather all such versatile clothes and pack them with you.  You will need to pack clothes that can be worn in layers so you can add or take away depending on weather conditions.

Pack Like an Expert 

The way you pack your clothes and other equipment matters a lot. Don’t go crazy when you see a spacious backpack with some space in it. Instead, follow some clever packing hacks and strategically place your clothes like an expert would.

You can place your clothing and equipment vertically so that you’re able to identify the clothes you need just by opening the bag. Vertical alignment also creates more space for you and saves unnecessary hassle.

List Your Essentials 

Before you head out on a backpacking or camping trip, it is always good to make a list of your essential items and tick them all off before leaving. A list of items to pack will ensure that you don’t forget something at the 11th hour. Finalize your list a couple of days before you leave so that you have enough time to brainstorm and add more items.

Preparing for a backpacking and camping trip can be hard. However, these hacks might save you some time and effort. You can click here if you want to see reviews for outdoor gear and equipment to carry with you on outdoor excursions.


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