Everything You Need to Know About Newark Airport Parking

Newark Airport Parking Tips

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Newark Airport Parking

Newark Airport Parking Tips
Located in one of the world’s busiest air traffic areas – the New York Metropolitan Area – it’s no surprise that Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) ranks among the busiest airports in the country. EWR airport serves the cities of Newark and ElizabethNew Jersey and the New York Metropolitan Area, along with John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and La Guardia Airport (LGA).

While there are many ways to get to EWR Airport, including the NJ Transit train and Airtrain, many passengers prefer to drive themselves. While it is a fact that NYC parking spots are hard to come by, there are plenty of parking spots to choose from at Newark Airport, with around three parking options within the airport’s premises. However, navigating through the maze of EWR parking lots can get quite tricky if you are new to the airport. Here are some sure-shot ways in which you can find easy and affordable parking near Newark Airport.

Newark Airport Parking Options

There are three Newark Airport parking lots to choose from – Short-Term Parking, Daily Parking, and Economy Parking.

Short-Term Newark Airport Parking

Newark Liberty International Airport’s short-term parking lots are located near the terminals, making them the most convenient parking option. Users can park their car and walk to the terminal on foot to board their flight. It offers daily and hourly parking rates at the Terminal C garage and the lots opposite Terminals A and B. EWR’s short-term parking lot is an ideal option for those who plan on dropping or picking someone up from the airport. Take a look at the short-term parking rates at EWR:

½ Hour$5.25
Each additional ½ hr$5.25
24-hr maximum$44

It is important to note that the short-term parking lots in Newark Airport no longer accept cash as a mode of payment. Instead, the airport now utilizes a cashier-less parking control system with contactless payment. Additionally, the short-term parking lots at EWR do not accommodate vehicles for more than 24 hours, and violators will have their vehicles towed by the authorities.

Daily and Long-Term EWR Parking Lots

The onsite Daily Lots at EWR are a smidge cheaper than the short-term parking options at the terminals. Located in Garage P4, the daily parking lot is a popular option among travelers, with some parking their vehicles here for over two weeks! Although it is further away from the terminals than the short-term parking lots, the daily parking lot offers access to the Airtrain, which is available at all three terminals, to reach the boarding gates. Like the short-term parking lots, cash isn’t accepted at the daily lots too.

½ Hour$4.25
Each additional ½ hr$4.25
24-hr maximum$38

Economy Parking Lot

EWR’s economy parking lots at Garage P6 offer the most affordable parking rates for long-term Newark Airport Parking. However, keep in mind that the economy lot is a 20-minute shuttle bus ride away from the terminals.

First 24 hours$21
Over 24 hrs, each 12-hr period$10.50

Perks of choosing onsite parking lots in Newark Airport

E-Z Pass: Apart from their proximity to the terminals, onsite EWR parking lots offer benefits such as contactless payment and E-Z Pass lanes on entry and exit. E-Z Pass is a contactless pass that makes entering and exiting the parking garages a lot quicker. Users can create an E-Z Pass quite easily and top it up with cash digitally so that the parking fee gets automatically deducted whenever you leave the parking lot.

Vehicle Assistance: Other benefits include Newark Airport’s vehicle assistance services that can help you out in case you find yourself with a flat tire or locked out of your car. Dedicated service personnel on location can also help you out with jumpstarts and finding your car’s location within the premises.

EV Charging: If you own an EV, you will be happy to note that the Daily Lot at P4 offers charging for your vehicle. That’s right, Newark Airport Parking offers 13 EV charging stations that are tied into Chargepoint, the largest EV network in the US. Users can access the station with an RFID-enabled credit card or Chargepoint access card. Best of all, EWR only collects the parking lot fee while electricity is provided free of charge!

Cheaper Long-Term Parking Lots in Newark Airport

While the long-term parking rates at Newark International Airport are pretty reasonably priced, you could rack up quite a hefty bill if you plan on parking your vehicle for more than a week. Thankfully, there are plenty of offsite airport parking garages and lots around the airport that offer better rates. You could find the best garages, compare their rates and check out the amenities they offer by using a parking website or app like way.com.

Long-term offsite parking options at EWR include covered garages, open lots, hotel parking, and even valet services. Most of these garages offer 24-hour surveillance and other services such as a complimentary car wash, oil change, and jumpstarts. While onsite EWR parking is by far the most convenient place to park your car while you are on holiday, it might be worth your while to check out all your options on a parking website to find the best rates and save a few dollars in the process.


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