Guide To The Most Romantic Restaurants in Poland

Poland Romantic Restaurants

Most Romantic Restaurants in Poland

Poland Romantic Restaurants

Poland is a gorgeous country filled with culture, history, architecture, and a Central European Gothic quality that attracts visitors from across the globe.  When visiting new destinations, the local cuisine and dining experiences become an important part of any trip. Considering this, we want to help with the holiday planning and point out some of the most idyllic restaurants and gorgeous settings for a romantic meal for two.

What’s there to know about Poland?

Poland is a country located in the central part of Europe.  It has many neighbors; the nation borders Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Russia, so it is influenced by many surrounding cultures.  The weather in Poland is very seasonal, in the summer you can expect glorious sun, whereas the wintertime will require a few extra layers of clothing to stay warm. Either way, the country is brimming with beauty and is a great choice for a romantic getaway.


Krakow was the capital of Poland until 1596, and it’s still one of the centers of Polish life. The city has been inhabited since the 7th century, and the Old Town was the first-ever UNESCO Heritage Site. Architecturally it is a stunning city, with lots of dining options suitable for romance.  Here are some suggestions for romantic meals in Krakow:The

Garden Restaurant

Garden is a restaurant that sits in the center of an old tenement block. The outdoor atmosphere, modern stylings, and old-Soviet contrast make for a unique place to dine. Rustic wooden walls, large windows, and all that lush greenery make it the perfect place for a romantic meal.

The menu is superb, featuring modern central European cuisine, and reviews have raved about the wine pairings. The restaurant itself is a fifteen-minute walk from St Mary’s Basilica in the center of town.

Amalia Brasserie

Picture this scene: the sun is setting and the sky is clear. Above you is the tower of St Mary’s Basilica standing tall, the moon is poking out from behind it. Just across the square lies Amalia Brasserie, possibly the best restaurant in Krakow and its menu is packed with joy and love. Being right in the square gives you the option for a romantic stroll around the Old Town before or after dining. It’s a great choice, but be sure to book ahead.

Escape to the countryside to visit Zakopane

Zakopane Romantic Restaurants

Zakopane lies right at the southern end of Poland. The town is small and counts only 30,000 citizens. What brings people to Zakopane is not the bustling urban environment, but the hills. The town sits at the foot of the Tatra Mountains.  Here are some places to a romantic meal while visiting Zakopane:

Casa Maria

The restaurant Casa Maria is a Polish and Mediterranean style eatery. Located on the main drag in Zakopane, you can sit outside and gaze up at the slopes of the nearby peaks. As pets and babies are not permitted to sit inside, it’s the perfect place for a quiet moment with a loved one.

Other top picks in Zakopane include Tunel, which has an excellent Italian fair, and STRH Bistro Art Cafe, which is taking desserts and snacks to a new level. STRH has a beautiful and neat modern decor, with comfortable seating framed by large windows. The balcony offers mountain views and clean air.

Back in the city of Gdansk

Gdansk Romantic Restaurants

Gdansk is one of the oldest and most romantic cities in Poland, if not the world. The Old Town is filled with gorgeous craft shops, trinkets, and jewelry. Violinists serenade lovers as they walk Mariacka Street and bohemian vibes pervade the cafes and wine bars.


The Kubicki restaurant is steeped in history. It recently celebrated its 100th year of business, having survived Danzig, World War II, communism, and coronavirus. The food is traditional Polish – get some pierogi or try the local soup and you won’t be disappointed.

Czarna Perla

Outside Gdansk, on the peninsula of Hel lies the Czarna Perla and the Galeon Lew – these are genuine pirate ships re-purposed for visitors. If you enjoy a more quirky side of romance, then why not take a voyage on one of these fine ships? Both have a restaurant and bar on-board, where you can discuss your plans while gazing into each other’s eyes.

Pyra Bar

This small bar is renowned for its menu. The only thing available is potato. If you’re into this, then you simply cannot miss this place. There’s nothing like a full belly to bring on the feelings of love, and there’s nothing like a potato when it comes to filling a belly. With potato cakes, bread, casserole, desserts, and drinks on offer you’ll have a meal to remember.

Hopefully, these restaurants have taken your fancy, or inspired you to look further into Poland as a romantic getaway destination. It is a beautiful country filled with castles, architecture, cuisine, and more. The country is relatively cheap too, making it perfect for younger couples who want to take a break together.

About The Author:  Kelly Richardson is a match-maker and all-round love expert. Working in the industry since she was a young graduate, Kelly has helped hundreds if not thousands of Mexican brides and Belgian bachelors find the one for them. Her interests span art, travel, and music, the knowledge of which she finds of great help in her work.

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