Travel Pillows Are Not All Alike – How To Pick The Best One For You

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Travel Pillow Guide

Travel Pillow Types: Advantages And Disadvantages

Travel Pillow Guide

Planning to go on a trip this year? If so, then you must first consider the things you need to carry with you. Several considerations, such as your travel itinerary, visa requirements, mode of transportation, accommodations, and travel insurance, must be prioritized to ensure having a hassle-free journey.

Apart from that, you may also consider bringing a travel pillow to achieve restorative sleep while on the road. While there’s no denying that sleeping en route can be quite difficult, bringing along your favorite pillow could help you rest well at night.

If you want to know more about them, you can continue reading this article.

The Wonders of Travel Pillows

Obtaining quality sleep can be challenging for most people, especially with prominent factors that can affect one’s sleeping behavior. Fortunately, there are various types of travel cushions made to provide neck support for users, alleviate pain and discomfort from an upright sleeping position, and give off ergonomic comfort while traveling.

Here are some important pieces of information that you need to know about travel pillows:

  • Neck pain is one of the most common consequences of sleeping in an upright position. With varying reasons that could lead to this condition, your pillows could also be the ones to blame. Although it could also be due to the tight-fitting seats offered by airplanes and other forms of transportation you utilize, you should also consider changing your pillow whenever you feel the symptoms of neck pain.
  • If you’ve been dealing with neck pain for a long time now, choosing the right travel cushion could be the solution to your problem. Primarily, this type of pillow is specially made to counter the negative effects of sleeping in a sitting position, slumping over, or putting your spine in an awkward alignment.
  • They could also regulate the pressure on your neck part as you sleep while traveling. Too much or too low pressure on your neck can cause pain and discomfort, so the use of this pillow can prevent the risks of such conditions.
  • Apart from that, travel cushions are also widely known for helping people obtain good sleep quality without suffering from any discomfort of upright sleeping. Commonly used around the neck area to prevent people from bending their necks too much, these pillows make for comfortable trips and hassle-free traveling.
  • Regarding their sizes, travel pillows are relatively smaller than regular bed pillows and are easier to carry around. When it comes to dealing with sleeping discomfort or sleep deprivation due to traveling, these pillows could also be great alternatives for using natural sleep aid as they can help users improve their sleep quality.

Best Types of Travel Pillow

Travel Pillows

Now that you already know what a travel pillow is and how you can use them for your comfort, the next thing you need to know are the ideal types of pillows you can use to alleviate neck pain and enhance your sleeping patterns while traveling.

To know more about them, you can continue reading the section below.

  • Memory Pillows

If you’re looking for a travel pillow that you can use while traveling, you might consider using memory pillows. Commonly known as one of the most popular types of contouring pillows that travelers can use, these cushions can provide numerous benefits compared to traditional pillows.

For instance, this pillow has unequaled contouring abilities that can offer you tremendous pressure relief and neck support. Memory pillows are recognized for their elasticity, which allows them to mold perfectly to one’s neck and shoulder and prevents neck pain.

They also have soft covers and can be adjusted depending on your preferences to support your chin and keep your head in place when you sleep. If you suffer from inexplicable pains and discomfort due to slumping over and leaning forward while sleeping, this type of pillow can provide the type of support you need.

  • Neck Pillows

Aside from memory pillows, another ideal alternative you can make use of include neck pillows. These types of pillows are known for having distinct characteristics of targeting pain and aches by molding strategically to one’s head and neck area. Additionally, they also contain solid pieces of dense memory foam that make for comfortable use. If you’re looking for the type of pillow that’s durable and has the conforming ability, then this pillow is perfect for you.

Moreover, these types of travel pillows are greatly known for giving off extra feelings of firmness, which provide excellent support for different sleeping positions. Back and side sleepers could also benefit from these pillows in more ways than one.

Furthermore, another notable characteristic of this pillow is it’s ultra-compressible and can provide ergonomic comfort for users. If you’re afraid that the pillow could trigger any allergic reaction from you, worry not, as it’s covered by a hypoallergenic polyester cover and can be washed in washing machines without its parts falling off.

  • Buckwheat Pillows

Apart from the conventional options for travel cushions, another ideal alternative you can consider is the use of CBD pillows. You might think that they won’t be of much help to your sleeping concerns and neck pains. However, these pillows can do magic in your system once you use them.

Besides being commonly used to treat sleep deprivation and other sleeping problems, such as insomnia and narcolepsy, these types of pillows can also correct your sleeping patterns. One of the many good things about CBD-infused pillows is that they can regulate your circadian rhythm and regulate your sleeping behavior to obtain restorative sleep.

In particular, buckwheat travel pillows are one of the most popular types of CBD pillows that most people use while traveling. Due to their organic compounds and all-natural components, these pillows make for comfortable travel pillows.

If you’re wondering what an actual buckwheat pillow looks like, you may check out this video:

  • Hemp Pillows

If you’re wondering about the other types of CBD travel pillows you can use when traveling, and hemp pillows might be the best option for you. Specifically made to promote relaxation, provide therapeutic effects, and relieve pain and discomfort, hemp pillows could be beneficial for one’s overall health in many ways.

This type of pillow contains tempered textiles that give off microdoses of CBD through skin contact and absorption. Such microdoses can be found within micro-capsules that are absorbed by your body when you sleep. If you’re thinking about its specific uses, hemp pillows pose significant impacts on your body as the microdoses they contain could help to demobilize free radicals and bolster the number of antioxidants in your body.

Besides that, a hemp pillow is also believed to fight off symptoms of common mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, pain, and discomfort. If you’re considering using this pillow, always look for the authenticity of the product to ensure achieving more favorable results.

  • Latex Pillows

Looking for a type of travel pillow that you can use for additional neck and head cushions? If so, then you might be looking for latex travel pillows. Although this one’s not a common choice for some people, latex pillows could be helpful in preventing the risks of sore muscles and neck pain caused by upright sleeping.

Not only that, but these pillows’ firmness can also be adjusted based on your liking. You can remove or add their fill to modify their loftiness and overall feel. One of the many good things about latex pillows is that they’re highly customized for varying sleeping positions or the type of environment you’re in. Whether you take them in a cooler or warmer place, these pillows can handle unstable weather and can last longer than you can imagine.

Advantages of Using Travel Pillows

Planning for an upcoming trip or simply just preparing for your travel plans isn’t as easy as it may seem. Although there are numerous alternatives that can help lessen the burden of such activities, you still have to consider many things, including the types of travel pillows that could help improve your sleep quality while traveling.

You may not know it now, but these seemingly soft pillows could offer you many benefits. To know what they are, proceed below.

  • Provides Neck Support

Neck pain is one of the primary reasons you might need to consider using travel pillows. Due to sleeping in a sitting position, many people suffer from its early symptoms. Such instances cause them to toss and turn while sleeping and may lead to poorer sleep quality. Fortunately, the fast-rising popularity of travel pillows has been gradually increasing over time, allowing many people to resolve their issues about sore muscles and improper spine alignment through these cushions.

Aside from that, if you’re seeking additional neck support to correct your improper sleeping habits, then you might require this type of pillow. You can consider using them to avoid slumping over on your seats or bending forward too much.

  • Alleviates Pain and Discomfort 

Besides providing additional neck support for your neck and head, another notable characteristic of a travel pillow includes the ability to relieve muscle pain and neck pain. Travel pillows could give off relaxation impacts and therapeutic effects for users to ensure full recovery from any distressing sleeping habits and positions.

Not just that, but if you’re finding it hard to sleep while being in a thigh-sitting seat in the airplanes, using travel pillows can significantly improve your situation and help obtain a goodnight’s sleep at night.

  • Lasts Longer 

Tired of continuously buying another pillow due to its part falling off after series of washes? Or have you already grown tired of looking for a pillow with longer life without giving you any headaches? If so, then travel pillows could be the answer to your problems.

If you’re a frequent traveler who heeds no attention to the durability of your pillows, then you might need to do it now. Selecting a pillow with longer life and is washable is what you must be after. Pillows with zip lock or cover can efficiently help protect the pillow foams, which can fall off due to an unbalanced sleeping position. It could also be helpful if you’ll look for online reviews of your prospective travel pillow to ensure its reliability and if it’s good to purchase one.

Prioritizing these considerations, no matter how trivial they may seem, can save you a tremendous amount of stress in your future travels. It could also help you have the best travel pillows that you won’t have to replace after use.

Downsides of Using Travel Pillows 

Although there are various benefits you can gain from using travel pillows, there’s no denying that there are also negative implications you might need to deal with after using them. Particularly, some of the most common issues regarding travel pillows may include higher prices, falling off stitching after a series of washing and drying.

Besides that, here are some common disadvantages of using travel pillows:

  • Stitching of travel pillows usually falls off after several washes, and replacing them could be bothersome and financially straining. Specifically, if you tend to wash your pillows a lot, then there are greater chances of having to deal with the said concern, and you must prepare yourself for it.
  • Aside from that, many people also raise issues regarding the pillow’s inconvenience and uncomfortableness as they tend to worsen regular cases of neck pain. Such instances make for various concerns, and you wouldn’t want that for your traveling spree.

Key Takeaways

Finding the best types of travel pillows that you could bring when you travel isn’t a simple matter that you can disregard. No matter how trivial they may seem, using such travel cushions allows you to correct your sleeping patterns.

Fortunately, there are various alternatives you can choose from whenever you’re looking for a travel pillow that you could bring with you. Among them are latex pillows, memory pillows, neck pillows, inflatable pillows, and CBD-infused pillows.

By allotting some of your time in pondering upon the aforementioned concerns above, you now have better chances of obtaining quality sleep while you travel.


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