7 Interesting Ways To Display Your Favorite Travel Photos

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7 Entertaining Ways to Display Your Travel Photos

Travel Photo Tips

We are no longer in the age where a simple photo album could capture everyone’s attention. The modern fast-moving digital world demands new ways to display your content and especially your travel photos. Don’t know how to showcase images from your latest trip? That shouldn’t be a problem! We’ll share with you 7 awesome ways you can display your travel photos so that everyone would instantly go “Wow!” Let’s dive right in!

Print Your Photos on a Canvas

If you’ve managed to snap a picture of extraordinary beauty, make sure it gets the spotlight it deserves. How? Turn it into a bona fide art. Have your best photo printed in a large scale canvas that you can frame – or just leave it as it is – and hang it on your wall for everyone to admire. Such an artwork will not only be a show-stealing décor, but will always fuel your wanderlust whenever you glimpse at it.  Quick tip – check Groupon for discounts on photo canvas printing.

Turn Your Memories into Coffee Table Books

Travel Photo Books

Here’s a way to entertain your guests without actually annoying them with a tiresome parade of your travel pictures. Cull the best images from your vacation and turn them into elegant coffee table books. The simpler the design the better. It doesn’t have to be just one book – you can have the whole series on them laying around your house waiting to be flipped through.

 Create a Breath-Taking Travel Slideshow

Short movies are a much more engaging way to show your travel than, say, an endless social media feed. So try your hand at creating a vacation slideshow. Frame your most precious vacation images with dynamic animations and gorgeous backgrounds, cheerful music, and jaw-dropping effects. Add quotes, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, or graceful title cards to make your slideshow seem like a real road movie.

 Design an Awesome Collage

Even if it seems like collages are somewhat of a lost art, trust us – they aren’t. With modern technologies and nifty software, you can create impressive artwork with your travel images. All you need is a bit of your time, your best images, and a pinch of imagination. Create themed collages or just throw in the images you like most, then decorate them with frames or cliparts. After that you can either print your collages or save them as images to be used as a display wallpaper.

Get Yourself a Digital Photo Frame

Want to stare at your travel images all the time, but can’t quite decide which one you like most? Well, with a digital frame, you don’t even have to choose. You can upload dozens of your travel photos, set the changing interval, then spend hours and hours just watching the photos change. Some digital frame models even allow you to accompany the slideshow with music of your choice.

Create an Eye-Catching Calendar

Photo Calendar

A custom-made calendar will not only allow you to sneakily display your best travel images, but always will help you be organized. You can either design a wall calendar with a single picture on it (or rather with an awesome collage of best images), or you can opt to create a spiral-bound calendar where every month would display a lovely image that you meticulously pick.

Send Postcards with Your Photos

photo postcards

You have two options to choose from. You can either go the old-fashioned route and send all your loved ones regular postcards via regular mail. For this method, you just need to print your travel photo (or again – a collage) – on proper-sized paper, write some heartwarming words and sign it. Alternatively, you can skip the whole printing process and just turn your travel photo into an electronic postcard that can be just as nice to receive.

So you see – you no longer need to flood your social media page with hundreds of images or just show them on your TV screen all in row. There are much more elegant, entertaining, and easy ways to display your travel images. So try one, some or even all of them to tell your dear and near of the wonderful adventure you’ve recently had!


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