Planning Your First Post-Lockdown Holiday With Friends

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Tips For Travel Friends

What To Expect When Planning Your First Post Lockdown Holiday With A Friend

Tips For Travel Friends

The pandemic has had different consequences at different levels all over the globe, but it has dramatically affected everyone.  One thing that is consistent, however, is that travel restrictions have hit those that like to explore the world extremely hard. As a light at the end of the tunnel appears, the first thing on so many a to-do list is to book that first trip abroad in a very long time.

Some of those trips will be for lone travellers who want to get back out in the world again, while others will involve linking back up with a regular travelling friend. However, if it has been a long time since you last travelled together, and you’ve both have a lot of boxes to tick for your first taste of freedom, you might both need to tread carefully. Travelling together after so long can be a beautiful and liberating experience, but it can also lead to unwanted compromises, frustration, arguments and the end of a relationship or friendship.

#1 Remember time has passed

It might seem obvious, but it’s easy to assume you both want to do the same things from your first trip away in a long time. However, the last 12-18 months have changed a lot of people’s outlooks, so not communicating exactly about your hopes and expectations can lead to awkward silences and tense atmospheres.

Remember, you might both be different people now from when you last travelled together. If you want to visit somewhere, and they hate the idea, don’t be shocked even if you think the ‘old’ them would have loved it.  Be open to touring in new, perhaps more cautious ways.

#2 Don’t spend every second together (at least not to start with)

While you chose to go on holiday with this person for a reason, you might not be used to spending that much time with them again after so long apart. This might mean getting separate rooms at the first few destinations so you can get used to each other’s company again before going back to being together 24/7 for the rest of the trip.

You will have both developed your own ways to pass the time during quarantine or lockdown periods, so whatever your particular ‘me’ time happens to be, build it into the agenda for each day.

#3 Remember it’s the situation not the person

Even remembering all of this, there are going to be times when you disagree, or this person just doesn’t seem like the one you used to travel with. Any uncertainty is not going to be helped by being in a completely new environment where you might not understand what is going on. This is going to make you focus even more on your companion, the one thing you should be familiar with, and if they are not quite how you remember, it can make the stress worse.

This level of stress can lead to arguments, and when it does, try and remember that such fallings out are usually the result of something silly combined with a lack of sleep, so perhaps a good night’s sleep (possibly in different rooms) will put in perspective whatever caused the argument.

The world had changed in unexpected ways in the past year and so have personal relationships.  When traveling with family and friends again, be sure to allow for unanticipated changes in attitudes and habits.  Recognize that everyone is trying to make the best choices for themselves and agree to adapt accordingly.  The joy of being able to travel again is sure to win the day!

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