Practical Packing Tips For a Successful Summer Vacation

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Summer Packing Tips

Essential Things to Pack for A Successful Summer Vacation Trip 

Summer Vacation Packing Tips

We all love going out for a nice vacation every year. In fact, most people save money throughout the year to have one decent trip during the holidays. And if you are self-employed, there is legit no issue in taking a break from your everyday routine. Leaving for your vacation also comes with a set number of responsibilities. It’s really not just about where to go or who will take care of the dog (although both are critical decisions). If you want to have a carefree vacation, there are other things that you must take care of. Packing smartly is one important issue that we will discuss here.

Take Care of Laundry Before Leaving 

What’s the point of going for a vacation when all your favorite clothes are rolled somewhere in the washer or at the bottom of the laundry basket? Before you leave, allow time to clean your dirty laundry and organizing everything. This way, not only can you take whatever you need along on the trip, but also come home to clean and folded clothes. Who wants to go home from a long vacation and have nothing to wear, right? Besides doing your laundry, consider changing the sheets, cleaning up the rooms, clearing the dishes, and everything so that your home looks great when you come home.

Pack Light but Sensibly

When we talk about light packers, an image of a hippie with a single small bag comes to mind. However, light packing doesn’t mean that you head out on a trip completely un-facilitated. Only take the necessary things that you will be needing. Honestly, we think about enjoying every moment and every single second of the journey, but is that true? Ask yourself where you would actually go.  We recommend that you pack 2 fancy outfits for an extended vacation and one for a shorter trip. Other than that, fill your necessary personal hygiene products in small amounts.  Remember, unless you are going to a remote destination, you can most likely pick up many items at your destination if needed.  Make sure to pack extra underwear, and interchangeable lightweight clothes, especially if you are going on a summer trip to places like Dollywood, or other warm weather (and sometimes humid) destinations.  It’s a bonus to have items made of material that can be rinsed out dry quickly.

Travel Size Is The Smart Size 

Toiletries are an essential part of your packing. When packing, make sure to put everything from your shampoos to your toothbrush and paste in a sealed plastic package. Remember that if you are flying, the cabin pressure can cause full containers to leak, so it’s better to have some room at the top of your containers for expansion or you’ll end up with a mess.  If you are planning to stay at a hotel, toiletries won’t even be an issue. However, for longer non-hotel-related trips, make sure to pack essentials like your prescribed medications, shampoo, conditioner, face cleanser, sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary items, and insect repellant.  You can also consider taking dry shampoo and body powder if you are on a summer trip. Humidity levels are usually high, and it does get tough to take a shower while you are constantly on the go. Tissues while usually present everywhere, should be a part of your toiletries kit.

First Aid Kit 

We always emphasize personal safety during a trip. However, sometimes things can take a turn for the worse. Getting injuries during trips, especially if you have kids, is quite common. After all, you are likely participating in activities you may not do at home. Children like to run around and explore – hence, very prone to injuries. Keeping a first aid kit will help you solve the issue at hand without visiting an emergency room. Before you leave, make sure that your first aid kit is adequately equipped and facilitated with everything you may need in case of a minor injury. Standard equipment consists of basic things like scissors, gloves, alcohol swabs, alcoholic solution, mild non-alcoholic solution, bandages, paper tape, burn relief, pain killers, antibiotics, etc. You can add things according to your health conditions as well.

Gadgets and Electronics 

Mobile phones have become a necessity rather than a luxury. If you want to pack smart, your electronic gadgets like smartphones, cameras, and chargers should be among the top things to pack. Leaving for a trip does not mean that you won’t be needing your phone. In fact, when you go out, the intensity to which you use your phone increases. Your narrative may include images, videos, time-lapses, Instagram Live, and Snapchat.

A cell phone battery might be a problem, especially if you want to record precious moments with your loved ones.  From exploring Google maps to contacting your loved ones and researching about the next part of your trip, having a cellphone is essential.

It is also critical to have your phone turned on in case of an emergency. If you intend to explore in groups, make sure your phone is turned on so you can communicate effectively. Carrying a fully charged power bank with you will assist you in keeping your phone’s battery charged. There are different types of power banks available in the market. A 10,000 mAh to 20,000 mAh power bank is extremely useful and lasts much longer. There are even better and more expensive power banks as well. It all depends on your budget.  Be sure to speak with your cellphone company in advance to be sure you have sufficient data and call plans.  To save data use you may want to switch off email while traveling internationally.

Water – Stay Hydrated

For those who travel to experience local cuisine and beverages, water is still mandatory. Whether you are in the car or exploring your way around on a Great Smoky Mountains Vacation, keeping hydrated is mandatory. Visiting theme park areas such as Nashville and Gatlinburg, especially during the summer, can have a significant influence on your overall hydration level. The sun is at its peak, and you are pumped to explore the world. Staying hydrated has a significant impact on your overall health and stamina.  Although there are places where you may buy water, why spend money? Instead of putting your health in danger by drinking public water or spending money on bottled water, bring a water bottle with you. Some water bottles have a chain or a hook to allow them to be quickly attached to your backpack or trousers.


Snacks are a mandatory part of every trip. Some of us even buy snacks on our trip at the local grocery store. Snacks should be included in your theme park backpack. Of course, great food is available in tourist sites, but they can be expensive; it’s a good idea to pack some extras. Carry some granola bars to keep you active, as well as some nuts and, if you have children, their favorite snack food. Carrying spares of snacks will offer you more energy to explore. If you’re only there for the rides, having food on hand will save you time. Just keep in mind that many theme parks do not allow visitors to bring a snack or two. Your snacks should fit comfortably in the bag and be easy to eat on the go. Other than this, avoid bringing snacks that can go bad or leak.


Packing for a trip can be really stressful even for practiced travelers. When you are leaving for a summer vacation trip, there are some important things to pack. One of the most important things that you need to consider is applying a smart packing technique that helps you pack in a sensible manner. From snacks to water and gadgets to clothes, there are a lot of things that you need for a comfortable trip. Just make sure that you are safe and the vehicle is properly upgraded at its finest capacity. Travel safely.


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