Why You Should Plan An Adventurous Getaway to Vartop Romania

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Groapa Ruginoasa Romania

Planning an Adventurous Getaway to Vartop, Romania

Now that the world is opening up again, you may start planning for an adventure with your partner. Choosing the right place and destination can turn out to be very tricky at times, given the myriads of options available and the differences in the choice you and your partner may have. However, there is nothing as precious as the memories of exploring places together. Yet again, it is not the place but it is whom you travel with that matters. The African Proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” fits the idea of a couple’s adventure so well. Moreover, being on an adventure along with your partner strengthens the bond and helps discover each other’s strengths, limitations and interests. Moreover, being adventurous is romantic too.

Today this blog brings you a brilliant idea of scaling heights in travel that you will not regret. Unlike the metro city destinations, the Romanian village of Vartop has much to offer to tourists, adventurers and travellers alike.

Vartop is a treat for those seeking serenity and quietness yet thrilling experiences, away from the turbulent everyday hustle of metro life. The countryside is just a massive adventurous experience that will give you the adrenaline rush going. From hiking to Skiing, caves to waterfalls, you sure are in for a magical time in Vartop.

Here are the places that are worth every ounce of your energy as you visit Vartop. 

Groapa Ruginoasa:

Groapa Ruginoasa Romania

A complete natural marvel. The hike up to this place is through a beautiful forest. The view is spectacular from up there, with mushrooms, tree roots and all green trailing along the light climb. Come in boots for the rusty climb up to this magical landscape.

You can reach this place from several directions, yet Vartop is the closest. The hike up there is light and short 2-3 hours with approximately 800-1000 m from the main road. Groapa Ruginoasa came to be born out of mountainside erosion caused by water passing through the clay mountainside. The slopes of the mountain are steep and can be dangerous. So one has to be careful not to get close to the edges.

Galbenei Gorge:

Galbenei Gorge Romania

This is one of the most beautiful gorges in Romania. It is at the Apuseni Natural Park, just 2.6 miles away from Vartop. The hike to this gorge is a roundabout, which means it starts and ends at the same point. The starting point of the Galbenei gorges is at the foot of an elevating limestone wall several hundred metres high. The heavy water that cut deep into the limestone massif gave birth to these beautiful gorges in the mountain. You are in for an exciting and daring course into the wilderness of natural arches, caves with open mouths, waterfalls, marmites and underground tunnels at several points.

Eventai Waterfall

This 7 m high waterfall offers adventurous exploration. The term Eventai means Fan, and hence, its other name is “Fan waterfall”. The source of the waterfall is a cave above it. It might interest you to know that approximately 50 m from the waterfall; you can cross the cave with the help of a flashlight. With a narrow tunnel along the water, you can cross the cave leaving upstream through a wide opening mouth of the cave. It is a little longer trail than the other hiking areas. However, you must not miss this most spectacular waterfall of the Galbenei gorge.

Fortress of Ponor

Fortress of Ponor Romania

This Romanian magnificent Karst topography is a world’s natural reservation, which is now a natural monument. Get ready to be amazed by the numerous caves, sinkholes, fissures, and underground streams forming a remarkable feature. Nature that is so enchanting and adventure very challenging in its pristine beauty untouched. You are sure to get that exhilarating moment of awe and excitement. Thrill lovers will surely dig this place.

Bears’ Cave (Chiscau)

Bears Cave Romania

With annual visitors of 200000 to this beautiful cave, which is kept untouched by the outside world, is a must-visit. There are three main corridors- the bear, the Emil Racovita and the Candles, and houses four halls- the Bone halls, The Candles Hall, Emil Racovita Hall, and the Spaghetti Hall. It takes about 45 minutes to cover this cave. The Bear corridor is significant historically as the bones of several bears Ursus Spelaeus that have not lived on earth for more than 100 000 years were found here. The cave is only 5.6m away from Vartop.

Scarisoara Ice Cave

Scarisoara Ice Cave Romania

It is normal to hear of limestone caves and the likes, but it is far more thrilling and a thing of wonder when you think of Ice caves. This unique and biggest Ice cave in Romania is a must-visit.


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