Off The Beaten Path Budget-Friendly Gems in Cambridge England

Hidden Gems Cambridge England

Lesser-Known spots in Cambridge For Budget Travelers and More

Hidden Gems Cambridge England

Known across the globe for its acclaimed universities and gothic architecture, Cambridge has attracted tourists for generations.  However, Cambridge is much more than just a hub of academic accomplishments. It is also a charming, fascinating tourist destination with a touch of romance.

Cambridge is particularly famous among students for its budget-friendly eateries that you can find on every corner of the street! While the Great St. Mary’s Church might be number one on your Cambridge travel checklist, there are hundreds of other intriguing sites to see and thrilling things to do in this city.  There are regions of Cambridge that you might never see including magnificent and historic buildings to abandoned and neglected graveyards.

Off the usual path in Cambridge, there are numerous budget-friendly attractions, shops, and bars that are well worth a visit.

The Cambridge Cheese Company

If you’re into high-quality dairy, stop by the Cambridge Cheese Company shop on All Saints Passage, right in the heart of the city.  This shop is a treat for the senses.  In the pandemic, opening hours are a little different, with walk-in clients only allowed on Saturdays. Prepaid orders can be picked up between the hours of 1 and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Cost for two:  £5.00-  £10.00

Kettle’s Yard

Kettle’s Yard is both a house, museum, and a modern art gallery in the same building. H.S. Jim Ede, a curator at the Tate Gallery in London in the 1920s and 1930s, lived in Castle Street. Friendships with artists and like-minded people helped him accumulate a huge collection of art throughout the years.

Since the Kettle’s Yard is neighboring the University of Cambridge, every afternoon of term, Jim and his wife Helen Schlapp would open their home to students of the Cambridge University halls of residence for tours and afternoon tea.

Ede donated the house and collection to the University in 1966, resulting in the establishment of the Kettle’s Yard art gallery. The house is mostly in the same condition as when he left it.

Avg. entry fee:  £11.3

The Centre for Computing History

The museum’s old gaming console gallery is one of its best features! You’ll also find a variety of old computers, as well as a wealth of information about how they’ve evolved. It may be specialized, but if you enjoy video games or computers, (and who doesn’t) this is a must-visit!

Avg. entry fee:  £9 for adults and £6 for children

The Michaelhouse Cafe

This hidden treasure of a café is located inside a lovely 14th-century church. Take a moment to look up from your cup of tea and admire the beautiful stained glass windows and architecture. The ambience is fantastic.

Cost for two: £12-£20

G- David Books

This bookstore sells some incredible second-hand books for sale, including scarce antique copies. This is well worth a visit if you’re looking for a rare or first edition of your favourite book in this academic city.

No entry fee

Britain’s Brainiest Cemetery

The picturesque Ascension Burial Ground, located off Huntingdon Road, is known as Britain’s brainiest cemetery. There are three Nobel Laureates, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and five Charles Darwin family members buried there.

No entry fee

The Observatory

The observatory site at the Institute of Astronomy along Madingley Road is another interesting spot to visit. You can go around the many telescopes on the property. You can ‘visit’ the site online during the lockdown and participate in a variety of online astronomy talks and activities.

No entry fee

Southlake Aqua Park

This enjoyable family day out at an inflatable course on a lake requires a trip to St Neots. For the time being, you can only make private bookings, which will allow you exclusive access to the facility for an hour.

Cost of ticket: £5

Burwash Larder

Burwash Manor’s farm shop in Barton, Cambridgeshire, is well worth the drive. You may stock up on all of your favourite meats, cheeses, baked products, fresh veggies, and more. Burwash Larder is presently available for social distancing shopping Tuesday-Saturday 9:30 am-4 pm & Sunday 10 am-4 pm.

Cost for two:£8- £15

 Fossils Galore

Fossils Galore is a sanctuary for aspiring paleontologists, geologists, and dinosaur fans. What’s not to like about a room covered in fossils from floor to ceiling? However, the shop is currently closed due to the pandemic, but it expects to open again soon!

No entry fee

How you can save some extra cash while exploring the magnificent beauty that is Cambridge

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